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XOXO Network Clone Script To Start an Ethereum Smart Contract MLM like XOXO.run


XOXO Network Clone Script To Start an Ethereum Smart Contract MLM like XOXO.run

XOXO Network Clone Script to start Smart Contract based MLM like XOXO.run. With an XOXO Network MLM Clone Script, Start an Ethereum Smart Contract MLM like XOXO network in a week.

Building Smart Contract MLM Business Like XOXO Network

Struggling with the overwhelming details of your smart contract MLM business? Looking to start an Ethereum smart contract MLM business like XOXO.run? Well, We'll show you how to start a smart contract MLM like XOXO Network step by step.

XOXO Network Clone Script

BlockchainAppsDeveloper - XOXO Network Clone Script to build a Smart Contract based MLM like XOXO.run. XOXO Network Clone Script is an Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM website script runs on Ethereum Blockchain and it is a completely decentralized smart contract MLM ecosystem like XOXO Network.

XOXO Smart Contract

XOXO network is a P2P, Ethereum based smart contract network.XOXO Network is a multilevel marketing company based on the Ethereum blockchain. The multilevel marketing company claims to use smart contracts to automate all functionalities. Instead of a normal traditional organizational administration, XOXO Network claims to execute and run automatically using smart contracts.

XOXO Network Company Statement “ XOXO Network is the ultimate decentralized P2P (peer to peer) global powerline networking system, built on an Ethereum based blockchain technology. The XOXO network business system is very easy, secure, and lucrative.”

CryptoNews announced that XOXO Network first started to appearing online in April 2020. The XOXO.run company is scheduled to launch on May 20, 2020.

XOXO network system is developed on a single line structure worldwide, Each and every participant will be placed under some regulation with the previous joined user. this process managing and maintaining according to a timestamp at the time of participants' entries.

Actually, the XOXO network is not a company. It is a decentralized exchange platform, run for XOXO network members and by XOXO network members, perhaps without many of us even realizing this situation. Here no administrators for this business model, The Main advantage is there are no human beings involved in the process of running this XOXO network business and therefore no chance of any humans or 3rd parties stealing or managing participants' earnings.

Each and every participant pays their particular entry fees to the cryptocurrency participants who joined just before joined users. XOXO network transaction is mainly performed from one participant wallet to another participant wallet, otherwise, this transaction called (peer to peer) P2P. In the XOXO network, all benefits and profits are shared between XOXO network members only. In this scenario, there is no boss or human to monitor and take an "amount" of your valuable earnings.

XOXO network business platform is entirely run through the Smart contract business model, with no human or 3rd parties interaction. So, users no need to worry about anything. Protect your earnings, this is the ultimate goal of the XOXO network business model.

Why XOXO Network Global Powerline Autopool?

  • Unstoppable Protocol system
  • Ethereum Smart Contract Model
  • 0.1 Eth Startup
  • Peer to Peer Multi Payment System
  • Impossible to Hack and Scam
  • No-Risk for High Returns
  • 07 Global AutoPools
  • Earn limitless Ethereum & Money 
  • Limitless Referral Bonus
  • Simple, lucrative and 100% secured platform
  • Chance of every user wins

XOXO Network claims to be an easy, secure, and lucrative moneymaking business system for each and every user involved. XOXO Network business also claims to provide high Profits with no risk. Mainly this network permitting all kinds of users involved and performed to earn limitless Ethereum.

Now you can ask " How does this XOXO network to provide risk-free returns to all business people's or investors? " and also you may think another question like "How do XOXO Network business members make a profit?"

Fine. As an Entrepreneur or business investor, you should concentrate on these kinds of business earnings or profits.

How XOXO Network Smart Contract Works?

XOXO Network is a decentralized peer to peer (P2P) world's based powerline auto pool system which performing on Ethereum (the second popular Cryptocurrency) smart contract which claims the network. That particular mentioned network is a crypto exchange & trading MLM which has overall controlled by the ethereum smart contract. XOXO Network business is based on many powerline autopools. If you pay a 0.1 ETH starting membership fee, then you can automatically join Autopool 1 level. Your membership fees are passed up continuously in the pyramid according to the smart contract business model, which has encoded some kind of rules and regulations about "how membership fees are distributed" parameters'. Now, you are one of the members and your membership fees rise as increase as 4 levels above you.

In XOXO Network, Since you are a member of Autopool 1 level, you can refer more people to join this business network. In this stage, you convince people to pay the 0.1 ETH membership fee, and immediately You will get 50 percent referral-based commission. This referral process is one type of make money and the rest of the membership fee gets passed 4 levels up the pyramid business model.

All activities regarding membership are tracked and monitored through the XOXO network business timestamp within the smart contract system. Newbies are placed under the before joined user according to this XOXO network business timestamp system. The XOXO network timestamp is automatically recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and we can easy to see and know which member joined at exact what time.

okay, here you want to know about timestamp, Right?

What is the timestamp on XOXO Network?

The timestamp is a blockchain measure system, which is automatically monitored and record by Ethereum blockchain to keep track of the completed time of each and every kind of transaction.

If you refer More and more people, Surely you can earn referral membership commissions in this network. For instance, Just look and get details about referral commissions for below down 4 levels:

50 Percentage commission from all auto pool level 1 referral
25 Percentage commission from all auto pool level 2 referral
15 Percentage commission from all auto pool
 level 3 referral
10 Percentage commission from all auto pool
 level 4 referral
After joining Auto pool level 1, you can give a higher membership fee to join Autopools level 2 through 7. 

