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Crypto Banking Software Solutions To Start your Own Crypto Bank


Crypto Banking Software Solutions To Start your Own Crypto Bank

BlockchainAppsdeveloper, We provide 100% complete crypto banking software solution to support financial and non-financial organizations to start digital asset bank.

Crypto Banking Solutions

BlockchainAppsDeveloper, We provide 100% complete crypto banking solutions to support financial and non-financial organizations to start digital asset bank. We focus on secure cryptocurrency management and digital payment service via double encryption security method and also two-way QR technology implementation.

Crypto Bank Software is a Cryptocurrency Banking & Investment Platform Software that allow customers to easily and securely buy, sell, and contain digital assets. It includes Bank Account, Debit and credit Card, User-controlled Wallet, Remittance, Payments, Merchant Payment Gateway and Cryptocurrency Trading Desk.

Crypto Banking Software

BlockchainAppsDeveloper offers a white-label crypto banking software that simplifies implementation and allows you to swiftly enter the digital asset market. All of the basic financial services are included in our white label FinTech platform, including bank accounts, payments, credit/debit cards, trading, loans, and user onboarding.

Features of our Crypto Banking Software

Friendly Banking Platform

Banking elements that are fully connected to ensure smooth banking operations
Our crypto-friendly mobile banking solution has all of the features that your consumers expect from a bank. It's built to meet all of your consumers' needs, including:

Intuitive front-end

Use our ready-to-use white-label mobile app or integrate our banking components into your current infrastructure.

Secure API

To ensure seamless interaction with a third party, use our API management system.

Banking modules

Complete banking modules such as customer onboarding, customer account, trading, lending, and payments to ensure a smooth banking experience for your consumers.

Advantages of our Crypto Banking Software

Anyone who wants to use their digital assets to conduct payments and transactions should hunt for the finest bank account for cryptocurrency. Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies do not require a banking system to function, which is one of the technology's key advantages, converting them to fiat currency is a must until widespread adoption by countries is adopted.

Despite these challenges, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity as a major investment asset, and banks are increasingly understanding that their customers want and need a simpler way to participate in the market.

Our Fintech Banking Solution

Everything you need for digital asset bank development. As specialists in digital asset technology, BlockchainAppsDeveloper  provides crypto-friendly core banking solutions packed with the following options:

Bank Account

To enable payments for your consumers in the European region and abroad, open SEPA IBAN and SWIFT IBAN accounts in your name.

Debit Card

Give your consumers debit cards that can be filled with fiat and cryptocurrencies and used at merchants all across the world, both online and in-store.

Credit Card

Allow your consumers to spend crypto and fiat currencies in real life everywhere Mastercard is accepted by issuing contactless cards similar to Mastercard.

User-controlled Wallet

Give your customers a secure cryptocurrency wallet where they may store and send multiple coins. Your customers have full control over their funds and are the sole owners of their private keys.

Merchant Payment Gateway

Create a trade finance platform that enables your users to send and receive business payments from anywhere in the world in real-time.

Cryptocurrency Trading Desk

Get a trading platform so your clients may purchase and sell bitcoins using their bank accounts.


Get a decentralized remittance platform that allows you to conduct cross-border transfers quickly, securely, and efficiently.

Take advantage of a payment network that allows you to make POS (Point of Sale) payments in both crypto and fiat currencies, giving you unrestricted access to borderless transactions.

Our Methodology: What Makes a Bank Crypto-Friendly?

Traditional financial institutions, such as banks, have been cautious about dealing with cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market has a much smaller market size than traditional financial markets, and any substantial investment or sale of cryptocurrencies has resulted in significant price fluctuations, resulting in volatility.

The cryptocurrency market topped $1 trillion for the first time last year, reaching a new high of $3 trillion. Even with such a large market capitalization, the crypto market is accessible to everyone and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is still prone to speculation and the challenges that come with the early adoption of new technologies.

If you're wondering which banks support bitcoin these days, the number of fintech businesses and long-established financial institutions that have implemented or plan to implement cryptocurrencies will astound you.

What are Crypto-Friendly banks?

Banks that are crypto-friendly are forward-thinking financial institutions that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Customers can use these institutions to get lower transaction fees when switching between crypto and traditional currencies. This type of crypto-friendly bank combines cryptocurrency and traditional banking activities.

Differences Between Traditional and Crypto-Friendly Banks

It's reasonable to consider a bank crypto-friendly if it has integrated systems for cryptocurrency and provides services and online banking alternatives. The bitcoin investment procedure, which is not intuitive for novice investors, can be simplified by such banks.

Most potential investors are unaware that creating cryptocurrency wallets is a simple process, and they feel more secure knowing that their funds are in the hands of a respected organization. Furthermore, the majority of banks accept authentic and well-known coins and tokens. As a result, if you're unsure which cryptocurrency to invest in out of the many available, these significant projects may be a better long-term option.

How Does Anyone Open the Best Cryptocurrency Bank Account?

The process of opening a cryptocurrency bank account is similar to that of opening a regular bank account. You must provide your documentation and valid ID proofs to any of the above-mentioned crypto-friendly banks in order to open an account. You can utilize or connect your crypto account with the bank's online portal to handle your digital assets once the account is set up.

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper for Crypto Banking Software Development?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is a Leading Blockchain development company that exclusively works in Blockchain technologies , NFT, DeFi and the crypto space. We provide complete services and solutions in creating crypto-friendly banks with customized features to clients' satisfaction. Make use of our financial experts' and blockchain developers' knowledge and expertise to offer your customers a complete digital asset banking solution. Inquire us to get more free consultations!

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