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Etrix.io MLM Clone Script To Start Smart Contract Based MLM like Etrix.io


Etrix.io MLM Clone Script To Start Smart Contract Based MLM like Etrix.io

Etrix.io Clone Script to start Smart Contract based MLM like Etrix.io. With an Etrix MLM Clone Script, You can build Smart Contract MLM like Etrix in a week

Thinking of Starting a Smart Contract MLM like Etrix.io? Know, How to build an Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM like Etrix with an Etrix MLM Clone Script.

Etrix Clone Script

Etrix Clone Script is an Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM website script runs on Ethereum Blockchain and it is a completely decentralized smart contract MLM ecosystem like Etrix.io. 

Etrix MLM Clone Script is highly customizable that is integrated with the similar matrix schemes as followed like in Etrix (i.e) Etrix Clone website in default comes with Forced Matrix, Team Matrix, and Hybrid Matrix schemes.

We, BlockchainAppsDeveloper offer an advanced Etrix Clone Script to Start MLM like Etrix.io in a week!

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Etrix.io - A Peer-To-Peer Crowd Funding Platform

Etrix.Io - The fastest, easiest, and risk-free way to earn 806 ETH (Ethereum) every 90 days. Participants can earn up to $ 190 000 every 90 days. Etrix claims that there is no chance of losing money.


source: Etrix.io 

This MLM platform operates based on matrix schemes predefined on Ethereum Blockchain.

There is no involvement of the administrator as the MLM platform is decentralized.

The owner of the MLM uploaded the contract codes to the Ethereum Blockchain platform. These smart contract codes cannot be accessed or modified by any of the participants.

Here the Smart Contracts are coded in such a way that there are no accumulations of assets, always the balance of the contract remains zero. The funds are automatically transmitted as commission to the respective upline members in the matrix scheme and the owner of the Etrix MLM.

Only Ethereum Cryptocurrency is used as the platform is based on Blockchain Ethereum.

Etrix MLM Profit Table


source: Etrix.io

Wallet System in Etrix.io

Etrix MLM accepts only two types of wallet, namely:

Meta Mask
Trust Wallet

Meta Mask

Meta Mask is suitable for participants who are using computers/Laptops.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallets are preferred for those who are using Smartphones for MLM business.

Etrix.io Matrix System

Etrix follows three types of matrix systems, namely:

1. Forced Matrix
2. Team Matrix
3. Hybrid Matrix

Forced Matrix

Forced Matrix scheme is based on the binary tree structure. First, you need to register with the plan with 0.08 ETH, and then you have to add two participants to qualify for commission. The new participants referred/added by you will be placed in the next available spot and not necessarily under you in the tree.

To get eligible for the first level commission, you need to refer at least 2 people before someone joins you in the tree.

Team Matrix

Team Matrix is slightly different from the forced matrix, in team matrix you need to register two referrals to activate the team matrix scheme. 

By activating the team matrix, you are eligible for the first level commission.

The people (referrals) coming in will be placed in your team only.

You have to watch out the levels of your downlines to upgrade the level before your downlines get upgraded, if the downline get upgraded to the next level, you won't get the commission.

Hybrid Matrix

Hybrid Matrix is similar to the team matrix but the only difference is in the commission structure. This matrix system follows the commission’s structure in the hybrid fashion.

Etrix MLM Clone Script

How Etrix.io Works?

Step:1 - Sign Up Process

Initially, You need to register for the scheme with 0.08 ETH to get into the first level of the system. This 0.08 ETH sent to your Upline member of the scheme. 

The first person joining below you in the matrix will bring the asset back to you and this signup process is the first transaction in the matrix system.

Step:2 - Sign In To The Account

Using the Ethereum Wallet number, you can sign in to the account, and here the password is not needed to sign in to the account. 

As the entire data is entered in Smart Contract, no one can access or delete the account details, even the site owners cannot delete the account details.

Step:3 - Get Referrals

In this level, you need to add at least 2 direct referrals to eligible to receive a commission.