Here some examples for XOXO Network Business joining fees break down:

Autopool 1 level: 0.1 ETH
Autopool 2 level: 0.1 ETH
Autopool 3 level: 0.15 ETH
Autopool 4 level: 0.2 ETH
Autopool 5 level: 0.25 ETH
Autopool 6 level: 0.35 ETH
Autopool 7 level: 0.5 ETH

Auto pool 2 levels through auto pool level 7 have a re-entry smart contract protocol on Ethereum blockchain.

XOXO Network Company Success Formula is, Once a business member earns commission from one autopool, then they can earn part of their earnings and pay back into the same autopool over and over again. So, users can get income continuously of that particular autopool moving consistently. All users can win this business model without any risk.

The XOXO Company has no particular product or service. It run just a pyramid business scheme based on the membership fee structure. The only real XOXO network product is the smart contract. The smart contract is entirely encoded with all organization's rules, regulations, and distribution particularly mentioned protocols. As a user, if You pay your membership fees into that smart contract business structure and the smart contract provides money to higher levels of the pyramid structure immediately.

Features of XOXO Network Business

  • The ultimate decentralized smart contract networking system
  • First & Powerline network built on a smart contract
  • unshakable and unstoppable Protocols
  • Only 1 referral for earnings & participation
  • Earn unlimited earnings of Ethereum 
  • Earn unlimited 50% referral commissions forever
  • Help everyone to win
  • Earn up to 50% matching bonus.
  • Payment is made instantly to individuals Ethereum wallets peer to peer.
  • No centralized system or accounts to regulate funds. 
  • Fully a decentralized system.
  • Impossible to scam, hack, or change something written on a blockchain network. 
  • Safe and secured, zero risks!
  • Business involves wealth and happiness, teamwork, and also fun. 
  • Increase Financial Status Business Model


How to Join in XOXO Network Business?

There are a few steps to join in XOXO network. First, you have to download Meta Mask (Trust Wallet) And add Eth to Meta Mask. Then click the referral link sent by your referer side. After that select Dapps option then you have to paste that link in google and click done option and final step click register option.

I hope, Now you got a clear idea about the XOXO business process. If you want to start smart contract MLM like XOXO.run, we can guide you to define separate protocols and business strategies & profitable business plans. we have ready-made XOXO Network Clone Script with existing and advanced features for startups & investors.

How to start a Powerline Smart Contract MLM  Like XOXO.run?

XOXO Smart Contract MLM Clone Script to start Smart Contract based MLM like XOXO.run. With an XOXO Smart Contract MLM Clone Script with exclusive features, You can start and build Smart Contract MLM like XOXO.run in a week!

XOXO Smart Contract MLM Clone Script

BlockchainAppsDeveloper XOXO Smart Contract MLM Clone Script is a Smart Contract based MLM website script which comes with existing features of the XOXO network with the latest features. We offer a completely verified and tested XOXO Network MLM Clone Script with customizable features to our valuable clients and customers. here, the Smart Contracts are developed on Ethereum Blockchain, completely reliable, secure, and decentralized.

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper for XOXO.run Clone Development?

BlockchainAppsDevleoper is a top-rated Blockchain Development Company that offers Ethereum Smart Contract Development, Enterprise Blockchain Solutions, DApps Development, Token Development, ICO, IEO, POC Developments, Cryptocurrency exchange and trading business solutions and more.

We are the Most-trusted Smart Contract MLM Development Company with Certified Smart Contract developers providing 24/7 Full support for effective customer relationship management. You can get a 100% unhackable an Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM platform with all your wish and business requirements. 

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Cone Script

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Live Demo available for all Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts.

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FAQ - XOXO Clone Software


1. What is XOXO?
XOXO - XOXO is a decentralized P2P Smart Contract ecosystem that runs on the top of Ethereum Blockchain. Smart Contracts in the XOXO network executes automatically when the predefined conditions are met. 

2. How To Start Smart Contract MLM Like XOXO?
The right time to build your Smart Contract MLM like XOXO. Just consult the experienced Smart Contract development company & purchase an XOXO clone script, as it can be instantly deployed to your Smart Contract MLM website. At BlockchainAppsDeveloper, excellent classy customizations are done based on our customer needs so we offer purchasing facility of XOXO clone script & XOXO Clone Software for them. 

3. Where can I get an XOXO Clone Software?
Our experts give you a ready-made XOXO Clone Script with most advanced Smart Contract development features in it. Request for a live demo & get started.

4. How soon can I launch my white label MLM platform like XOXO?
In 48 hrs you can build your Smart Contract MLM Website like XOXO.

5. Who Manages the Smart Contract MLM Platform like XOXO?
No human involvement is needed as self-execution trades are constantly carried out in the XOXO platform.

6. Why should I choose a white label solution to launch a Smart Contract based MLM platform like XOXO?
XOXO MLM Clone Script offers 100% White label solutions that bring customizations to the Smart Contract-based MLM website. Customizations give a huge opportunity in innovating new creative ideas into your Smart Contract MLM platform for enhancing the user experience.

7. Why should I choose BlockchainAppsDeveloper for smart contract-based MLM software like XOXO Clone development?
Our team focuses on providing Smart Contract development which improves the performance of your Smart Contract MLM Website like XOXO. We deliver the projects on time with the expected quality.


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