Cryptocurrency exchange software development company, Blockchainappsdeveloper builds cryptocurrency exchange software development holds with all the essential features that helps startups and enterprises to launch their own crypto exchange platform without spending much time.

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Are you ready to start a Cryptocurrency Exchange Business?

Well, it is a good decision to invest your money. Because it is a billion-dollar business that attracts you to start Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms like Binance.Actually, the crypto market size is expected to grow from 1.6 billion USD in 2021 to 2.2 billion USD by 2026, at a CAGR of 7.1%. distributed ledger technology and growth in venture capital investments are the key aspects driving the growth of the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software features and benefits

Here’s a list of what shields your cryptocurrency exchange software from threats

  • Powerful Trade Engine

  • High TPS (Transactions per second)

  • High Liquidity Management

  • KYC and AML

  • Crypto Staking

  • Advanced Chart Tools

  • Crypto Bot Trading

  • GPS & Multilingual Support

  • Multi-layer Security

  • Margin Trading & Lending

  • HTTPs Authentication

  • Data Encryption

  • Jail Login

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • High Secured Escrow System

  • Anti-Denial of Service (DoS)

  • Anti-Distributed Denial of Services

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Protection

  • Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) Protection

  • HTTPs Parameter Pollution Protection

  • Robust Architecture

  • Easy to Customize

  • Cost-Efficient

  • Maximum Security

  • Margin Trading

  • Futures Contract

  • Perpetual Contract

  • Copy Trading

  • Spot Trading

  • Over-The-Counter Trading

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Solutions

Spot Trading Software

  • High-Performance Matching Engine - A powerful Matching Crypto Trading Engine guarantees high secured transactions, with over 50,000 tps ( Transaction Per Second) for each Crypto trading pair.
  • Professional Crypto trading - It Provides custom & 3rd-party K-line, scribing tool support strategies & technical analysis.
  • Supporting functions - It provides financial supporting software, risk control trading software, helping all mainstream crypto currencies & Multiple trading modes

Leveraged Trading Software

  • Leveraged Lending - It provides crypto traders with support for medium and short-term loan fund turnover
  • Safety Guaranteed - Each lending is audited by the entire trading system, with the low-high risk rate calculated in real time.
  • Professional Transaction - Third-party and custom K-lines, technical analysis & line tools,that automatically supports strategy orders and contingent orders as well as API.

OTC Software

  • Listed Crypto Trading Mechanism - It provides a secured merchant margin system and free liquidity support services.
  • Crypto Traders’ Privacy Protected It enables encryption for crypto traders’ privacy and payment data, and mainly supports bi-directional claim channels.
  • High Security Guarantee - High end security audit of fund deposits/withdrawals/user KYC/merchant margin systems. KYC authentication protect the secure crypto transactions.

Contract Transaction Software

  • Financial Futures Trading
  • Margin Mechanism
  • forced liquidation Mechanism
  • Mandatory Reduction Mechanism

ETF Trading Software

  • Various System Functions - leverage, long/short ETFs, NAV accounting, discount & premium and efficient rebalancing
  • Flexible Deployment - Both customization, high efficiency and SaaS deployment
  • Safe and Reliable for Use - It providing partial day level effective liquidity.
  • Trading Opportunities - ChainUP makes more arbitrage trade opportunities for subscription and also sale

Liquidity Software

  • Leading Liquidity Services - 100 mainstream currency pairs and continuous K-line charts
  • Diversified Functions - professional risk control management, financial-level monitoring and perfect reports
  • Professional Solutions - mainstream crypto token transaction liquidity and exchange platform token liquidity.
  • Low Transaction Cost - Elevated crypto transaction cost is competitive

Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Software

Technology Stack

Why Choose Us For Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

Blockchainappsdeveloper - cryptocurrency exchange development company provides efficient cryptocurrency exchange script development services for better ROI. Deploy customizable bitcoin exchange script like bitcoin trading script within a week and launch your cryptocurrency trading business without any further delay.

100% White Label Solutions

15+ Blockchain Networks We Expertise

7+ Years Of Experience In Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Meets All The Security Standards Like Cyber Security, Penetration Test, Bug Bounty

50+ Certified And Experienced Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Professionals

Promptitude Delivery, Communication, Guidance And Cost Effective Prices.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development - FAQs

We develop and deliver a faster and secured cryptocurrency exchange platform that can able to manage large investments, manage up to 10 million users,50,000 transactions per second, and matching engine with 20,000 TPS.

A white label crypto exchange software is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading website software that can be completely branded with your logo & brand name.

The cost to build a white label cryptocurrency exchange completely depends upon your desired business requirements, customization preferences, and the trading features that you decide on. But, compared to gathering equipment and crypto exchange developing from scratch, white-label solutions are cost-effective.

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin, being a digital currency, is seen as a reliable factor by governments worldwide, to control the spread of the coronavirus. Moreover, COVID-19 will boost bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption, which will increase the number of crypto-based investments worldwide.

As a crypto exchange owner, you can get multiple earning opportunities like crypto trading commission, withdrawal fees, IEO integration into your exchange to enable start-ups & Entrepreneurs to launch their crypto coins or tokens on your Crypto exchange

The cost entirely depends on the trading features that you want to integrate into your Crypto exchange. White label cryptocurrency exchange development requires comparatively less time & cost related to launching a custom crypto exchange from scratch.

The essential features that must be there in any crypto exchange include high security, scalability, and high performance. The Cryptocurrency exchange protected with these options is seen as a well-grounded feature and is more likely to gain more crypto traders.

The cryptocurrency exchange development time depends on the type of exchange you choose to build. While a white label cryptocurrency exchange can be launched Within a Week, a custom cryptocurrency exchange built from scratch can take a comparatively long time for development.

The benefit of choosing a crypto exchange clone software is you can easily set up a cryptocurrency exchange with the existing and advanced features of the desired cryptocurrency exchange. The time and cost will be reduced since your business requires a minimum amount of customization.

A cryptocurrency exchange software is a set of programs or source code, that has been written with inbuilt trading features that would help to set up a complete cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance, Coinbase, Bitmex, Poloniex, LocalCryptos, and whatever.

Build a cryptocurrency exchange website with high liquidity.

Liquidity is a necessary attribute of a cryptocurrency exchange platform. We, at Blockchainappsdeveloper, offer the best cryptocurrency exchange software development & services while integrating your cryptocurrency exchange website with high-liquidity trading features.

BTC Exchange Software PHP to start the bitcoin trading business website instantly. Get 100% bug-free source code with premium features, Whitelabel, Secured Wallet Integration, and ready to launch.

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