Step:4 - Start Receiving Commission

By signing up for the system, you will get activated level 1 (forced matrix) and by adding two direct referrals, You can activate the team matrix, and then you will be receiving commissions.

Step:5 - Repeat It Every 2 Months

You get activated at a particular level for 90 days. If you want to extend the period of any level, you need to extend the level.


source: Etrix.io

Step:6 - Level Upgradation

To earn a huge profit, you need to upgrade to the subsequent levels. You have to make sure that upgrading to the next level before your downline gets upgraded to that particular level or else you will miss out on the commission.

Step:7 - Security

The entire data is entered in Smart Contract and hence no one cannot access or delete your account. The entire details remain safe in the Smart Contract loaded in the Ethereum Blockchain.

You can invite the referrals directly into the Smart Contract and You don't need any referrals links from the website.

The Etrix System exists as long as the Ethereum Blockchain exists, even if the site gets shut down its services, the Smart Contract continues to work.

How to Start a Smart Contract MLM like Etrix.io?

To Start a Smart Contract MLM like Etrix, one should need expert consultations and necessary development support.

The most cost-effective way to start a Smart Contract based MLM like Etrix is Etrix MLM Clone Script.

Etrix MLM Clone Script

Etrix MLM Clone Script is a Smart Contract based MLM script built on Ethereum Blockchain works like Etrix Smart Contract and looks similar to the Etrix MLM platform which is customizable based on user requirements.

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Features of Etrix MLM Clone Script

  • Decentralized Smart Contract based MLM ecosystem.
  • Smart Contracts built on powerful Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Completely a white label solution.
  • The Matrix system is highly customizable.
  • Cross-Platform compatibility.
  • You can integrate Crypto wallets.
  • Handle up to 10 million users at a time.
  • Un-hackable MLM Platform.
  • Multiple Payment System options.
  • Attractive UI/UX design.

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper for Etrix.io Clone Development?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper - Leading Smart Contract Based MLM Development Company offers a white-label Etrix.io MLM Clone Script to start Smart Contract based MLM like Etrix.io in a week! We also build MLM Platforms with Smart Contract solutions from scratch.

You can either purchase MLM Clone Scripts or build Smart Contract based MLM platforms from scratch.

FAQ - Etrix Clone Software


1. What is Etrix?
Etrix - Etrix is famously called for its first Smart Contract with binary open MLM structure with two matrices. It runs on Ethereum Blockchain with the secured Smart Contract-based MLM website script like the Etrix Clone Script.

2. How To Start Smart Contract MLM Like Etrix?
If you want a start a Smart Contract MLM like Etrix, you need an expert advise & proper MLM development support. Next, you can buy an Etrix clone script, and we also provide customizations based on your Cryptocurrency MLM ideas. At Blockchainappsdeveloper, you can purchase an Etrix clone script & Etrix Clone Software with upgraded features in it.

3. Where can I get an Etrix Clone Software?
At Blockchainappsdeveloper, you can get a ready-made white label Etrix Clone Script with existing and most advanced features. Get a free demo before purchasing it.

4. How soon can I launch my white label MLM platform like Etrix?
Launch Your Smart Contract-Based MLM Business Website like Etrix In Just 48 Hrs!!

5. Who Manages the Smart Contract MLM Platform like Etrix?
Self-executing trades are carried out in the Etrix platform, which means no one can interfere in the transaction.

6. Why should I choose a white label solution to launch a smart contract-based MLM platform like Etrix?
In White label, Etrix MLM Clone Script customizations can be done as per the client needs of their business model & since it is a ready-made Etrix Clone Business solutions, it can be quickly launched into the world. 

7. Why should I choose BlockchainAppsDeveloper for smart contract-based MLM software like Etrix Clone development?
We, BlockchainAppsDeveloper have years of experience in developing secured smart contracts to customers across the globe. Developers of the smart contracts & blockchain technology offers advanced ready-made solutions by classifying your business requirements for your Mlm platform like Etrix.


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