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What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

A Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a pre-made source code which allows you to launch a platform to trade digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripple etc..

Provided with attractive features for trading, cashflow, and high security for user-friendly trading, our white label crypto exchange scripts are commercialized solutions with a highly reliable model that can be quickly launched into the market. BlockchainAppsDeveloper offers cryptocurrency exchange scripts which help people to build their bitcoin exchange platform immediately at an effective cost and for a short period.

Choose The Crypto Exchange You Want To Launch

White Label Bitcoin Exchange Script

The demand for cryptocurrency exchanges has increased to an all- time high with the fast growth of blockchain technology and crypto. Our white label Bitcoin exchange script solutions help investors to develop their trading with 100% reliability, and is high rapid process of transaction, liquidity, present data analysis and various standard functionalities.

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development Services

We provide a wide range of high-quality services and have a track record of serving a wide range of sectors, depending on their individual business needs and goals.

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Centralized Exchange (CEX)

Centralized exchanges are trading platforms which facilitate the cryptocurrency buying and selling, either for fiat currencies, like US dollar/digital assets like BTC & ETH.

  • High Trading Volume
  • Fast Trading Engine
  • Fiat/Crypto Trading
  • Multi Security Factors
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Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a P2P trading marketplace that easily connects cryptocurrency buyers and sellers.

  • Smart Contract Implementation
  • Atomic Swaps
  • P2P Crypto Exchange
  • Instant Trading and save cost
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Hybrid Exchange (HEX)

Hybrid crypto exchange(HEX) is built based on the main functionalities and liquidity of a CEX, while also comprising the security of a DEX.

  • High Scalability
  • CEX+DEX = HEX feature
  • Latency/Fair Execution
  • Transparent Order Matching
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Escrow Crypto Exchange

Escrow based exchange built by programming like PHP, JavaScript, MEAN and MERN that will act as a trusted 3rd party interface sends and receives cryptocurrencies on end of two parties

  • 2FA, MultiSig Wallet
  • Trusted Third Party
  • Escrow protection
  • KYC/AML, Dispute Support
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Peer to Peer Exchange (P2P)

P2P crypto exchange platform is decentralized trading for buyers and sellers to directly transfer cryptocurrencies to the individual crypto wallets.

  • P2P Exchange
  • High Profitable Trade
  • High Security
  • High ROI futures
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Peer to Admin Exchange (P2A)

Admin of the exchange platform has the power to set the selling price and buying price of cryptocurrencies.

  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Privacy
  • Price Fixing and Ensure Profit

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development Features

Boost your cryptoexchange platform with the right solution. Our Cryptocurrency Exchange script offers many features including,

Atomic Swaps

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script platform is designed by different blockchain networks which are used by advanced escrow methodologies backed with smart contracts. It is automated transactions on the crypto exchange.

Liquidity management

We deploy our cryptocurrency exchange script with high standard liquidity management tools which help to manage your cashflow and fulfill every user's crypto trading.

Mobile Apps

Everyone knows about crypto-trading in mobile apps. Our mobile apps have quality and standard techniques to develop that help users can easy to buy and sell and trade their crypto with high security and integrated with a flawless cryptocurrency trading script.

Admin Panel

We had an Advanced admin panel that was built with strong management capabilities and that controlled all the activities in your trade from every single point with high security.

P2P Exchange option

Our cryptocurrency exchange script has been developed by peer to peer exchange platfrom with decentralized like binance.

Hot & Cold Wallet

The Hot wallet stored all tokens with high security in cryptocurrency exchange software, but it also easily transferred the tokens to the Cold Wallet through an API.

Order Book

Users can easily track and check all their open orders, history and transactions etc with a simple click via order book.

Buy - Sell

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script had a standard facility for users for buying, selling and trading the crypto. We designed our platform with high speed transactions.


We use ultra-modern technology to make our cryptocurrency exchange script safe and security. We create our platform with high security.


HTTP Authentication

We provide the high security features in our crypto exchange script. HTTP Authentication tokens like open authentication are suppport for user authentication.

Data Encryption

Cryptocurrency exchange one of the main part is encryption the datas. Users credentials and informations and other informations all are encrypted by this protocols.

Jail Login

The system will be locked after multiple failed singin attempts for a definite amount of time.

Anti-Distributed Denial of Service

Anti- distributed denial of service also include in our crypto- exchange software. It helps your to start traffic from multiple sources.

Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection

Our cryptocurrency exchange software protect your platform from other unwanted users request and state changing requests.

Server-Side Request Forgery Protection

SSRF helps to protect your internal system from unwanted attack and send from compose web applications.

Benefits of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Powerful Trading Engine

Our first-class cryptocurrency exchange script comes with a powerful matching trading engine that matches the buy & sell orders quickly without any delay.

Multi-Crypto Wallet Integration

Our cryptocurrency exchange script has multi-cryptocurrency wallet support for both user and admin wallet integration.

High Transactions per Second

Our unique Cryptocurrency trading script provides outstanding performance by handling more than 1,00,000 transactions per second without any delay.

High Liquidity

Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script comes with a high Liquidity API. A Secure API connection with other famous exchanges helps in attaining liquidity.

High-level Security

We provide the latest high-end security features like Two-factor authentication, KYC And AML Verification, data encryption, HTTPS authentication, Anti-Phishing Software, etc.



