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DAO Maker Clone To Launch Crypto Launchpad Like DAO Maker

DAO Maker Clone To Launch Crypto Launchpad Like DAO Maker

DAO Maker Clone Script

DAO Maker Clone Script is a readymade IDO & IGO launchpad script to deploy crypto launchpad platform like DAO Maker with all the features and functionalities. With ready-to-launch DAO Maker software solution, Anyone to launch the decentralized fundraising platform like DAO Maker instantly. Actually, DAO Maker clone will be a right solution in comparison with crafting the IGO Launchpad platform right from the scratch instead of instant launch, cost-effectiveness, and usage of latest technologies. 

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is here to provide a White-Label DAO Maker Clone Script with all the features and functionalities.

Features of our DAO Maker Clone Script

  • Crypto/Digital Wallet Integration - Users to integrate crypto or digital wallets like MetaMask, Ethereum Wallet, and other trending digital wallet with the account that has been developed on the fundrasing platform.

  • Instant Token Allocation - Crypto investors will have the complete rights to invest in it and buy the crypto tokens instantly. This is one such good reason for increasing the platform usability.

  • End Of The Sale - When the IDO & IGO Crypto project sales end, the complete details regarding the sales will be shown in this particular section as participants can view the sale bidding prices also.  

  • Unplug Swapping - It helps a decentralized based lending protocol, which avoids the necessity of changes. 

  • Airdrop - It will facilitate the former token swapping and the burning of the token via the portal into the smart contract functionality. 

  • Buy The DAO For A Crypto Project - Users/Investors will be able to buy the DAO for a crypto project they would like to buy on the IDO & IGO launchpad. 

Functionality of our DAO Maker Clone Script

Step1: Register crypto project details on the IDO launchpad, along with social media page, and the project whitepaper details has to be submitted. 

Step2:Once verified for the details of the project, it will be listed on the certain platform and be available for crypto investors to invest in this business.

Step3: Here, investors have to register the platform with the details specified. 

Step4: Then the investors have to stake the native token on some categorization.

Step5:The investors will have a high opportunity to performance in the funding round. 

Step6:The investors will be able to perform and contributing to the liquidity pool when the IDO date has arrived. 

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper For DAO Maker Clone Development?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is one of the best DAO blockchain development company provides the top-notch DAO development services to all over the globe.

  • End-To-End Services

  • Team Of Blockchain Experts  

  • Latest Tools & Technologies

  • Secured Finished Product

  • Multi-Chain Compatibility

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