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Decentralized Exchange Script to Launch your Decentralized Exchange Business Platform which runs through on atomic swapping mechanism and a fully secured smart contract system.

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Being the most promising Decentralized exchange development Company in the crypto industry, BlockchainAppsDeveloper has started the decentralized exchange script development services by incorporating automated swapping and smart contract technology to assist clients across the world to launch their own DEX platform that backs crypto exchange without the involvement of the third party.

Our proficient team of experts develops and deploys the complete source code-packed decentralized exchange software, to launch the DEX exchange instantly. We also provide DEX services that apply Defi-based DEX exchange development like Uniswap, and Pancakeswap bagged with cutting-edge features such as NFTs, staking, farming, etc. Our eminent developers endure providing flawless DEX platform development on various trending blockchains like Tron, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

Decentralized Exchange Development Services

Decentralized Exchange Script

We provide a highly ensured decentralized exchange script to launch your own DEX Platform with cutting-edge trading features and plugins.

Decentralized Exchange Software

Acquire ready-to-utilize decentralized exchange software and launch your own decentralized exchange instantly to gain high ROI in a short span.

Decentralized Exchange Application

Build decentralized exchange mobile applications to attract more mobile users into your trading platform and boost transactions & liquidity.

DeFi-Based DEX

Our Professionals are ready to build decentralized exchanges by employing defi open source protocols to launch your own defi-based Dex similar to Uniswap.

Crypto Wallet Development

We develop and incorporate a cryptocurrency wallet with our decentralized exchange script to hold your trader's assets secured and free from hacks.

Blockchain-Centric DEX Development

We deploy decentralized exchange scripts by concentrating on various famous blockchain networks like Polkadot, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and more.

DEX Exchange Marketing

We also provide end-to-end digital marketing services through the decentralized exchange without the participation of intermediaries instead transactions are enabled through the use of self-executing agreements by incorporating smart contracts.

Smart Contract Development

Integrate our exceptional and highly secured smart contract in your DEX Script to automate the flawless transactions of your decentralized exchange.

Features of Our Decentralized Exchange Script

Potent admin and users dashboard

Our admin panel system can engage you to effortlessly regulate and revitalize your business nuances without mandating any programming skills.

Premier UI/UX

Our UI/UX team will work with you from post-deployment to address glitches, rectify errors, and add renewed features to your business to keep it extraordinary.

Store the entire history of cryptocurrency transactions

Each history of currency trade and withdrawal limit is recorded so that you can confirm the inflow of your cryptocurrency payments unfailingly.

Flawless trade of cryptocurrency

Each history of currency trade and withdrawal limit is recorded so that you can confirm the inflow of your cryptocurrency payments unfailingly.

Two-factor authentication

With our two-factor authentication, you need not stress over any unexpected breaks. Likewise, you can incorporate a two-factor authentication in the BTC wallet for more secure exchanges.

Unassailable cryptocurrency transaction

You can opt for various cryptocurrency exchange possibilities in our crypto trade script, which is free from hacks and other digital violation.

Integrate Smart contract

Our passionate smart contract developers can execute oneself the contracts developed by them that boost your business improvement & acquire trust in currency trades.

Payment gateway integration

Our Payment gateway alters according to the crypto payment updates. You can combine the DEX script with the most advanced and versatile payment innovations.

Smooth communication between buyer and seller

Our DEX script offers an overall solution for your users as they can pick any language of their convenience, for persistent trading and smooth communications.

Instant notification

Provides instant alerts for traders and buyers to uncover the best trading duo by providing the most accurate partner for cryptocurrency that ought to be traded/exchanged.

Easy-to-Use Platform

Our easily tailored exchange script empowers you to integrate or remove a Crypto exchange pair, trade orders, payment techniques and rollout recent updates, and more.

Reliable Decentralized Exchange on Blockchain

With our trusted smart contracts & blockchain technology, you need not worry about any malfeasance in the automation of crypto exchanges for both parties traders and buyers. DEX script with the most advanced and versatile payment innovations.

Our Decentralized Exchange Script Development Process


Once our experts complete their testing, it is then deployed in the client's network enabling them to work and trade.


Once our team has done thorough research, based on your requirements, our designers then come up with a proper outline of the decentralized exchange platform development project.


