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Blockchain Wallet Development Company

Blockchain technology is a predominant innovation that stores multiple transactions of cryptocurrency as a public ledger in a decentralized ecosystem. It is a prime technology used to build blockchain based crypto wallets for the cryptocurrency holders to save, send, receive or exchange crypto currency with other traders securely within the blockchain platform. Through blockchain wallet, the user can store their private keys in a secure environment and also have a record of all the transactions that took place within the blockchain network. The major features of developing blockchain wallet is that the digital assets are secure as the ownership is validated and also the users can easily know the value of their cryptocurrency. Due to high transparency and security, the demand for blockchain cryptocurrency wallets were raising.

Blockchainappsdeveloper, being the most reputed blockchain development company, we have excelled in blockchain wallet development for business of any size, based on their requirements. With world class resource and technology, we have become expertise blockchain wallet development company and rendered outstanding crypto wallet development services for various clients globally.

Why Blockchain Wallet Development ?

Why Blockchain Wallet Development ?

Initially, blockchain was used to record cryptocurrency transactions in a transparent and secure system. But now, blockchain offers plenty of solutions for different industries beyond crypto coins. Cryptocurrency transactions has raised to a great extent and the number of cryptocurrency holders have raised in this contemporary world. To have the cryptocurrency safe and secure, blockchain based crypto wallet were developed. We develop secure crypto wallet on blockchain technology with most advanced features and functionalities. The following are the reasons for developing blockchain based crypto wallets.

  • Secure crypto payments with unique public and private key
  • Simplified cryptocurrency exchange for users
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Decentralized and not controlled by any government
  • Faster transaction with nil or cheaper transaction fees
  • Inflation process does not influence as the value remains the same
  • User can know the value of their cryptocurrency
  • Multi cryptocurrency transaction
  • Seamless trade and exchange of cryptocurrency
  • Have a track on the balance

Features of Our Blockchain Wallet

We develop highly secure and easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallet on mobile or desktop, based on our clients demand. We are specialized in developing feature filled blockchain wallets for various clients. Here are some of the unique features of our blockchain based crypto wallets.

Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication

Though blockchain is already secure, we also set up two factor authentication to give a feel of greater level of security for the wallet users. This feature is optional for the users to use.

Auto Generate Public Key for New Transaction

Auto Generate Public Key for New Transaction

To secure your cryptocurrency from fraudulent activities, a new public key is generated automatically for every new transactions. This feature will not let the hackers know about the ownership identity.

Cross platform Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cross platform Cryptocurrency Wallet

Our blockchain wallet will be supported on various platforms as people in the modern world use different devices. Our wallet is compatible to all major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and also support all desktop platforms.

Quick to Implement

Quick to Implement

Despite the size of your business and requirements, we are skilled at developing and deploying even the most complex blockchain wallet project within the stipulated period of time.

Auto Session Logout

Auto Session Logout

Another interesting feature of our crypto wallet is that the session logout automatically after a certain time. This is a part of security measure, to avoid hacking and fraud activities.

Multi Currency Transaction

Multi Currency Transaction

With our blockchain wallet, users can store any cryptocurrency that is in circulation today. Users can trade any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin and even if any new coin is introduced, it is easy to update the wallet.

Types of Blockchain Wallet

There are various types of blockchain wallet with different usability and features. Know insight about the different wallets and get the best crypto wallet that fulfills your business requirement.

1. Hardware Wallet

It is a hardware device like USB specially built to manage public and private addresses. It comes with OLED screen and side buttons to navigate, comes with native desktop apps.

2. Desktop Wallet

It is the type of wallet comes as software application, available for all the major operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux. It requires computer or laptop and internet.

3. Mobile Wallets

This is the most commonly used type of wallet as it is mobile based application and easy to use. Users can track their cryptocurrencies smoothly and with less complexity.

4. Web Wallets

Web wallets are wallets that are always connected to internet and can be accessed on any devices like mobile or desktop, via any internet browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Types of Blockchain Wallet
Why Blockchainappsdeveloper for Blockchain Wallet Development ?

Why Blockchainappsdeveloper for Blockchain Wallet Development ?

  • Reputed Blockchain Development Company
  • End-to-End Blockchain Wallet Development Services
  • Reliable Solutions
  • Direct interaction with developers
  • Secure Wallet Development Process
  • Cost-effective development solution
  • Assured Quality
  • Transparent working process

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