Marginal Trading

Trading Bot

Trading Simulator

Socket System

Site Branding


Dynamic Pairing

Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Company

We BlockchainAppsDeveloper - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Company has a dedicated team of mobile app developers who can build Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps with the convenience of advanced trade interface, user attractive UI/UX design and upgraded security to improve the credibility of your product. Cover your mass crypto traders with our Crypto Exchange App for Android & iOS.

Key Features Of Cryptocurrency Exchange App

  • Fingerprint/face ID Fingerprint/face ID
  • Mobile wallet Mobile wallet
  • Advanced storage system Advanced storage system
  • Impulsive interface Impulsive interface
  • Multi-lingual support Multi-lingual support
  • Multi-lingual support Lock screen notification
Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Company

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development Process

Market Research & Analysis

We will do great research of the present market trends and styles, pick out the failure points in the cryptocurrency market which are not concentrated on other people. The research will help to create new ideas and innovative ideas for business to differentiate from others.

Resource gathering

We found out the business ideas. After that, we focused on required software and technology services and are all gathering our technical resources to design the cryptocurrency exchange.


We gathered our resources,after that we focused on a business plan which will be implemented, which we can do until the best result.


We designed the new model in the first stage, with user friendliness, 100% customizable in mind, without affecting any features and functionalities.


The new design will be implemented after verified various techniques and the features will be included and removed and alternated.


After completing the development, we checked all the functionalities that would work perfectly through loading into the local server. If there are any bugs, we send that model into development to avoid bugs to fulfill that.

Deployment Phase & additional Changes

We developed our cryptocurrency exchange site and its features and functionalities after the testing, which will be hosted on the live servers. After we host, we also provide the regular security updates.


Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper For Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development Company that provides top-notch crypto trading script development services to create a high secured, 10X faster, high ROI-based CEX, DEX, and Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchanges with the latest cutting edge technologies. We have the most resources to figure out the best ways to scale up your business solutions by utilizing advanced technology that can solve even the most challenging business problems and transform them into infinite opportunities.

  • We've been designing error-free cryptocurrency exchange scripts for over 7 years.
  • N+ crypto exchange projects completed by us.
  • We have an experienced and dedicated team of professionals to assist you anytime.
  • The cryptocurrency exchange script is built using modern tech stacks.
  • 24/7 technical support to meet your requirements and clarify your queries.
  • We deliver your projects on time and within budget.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Script - FAQs

Bitcoin Exchange Script is also called as Bitcoin exchange website script or Bitcoin trading script is a ready-to-launch bitcoin exchange website with all advanced features and functionalities.

Cryptocurrency exchange script is a ready to launch cryptocurrency exchange software solution for a website to manage secure trading of digital assets like Bitcoin(BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, etc.

Our cryptocurrency exchange script comes with crucial features such as secured & faster trading, leverage trading, margin trading, over-the-counter (OTC) trading, fiat-to-crypto trading, multi-signature wallet, p2p exchange options, etc..

you can get Cryptocurrency Exchange Script from BlockchainAppsDeveloper with exclusive trading features at an affordable price.

We develop a faster, secured, and convenient cryptocurrency exchange platform that can able to handle large investments, handle up to 10 million users, 50,000 transactions per second, matching engine with 20,000 TPS.

The development cost is based on the exchange features you are looking to integrate into your exchange platform. Get a free quote for your cryptocurrency exchange now.

To start a cryptocurrency exchange platform, one should need expert consultation and necessary development support. Another most effective way is purchasing a white label cryptocurrency exchange script which allows customization as per the user requirements. We, BlockchainAppsDevelopers offers white label cryptocurrency exchange script with advanced exchange features.

The development time depends on the type of exchange you want to launch.

  • While the white label cryptocurrency exchange can be launched in 7 to 15 days.
  • Launching a crypto exchange similar to binance, localbitcoins, coinbase can take up to 7 days.

Entrepreneurs can get the bitcoin exchange script to start a Cryptocurrency Exchange from BlockchainAppsDeveloper. Launch Your Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Within 48 Hours.

We built the rich Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange Script with the latest technologies like PHP, Mean & MERN stack, JAVA, etc. We also design and develop cryptocurrency exchange scripts from scratch with the technology stack you prefer for your own cryptocurrency exchange development.

You can launch a bitcoin exchange website by using BlockchainAppsDeveloper's Bitcoin Exchange Script.

Bring us your cryptocurrency exchange business ideas, we will provide you the best result. We are looking for innovative, technically challenging, and next-generation crypto exchange business ideas in the cryptocurrency industry.

Related words of Crypto Exchange Script include customizable Cryptocurrency Exchange Script, Bitcoin Exchange Script, ready-made DEX Crypto Exchange script, Escrow based P2P Crypto Exchange Script, highly scalable Hybrid Crypto Exchange Script.

Ready-to-launch and Whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange script with inbuilt prime features helps startups and crypto entrepreneurs to start crypto exchange without any difficulties. The main thing you need to perform is crypto exchange deployment only.

I have a list of the top trending white label cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts which will be best for kickstarting a cryptotrading and High ROI. Binance Clone Script. LocalBitcoins clone script. Paxful clone script. Wazirx clone script. KuCoin clone script. Coinbase clone script. Remitano clone script. and more.

We provide Cryptocurrency Exchange script that can be 100% customized to fill your crypto trading business requirements. with Crypto trading script, you can build it easy and quick to develop crypto trading and benefit from it. You can easily find ready-to-launch crypto exchange script developed by BlockchainAppsDeveloper

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