Our proficient team of developers builds potent decentralized exchange platforms over various blockchain incorporating smart contracts, by employing cutting-edge features and functionalities.

Top 10 decentralized cryptocurrency exchange scripts of 2022

Below is the list of the top 10 DEX scripts that anyone intending to launch their decentralized exchange must know about.

Uniswap Clone Script

Uniswap is one of the top DEX platforms built on the Ethereum blockchain that permits users to trade ERC20 tokens without third-party participation. Uniswap clone script allows businesses to create DEX exchanges similar to Uniswap.

SushiSwap Clone Script

SushiSwap crowns the list of premier-themed decentralized exchanges. Clients looking to build decentralized exchanges like SushiSwap can launch exchanges instantly using SushiSwap clone scripts.

MDEX Clone Script

MDEX is the most extensive decentralized exchange platform in the world that delivers an engaging user experience to crypto traders by expanding the list of its offerings and allowing an easy user interface. MDEX clone script allows businesses to launch MDEX-like decentralized finance exchange in a short span.

PancakeSwap Clone Script

PancakeSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM-based) decentralized exchange platform letting customers swap BEP20 tokens instantly. PancakeSwap clone script is a ready-to-deploy trading script built on Binance Smart Chain that assists businesses to launch a DEX same as PancakeSwap.

BakerySwap Clone Script

It is a premier DeFi platform that proffers users an AMM-based DEX and an extraordinary NFT marketplace in one place. The businesses interested to launch into the world of crypto and NFTs combined can utilize the speed up their decentralized exchange development.

1inch Exchange Clone Script

1inch is a decentralized exchange aggregator that permits crypto traders to uncover the lowest prices for crypto assets. Anyone scrutinizing to build a decentralized exchange like 1inch can utilize this decentralized cryptocurrency exchange script to launch their exchange platform instantly.

ParaSwap Clone Script

ParaSwap is another DEX aggregator that directs the DeFi ecosystem with its zero transaction fee and in-house liquidity pool system. Those intrigued by its upmarket abilities can set up a decentralized exchange similar to ParaSwap with ParaSwap Clone Script.

QuickSwap Clone Script

It is a futuristic decentralized exchange based on Ethereum, operated by the Layer 2 scalability infrastructure of the Polygon Network. QuickSwap allows users to trade ERC20 tokens at a rapid speed and with almost zero gas fees. It is a perfect solution for those who expect to build cost-efficient.

DyDx Clone Script

DyDx is an Ethereum-based non-custodial decentralized exchange that features the complete security and clarity of a decentralized exchange along with the lightning speed and usability of a centralized exchange. DyDx clone script is one of the most preferred DEX scripts due to its premier features.

Curfi.fi Clone Script

Curve finance is one of the top decentralized exchanges built on the Ethereum blockchain, leading the charts in trading volume. Businesses that are inquisitive to launch an identical platform that allows ultra-rapid and cost-effective transactions must invest in Curfi.fi clone scripts.

why a decentralized exchange script?


In the exchange platforms, the private keys will be stored in an unassailable environment, which is impossible for hackers to hack, as there is no central authority. Hence your coin and data will be secure from hackers.


The decentralized exchange platform is well known for eliminating the involvement of the third party in the process. This is the major contrast between centralized and decentralized exchange platforms.


When there is no centralized authority in the process, then everyone in the network will acquire equal rights. They can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly to another user, without any central authority involvement.


All your data and identities will be safe and secure in the decentralized exchange platform. You need not reveal your identity to anyone in the network, except for the one to whom you sell or buy cryptocurrency.

Why prefer BlockchainAppsDeveloper for Decentralized Exchange Script?

Blockchainappsdeveloper, the most promising Decentralized Exchange Platform Development Company, has a vast acquaintance with the development of secure, reliable, and scalable blockchain for start-ups and entrepreneurs. We enclose the following attributes, which make us distinct from the other decentralized exchange platform development companies.

Predominant Blockchain Development Company

Specialized in developing decentralized Exchange Platform.

User-friendly script developed using cutting-edge technologies and tools.

Highly proficient blockchain and cryptocurrency experts.

Expertise in analyzing our Client's Requirements.

Instantaneous Technical Support.

Customizable Decentralized Exchange Platform Development Solutions.

Expertise In Crypto Industry.

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