STEPN Clone Script

STEPN Clone Script

STEPN clone script is a ready-to-use Web3 lifestyle running app script that helps in developing a web3 lifestyle website instantly. We, BlockchainAppsDeveloper provides readymade STEPN clone software solution will be the best choice to get high ROI based success in the healthier lifestyle business market.

BlockchainAppsDeveloper, a supreme Move To Earn Game Development Company, provides lifestyle app development solutions related to the project of M2E. We build M2E apps and platforms with all the latest technology that rewards cryptocurrencies for every movement

STEPN Clone App Development

STEPN Clone App to develop your own move-to-earn(M2E) application like STEPN app. BlockchainAppsDeveloper provides White label Stepn clone script software built with web3 lifestyle, social-fi and game-fi elements.

STEPN Clone App is a M2E game and Web3 fitness lifestyle app platform clone script inbuilt with social-fi and game-fi elements. STEPN Clone App To Build and Develop NFT M2E Fitness Game Application like STEPN. In the STEPN Clone App script, the game players are armed with NFT sneakers to walk or run outdoors.

STEPN Clone App Development

Unique Features Of STEPN Clone App

Burn Mechanism

Reduce the circulation of both the GMT and GST tokens via different in-app activities.

Dual Token Model

Green Metaverse Token (GMT), Green Satoshi Token (GST) and Decentralized Wallet swap function with liquidity.


The decentralaized marketplace is an area where customers can rent, lease, sell/buy their badges, gems and NFT sneaker.

GameFi Elements

Game Modes, Sneakers, Gems and Sockets, Shoe Minting and Badge.

Game-Fi Element Features Of Our STEPN Clone App

Game Modes



Gems And Sockets


STEPN is a ready-to-deploy web3 lifestyle app that works similarly to STEPN. Our STEPN clone script is a customizable solution that integrates fitness features backing blockchain technology and exactly replicates the features and functionalities of STEPN. Our STEPN clone script allows you to launch your own lifestyle app like STEPN that can be customized according to your business needs.

General Features Of STEPN Clone Script

Feature Elements

Feature Systems

Feature Elements

Feature Systems

Marketplace Feature

Wallet Feature

Burn Mechanism

Two Token
Model Feature

Game-Fi System Features Of STEPN Clone Script


Achievement System Feature


Anti-Cheating System Feature


Attribute Points Redistribution System Feature


Earning Cap/Mechanics Feature


Energy System Feature


Enhancement System Feature


Fusion System Feature


HP System Feature


Mystery Box System Feature


Quest System Feature


Success Rate Increment System Feature


Tax And Fee System Feature

Top Move To Earn (M2E) Game Applications


Step App (FITFI And KCAL)


Sweatcoin (SWEAT)

Lympo (LYM And LMT)

Genopets (GENE)

Revenue Generating Business Models Of STEPN Clone Script

The STEPN clone script rewards the game players with specialized tokens and also the STEPN uses 2 kind of tokens as a
significant rewards like GST and GMT. These two kind of tokens are used for various activities in the STEPN clone application
platform such as GST (game utility token) and GMT (governance token).

Green Sathoshi Token

GST is acquired by game users on different methods by operating in the signifincant activities such as walking and running or jogging and another method can be acquired by the game user by executing in token generation event method that can be used to level up your sneakers and can be repair your sneakers and can be used to upgrade gem digital items and they are used to mint the new NFT sneakers.

Green Metaverse Token

GMT is acquired by game users performing in the premium game content and mainly profits are distributed via GMT (Green Metaverse Token) tokens. GMT is a governance token which can be benefited to modify the sneaker's name and upgraded to the maximum game level.

Why Is Move-To-Earn The Next Evolution Of Fitness?

High Demand for the fitness companies and move-to-earn(M2E) is fastly becoming a more trending movement that automatically supports people to exercise. Even with high investment, new kind of equipment, bigger gyms, the rate of people who reduce exercise is very low.

Some kind of motivate movements and paying some people to workout, this new digital era of fitness provides people an instant solution and a clear encouragement to get genuine healthy.

Move To Survive

Move To Fight

Move To Thrive

Move To Flex

How to create a Move to Earn App like STEPN?

The aces of BlockchainAppsDeveloper provide you with the Move to Earn app like Stepn from scratch on any of the prominent blockchain networks or from the development of white label solutions.

How does Stepn clone work?

STEPN clone works similarly to STEPN, but the changes can be done according to the client's business requirements. STEPN clone app can be altered according to the client's business requirements. Here is the STEPN Clone app's workflow,

  • Users should signup to the platform with their mail-id
  • Next, the user's wallets are connected to the app.
  • Then users can buy their sneakers in the STEPN marketplace with the Solana tokens
  • Users should deposit solona's native SOL token and should wait for 24 hours before purchasing NFT sneakers.
  • With the availed tokens, users can perform app activities like minting, customizing, etc.

How the STEPN Clone App Generates Revenue?

The STEPN Clone Script provides revenue-generating modules for the users with specialized tokens, one is GST and another one is GMT. These tokens are utilized for various activities in the STEPN clone platform. The app administrator can generate revenue from in-app activities like NFT trading, shoe rental, shoe minting, and other activities. After earning STEPN shoes and when users start running, the earning meter starts filling up.

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper For STEPN Clone App Development?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper, the supreme in STEPN clone app development with a high and well-experienced team of blockchain powered NFT experts provides web3 lifestyle app solutions to the development of the stepn clone app platform.

The certified blockchain and NFT experts of BlockchainAppsDeveloper will provide you with the best Decentralzied Application-like STEPN and other play-to-earn(P2E) applications to the game users. Inspire millions to a M2E game and Web3 fitness lifestyle app with the STEPN Clone App from BlockchainAppsDeveloper.

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