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Move To Earn Game Development Company


Move To Earn Game Development Company

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is a supreme move to earn (M2E) game development company that helps you to build own M2E Gaming Platform with top-notch features and functionalities.

Move To Earn NFT Game Development

Supreme Move To Earn(M2E) Game Development Company provides top-notch M2E Gaming Platform Services, Features and Functionalities. Develop your own Move-To-Earn NFT platform where players may profit both physically and financially in a decentralized environment.

BlockchainAppsDevelopers, a leading NFT game development company. With our experts, you will get quick assistance to develop your ideas for your business.

Get your investment returned three times if the entrepreneur uses the M2E concept to produce any physical app.

Move To Earn Game Development Features

  • GPS Support - The application has to maintain active GPS tracking for real time tracking of movements and activities.

  • Goal Setting- A user should be able to set goals for their regular movements or fitness activity levels using the M2E platfrom or app. they will be inspired to increase their total activity levels by this major feature.

  • Smart Watch Integration - To take note of active goals , you can connect a fitness app into your smartwatch.

  • Marketplace integration - You can buy or trade some fascinating digital items such as shoes, and sneakers on the move to earn app or website.

  • Social Media Integration - Users of M2E have the option to post updates about their daily goals or accomplishments on social media.

  • Dashboard - Every user should have access to a dashboard that tracks both recorded data and everyday life development in terms of goals and accomplishments.

  • Security - The most crucial component of blockchain and NFT is security which provides full proof safety and security for your move to get gaming solutions.

What is Move-To-Earn NFT?  

The term Move -To-Earn is referred to as M2E.This is entirely built on the game platform that pays users with NFts or cryptocurrencies for engaging in certain actions like walking, jogging, dancing, and other motions. Similar to play to earn, M2M gaming apps allow users to generate passive revenue by engaging in physical activities like running and fitness workouts.

Users of M2E games must engage in outside physical activity to obtain cryptocurrency incentives. M2E came up with the motto to inspire consumers to live better lives by combining finance and fitness apps.

Top Trending M2E Games  

The top M2E games are ,


STEPN is a web3 lifestyle application with a number of GameFi components based on the Solana blockchain. The main idea behind this platform is to build a "move-to-earn" platfrom by combining a play to earn game mechanism with a fitness application. Here, gamers can purchase sneakers in the form of NFT which they can use to purchase incentives for activities like dancing, jogging, and walking. They will receive in-game currency compensation for each physical action the user of this platform poses.  


The Move-To Earn game Genopets is comparable to "Pokemon Go".Here, gamers can create their own virtual NFT gaming characters and play with them. Every player will receive NFTs in exchange which can be exchanged or staked , as a reward. In a recent round of seed funding, this M2E platform received around $8M.


A blockchain powered peer to-peer competition platform called Dotmoovs allows individuals to commercialize their sporting prowess with the help of a straightforward smartphone video. This platform is changing the way that people see sports performance by utilizing an AI-driven algorithm, their own cryptocurrency , amazing collectibles in the form of NFTs , and more.

Other M2E games that are gaining popularity include step, OliveX, Dustland , Wirtual, Calo, Runs and many others.

Why BlockchainAppsDevelopers For Move to Earn Game Development?

Supreme Move To Earn Game Development Company provides top-notch M2E Gaming Platform services, features and functionalities.

BlockchainAppsDevelopers is a leading NFT Game Development Company to launch Move to earn gaming platform. Our team of dedicated developers has began work on several successful Move-To-Earn NFt projects since they have a quick glance for emerging blockchain concepts and are aware of the demand for M2E NFTs.

To know more about business solutions to launch your own "Move-To-Earn" game. Get in touch with our experts.


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