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Launch your own Peer-to-Admin cryptocurrency exchange website as productive as Coinbase. Special trading features included in Our Coinbase Clone Script will surely elevate your position in the crypto market competition. Additional features can be included in our White label Coinbase Clone Website Script . Adopting the clone script of a well established crypto exchange like Coinbase will attract numerous traders to your website in no time.



Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase - Easiest Place To Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase is a Peer to Admin Cryptocurrency exchange platform for trading to buy and sell Bitcoins and other altcoins like Ripple coin, Ether, Lite coin etc. Coinbase exchange allows users to trade their cryptocurrency at a price that is based on their market value, which allows users to purchase their cryptocurrencies faster than other exchanges. Coinbase platform is also one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that accepts credit cards. Currently, Coinbase exchange allows users only to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, though they have plans to add more currencies to the platform.

Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase clone script is ready to launch website script using which you can establish your own crypto exchange website like Coinbase. Coinbase Pro Clone Script is incorporated with key and enhanced features of Coinbase Crypto Exchange. Features can be modified according to your choice to give a unique and new look to your website. As Coinbase Exchange Clone Script is a peer to admin exchange, admin holds the authority to fix the trading prices, so traders are allowed to trade only at fixed ratings. To avoid any mishap, the design is in such a way that trading can be done only with trusted cryptos available in the market. Coinbase clone is easy to handle, modify and understand for beginners who are new to this field.

Langauge Used - PHP, JAVA, MEAN Stack, Laravel

Database - My SQL, Mongo DB

Features Of Coinbase Clone Script

Easy-to-use interface

Instant exchange

Secured communication channel

Fiat currency support

Multi-language support

Trading bot

Instant match enginet

Real-time trade updates

Dispute resolvement

Payment gateway integration

Advanced Smart Contract

Real-time Chat System

Security Features Of Coinbase Clone Script

Private key

KYC/AML verification

secure wallet

Two step verification

Cross-site request forgery(CSRF) protection

Anti-phishing software

Content security policy

Registry lock

Coinbase Clone App Development Services

Now you can keep close track of crypto market trends and finish crypto trading on your mobile phone. Coinbase clone mobile application supports both android and iOS users. Simple and easy to handle clone mobile app development ensures smooth transactions with its fast loading speed.

  • Pop - up notification
  • Geo-location tracking
  • Multi-sig enabled wallet
  • Biometry authentication
  • Advanced UI
  • Customizable admin dashboard

How Coinbase Clone Script Works

Coinbase platform requires users to link a bank account, or credit/debit card to their Coinbase account to buy cryptocurrencies. Using a bank account, it allows for higher limits say, $100/transaction or $2,500/week, but it also takes longer to verify transactions done by the users. The thing is, the user will not see money in his Coinbase wallet for two to four business days (depending on the bank). When selling Bitcoin, once the sale is confirmed, it takes two to four days fto proceed that sale to show up in their bank account. With a credit or debit card, limits are less (like, $200/week). But he can purchase digital currencies by simply transferring funds from that bank account to the exchange site. For these transactions, Bitcoin shows up in the Coinbase wallet instantaneously. Users have an option sell Bitcoin to the PayPal account, effectively cashing out, as their Bitcoin will be exchanged for local currency. This transaction is instantaneous.

By following steps, users will be able to buy cryptocurrency via Coinbase: To sign up, Email address and password is required from the user end. Confirmation to activate the account from the user will be send to his respected email address and will be redirected to the landing page. After that, phone number verification will be done.

As Coinbase allows both bank transfer and credit card for payment methods. For bank transfers, this exchange platform will set up one or two small transactions to and from the user account for verification. Whereas for credit cards, screenshot of the card is necessary.

Once the user has the sufficient funds in his account, he can buy the cryptocurrency. Before confirming the transaction, Coinbase exchange platform will provide the users about service fee and the amount being purchased in the transaction. Once confirmed, the amount of cryptocurrency is purchased, it will be credited to the wallet.

Why To Start An Exchange Like Coinbase?

Low Fees

The fees are charged as a percentage of the purchases made in the platform. Deposits are free of charge. The payment methods used may attract other charges of the merchant banks and may very much depend on the country of one’s residence. Other digital exchanges either charge unreasonably high or their fees are levied on a graduating scale. Users purchasing cryptocurrencies in small quantities pay less compared to those purchasing in large volumes.


If users want to transfer funds, they can simply scan the QR code of the recipient address using the mobile phone.


Mobile wallets can be downloaded easily for free on the Android PlayStore and the iOS AppStore

How To Launch Crypto Exchange Platform Like Coinbase

Planning to start an exchange platform like Coinbase clone? We are well known in rendering the best exchange clone script to start your own cryptocurrency exchange business.

  • User-friendly User Panel
  • Unhackable Admin Panel
  • Easily customizable clone script
  • Advanced Coinbase Clone script at an affordable cost

Why Should You Get Our Coinbase Clone Script?

Interested to have your own Crypto exchange platform?! Start your own CryptoCurrency Trading Platform Website like Coinbase, by using our web software script. Our solution is 100% clone of Coinbase and a complete software helping you to start, manage & maintain a trading platform. Start your business today like a big exchange like Coinbase.

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