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BlockchainAppsDeveloper is a leading Decentralized Exchange Development Company that offers White Label Decentralized Exchange Software Development Services with lucrative features at an affordable cost. Our Certified Decentralized Exchange Developers are experts in developing a robust & highly scalable decentralized exchange with cutting edge blockchain technology tailored to suit all Crypto traders. We are a competent blockchain team having 5+ years of experience in building customizable decentralized exchange platform with exclusive features and advanced security that enables seamless transaction. Our scalable DEX Software solutions are designed to help our clients in saving time and costs.

why decentralize exchange platform

Why Decentralized Exchange Script

1. Security

In the exchange platforms the private keys will be stored in a secure environment, which is impossible for hackers to hack, as there is no central authority. Hence your coin and data will be safe from hackers.

2. No middleman

The decentralized exchange platform is well known for eliminating the involvement of third party in the process. This is the major difference between centralized and decentralized exchange platform. When third party is not involved, the trading process will be secure.

3. No Central Authority

When there is no centralized server in the process, then everyone in the network will get equal right. They can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly to another user, without any central authority involvement.

4. Privacy

All your personal data and identities will be safe and secure in the decentralized exchange platform. You need not reveal your identity to anyone in the network, except for the one to whom you sell or buy cryptocurrency.

5. Faster trading

The users can save time and money by trading crypto currency in a secure and smooth platform. This platform is well known for its faster exchange as well.

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Identification and Analysis

Powerful admin and users dashboard

Our admin panel system can engage you to easily regulate and invigorate your business nuances at whatever point without requiring any programming skills.


Exclusive UI/UX

Our UI/UX group will work with you from post deployment, to address glitches, fixing errors and add new features to your business to keep it extraordinary.


Store complete history of cryptocurrency transactions

Each & every currency trade and withdrawal limit history will be recorded likewise you can ensure the inflow of your cryptocurrency payments consistently.


Flawless trade of cryptocurrency

Our DEX exchage script concentrated by flawless crypto trade system. you can consolidate the trade script with the latest and most versatile trading advancements.


Two factor authentication

With our two-factor authentication you need not worry over any unforeseen breaks. Likewise you can integrate a two-factor authentication in BTC wallet for a more secured exchanges.


Secure cryptocurrency transaction

You can join diverse cryptocurrency exchanges options in our crypto trade script, which can't be hacked by programmers and other digital violations.

Identification and Analysis

Integrate Smart contract

Our devoted smart contract developers can self execute contracts developed by them that mechanize your business improvement & obtain trust on currency trades.


Payment gateway integration

Our Payment gateway changes as necessities to be the crypto payment updates. You can moreover merge the DEX script with the progressed and most versatile payment innovations.


Smooth communication between buyer and seller

Our DEX script offers an overall solutions for your users can pick between different vernaculars, for persistent trading and smooth communications.

Identification and Analysis

Instant notification

Giving instant alerts for traders and buyers to find the best trading pair by giving the most accurate partner for cryptocurrency that ought to be trade/exchanged.


Easy to Use Platform

Our easy customized exchange script empower you to integrate or remove a Crypto exchange pair, trade orders, payment techniques and roll out recent updates and more.


Reliable Decentralized Exchange on Blockchain

By our trusted smart contracts & blockchain technology you need not to worry over any mischief in the automation of crypto exchanges that is for both parties traders/buyers.

Our Decentralized Exchange Script Development Process



Once testing is done by our experts, it is then deployed in the clients network and all set to work and trade.



Once our team is done with a complete research, based on your requirements, our designers will come out with a proper outline of the decentralized exchange platform development project.



Our team of developers build robust decentralized exchange platform over blockchain and smart contract, with advanced features and functionalities.

Why choose us for Blockchain FMCG?

Why Choose Us for Decentralized Exchange Script?

Blockchainappsdeveloper, the best Decentralized Exchange Platform Development Company, having wide knowledge on development of secure, reliable and scalable blockchain for start-ups and entrepreneurs. We posses the following traits, which makes us different from the other decentralized exchange platform development company

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