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BlockchainAppsDeveloper is a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company, offers a world-class Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services for Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency exchange startups. Our premium solutions include customizable Cryptocurrency Exchange Software, Bitcoin BTC Exchange Software, ready-made DEX Crypto Exchange software, Escrow based P2P Crypto Exchange Software, highly scalable Hybrid Crypto Exchange Software, and Cryptocurrency Exchange App for both Android & iOS, etc. We also develop cryptocurrency exchange platforms from scratch. We have proven track records in cryptocurrency exchange development. Our clients are now turned into big players in the Crypto Exchange industry! Now it's your time to join hands with us and become the multi-millionaire in the Crypto world

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Services

BlockchainAppsDeveloper offers a top-notch Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services to launch desired feature packed Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. Our premium solution includes Cryptocurrency Exchange Development, Crypto Wallet Development, Coins & Tokens Creation, DApps, Smart Contract Development, P2P Crypto Exchange Development, IEO , ICO, STO and Hybrid Crypto Exchange Development.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software allows you to start fast performing and high secured Cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading Platform instantly.

Bitcoin BTC Exchange Software

Bitcoin Exchange Software PHP to start bitcoin trading platform instantly. Get 100% bug free source code with premium features, Whitelabel, Secured Wallet Integration and ready to use

P2P Crypto Exchange Software

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is fully customized with features of secured escrow software and escrow API that can be joined with any live cryptocurrency exchange platforms

Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Software

Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Softwares to start and build your own Cryptocurrency Exchange website like Bitstamp, Coinbase, Poloniex, Binance, Okex, WazirX, LocalBitcoins, Remitano and More

Decentralized Exchange Software

Decentralized Exchange Software to start any decentralized cryptocurrency exchange website like Binance DEX, IDEX, Waves DEX or Bisq with enhanced features and security.

Hybrid Crypto Exchange Software

Advanced security industrialized Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Software which gives a more trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange services to your valuable cryptocurrency users.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Get your own user-friendly and secured Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet to experience seamless and efficient cryptocurrency exchange of your digital cryptocurrencies.

DApp Development

Transform your valuable businesses to a Decentralized network with the aid of BlockchainAppsDeveloper's exclusive custom DApp development and solutions.

Blockchain Development

Blockchainappsdeveloper p a highly revolutionary and solid blockchain solutions for any kind of new business startups, & large enterprises.

ICO Development

Collect fund for your blockchain projects and cryptocurrency startups by building your own Initial Coin Offering (ICO) website with our finest ready to launch ICO Software.

STO Development

Security Token Offering, A legalized crowdfunding representation that provides top level security investments and startups by raising venture capital funds from authorized crypto investors worldwide.

ERC Token Development

We create all crypto token on any kind of ethereum token standards and fetch life to the business idea of providing to the cryptocurrency world in all format.

Launch your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform!!!

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White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software


Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

is a website software that supports the exchange and trading of cryptocurrencies. Using which a high-frequency Crypto exchange platform can be set up for trading bitcoins and altcoins. At BlockchainAppsDeveloper, we deliver a 100% white label cryptocurrency exchange software that allows customization as per user requirements and supports multiple cryptocurrencies & major fiat currencies.

Supports Unlimited Cryptocurrencies
Supports Unlimited Cryptocurrencies
High Speedy Order Matching Engine
High Speedy Order Matching Engine
Liquidity Management Tools & APIs
Liquidity Management Tools & APIs
Token Listing & IEO Implementation
Token Listing & IEO Implementation

Premium Features Of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Payment gateway

Our trading platform supports and accepts various fiat and trusted cryptos for payment. Clear listing of currencies eliminates confusion and guides you to complete the transaction instantly.

OTC Trading

OTC (Over The Counter) Trading - First-Rate Rich plan of action to buy & sell cryptocurrencies without increase or decrease the price and escalating the crypto-trading power.

Margin Trading & Lending

Customers to borrow money in opposition to their money that can be used to trade cryptocurrency and where Margin Lending permits customer to offer their Cryptocurrency available as loan for crypto traders at a particular time

Virtual crypto wallet

Our software comes with an in-built virtual crypto wallet. It’s enhanced security helps traders can store their traded crypto safely. The wallet is enforced with a Multi-sig request feature for accessing

Multicurrency Pairing

We offer 100% Secure & multiple currency pairing options, which can authorize trading with cryptocurrency to fiat currencies and also cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency.

Atomic swap

Allows traders to carry out their crypto trading in a transparent way , without the involvement of a third party. Traders can execute their transaction, without even using fiat currency as an intermediary to trade cryptos

Preferred trading

Traders can study the list of matching traders in detail and choose the buyer/seller with whom they prefer to trade with. They can cancel the trading process at anypoint if the find the other person is not worth trusting.

Escrow services

Crypto exchange software comes with escrow services. Escrow serves as a trusted middleman who operates impartially to ensure and guard the safety of every transaction. Buyer/seller can handle the virtual asset with more confidence and trust

Bot trading

Bot is an automated machine that works to aid the traders in their absence. A dedicated 24/7 functional bot works to track the trend of the crypto market and place a buy/seller order at the most suitable time.

Advanced order processing

Our advanced and efficient speedy match engine enables instant processing of every buy/sell order placed in minute time. Order validation, processing and settlement goes without any error or hassle

Multi-tier security

The software to be developed into a website complies all web access and file sharing protocols like CSRF, SFTP, SSL etc.. Also holds advanced security features like KYC verification, 2FA, encrypted live chat and automatic limits for fund withdrawal.

GPS & multilingual support

Accurate GPS tracking helps you to locate your trader and trade comfortably. Communicate in any language and know your trader who is anywhere across the globe with multilingual support and translation features

Unlimited ERC 20 Tokens

We can introduce an unlimited number of ERC-20 tokens on your Cryptocurrency exchange platform. You can also select to add as many tradable and exchangeable assets as you like.

IEO Integration

Cryptocurrency Exchange software offers the feasibility to easily execute an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Users are able to trade or exchange newly launched crypto tokens on the exchange platform.

Liquidity Management

We provide high-level importance to Liquidity. Cryptocurrency exchange software is 100% secure and convenient, it engages automatically more active crypto traders.

Security Features Of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Escow Security System

Escrow Security System

Anti-Denial of Service (DDoS)

Anti-Denial of Service (DDoS)

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

Jail Login

Jail Login

Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Start Your Exchange Platform With Popular Crypto Exchange Clone Software

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solutions Provider

Renowned team at blockchainappsdeveloper provides a versatile set of cryptocurrency exchange softwares, from which clients can choose their preferred variant. Approach our team to purchase centralized, decentralized or hybrid cryptocurrency exchange development. In Smart contract based decentralized(DEX) crypto exchange every process involved in ordering, trading and transaction is automated which nullifies manual intervention. Whereas, peer-to-admin network based centralized(CEX) crypto exchange platforms operate under a central server that controls and monitors every process. While the hybrid version holds both. Data handled in crypto trading platforms is stored in blockchain with advanced technology stacks. Data is stored in encrypted form in a distributed encrypted ledger that is immutable. Our escrow service is designed such that it sorts out all fear and ambiguity related to crypto trading. Our software services come with white label solution that makes customization possible at any time.

Why Choose Us For Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

Blockchainappsdeveloper, a well recognized cryptocurrency exchange development company, with its product quality and services, stands unbeaten in the crypto competition. We take up every project as a new beginning for our flourishment. We ensure a customer oriented approach at every stage of the project. We work ethically for the value of money and time that you spend on us. Numerous different projects that we had worked with over the past decade, have moulded and shaped us into a trust-worthy and promising cryptocurrency exchange development company in the crypto market

On-time product delivery
Pre/Post-launch support
High transactions
per sec (TPS)
Un-Hackable Exchange


BTC Exchange Software PHP to start the bitcoin trading business website instantly. Get 100% bug-free source code with premium features, Whitelabel, Secured Wallet Integration, and ready to launch.

Build a cryptocurrency exchange website with high liquidity.

Liquidity is a necessary attribute of a cryptocurrency exchange platform. We, at Blockchainappsdeveloper, offer the best cryptocurrency exchange software development & services while integrating your cryptocurrency exchange website with high-liquidity trading features.

A cryptocurrency exchange software is a set of programs or source code, that has been written with inbuilt trading features that would help to set up a complete cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance, Coinbase, Bitmex, Poloniex, LocalCryptos, and whatever.

The benefit of choosing a crypto exchange clone software is you can easily set up a cryptocurrency exchange with the existing and advanced features of the desired cryptocurrency exchange. The time and cost will be reduced since your business requires a minimum amount of customization.

The cryptocurrency exchange development time depends on the type of exchange you choose to build. While a white label cryptocurrency exchange can be launched Within a Week, a custom cryptocurrency exchange built from scratch can take a comparatively long time for development.

The essential features that must be there in any crypto exchange include high security, scalability, and high performance. The Cryptocurrency exchange protected with these options is seen as a well-grounded feature and is more likely to gain more crypto traders.

The cost entirely depends on the trading features that you want to integrate into your Crypto exchange. White label cryptocurrency exchange development requires comparatively less time & cost related to launching a custom crypto exchange from scratch.

As a crypto exchange owner, you can get multiple earning opportunities like crypto trading commission, withdrawal fees, IEO integration into your exchange to enable start-ups & Entrepreneurs to launch their crypto coins or tokens on your Crypto exchange

We develop and deliver a faster and secured cryptocurrency exchange platform that can able to manage large investments, manage up to 10 million users,50,000 transactions per second, and matching engine with 20,000 TPS.

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