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How to Tokenize Your Company’s Assets Using Equity Token Offering (ETO)? A Complete Guide


How to Tokenize Your Company’s Assets Using Equity Token Offering (ETO)? A Complete Guide

Equity Token Offering (ETO) and Asset tokenization is the type of converting assets such as ownership, bonds, or investment capital into a digital token.

Equity Token Offering(ETO) Development Company 

We BlockchainAppsDeveloper - Leading Equity Token Offering(ETO) Development Company provides ETO development services to entrepreneurs or startups who wish to launch Equity token offering to raise funds for their crypto projects. We offer equity token development services with updated features and functionalities. We help you to launch your own ETO & fulfill your business needs according to your business requirements. 

Features of Equity Token Offering(ETO) Development:

Here are some of the features of equity token offerings, 

Programmable Equity: The digitized equity tokens permit you to take control of the non-cash assets into an equity issuance through a programmable code. 

Regulatory Compliance: We develop SEC-complaint tokens and helps you to assist with regards to security laws in your jurisdiction. 

Liquidity:The dilutable equity tokens increase the liquidity for the investing people. 

Secure wallet: The wallet is made up of a multi-signature wallet on a blockchain which makes the capacity of assets safe and secure & also trade and render the funds safe/secure.

International capital investment: The equity tokens provide trust and loyalty to the investors coming to the crypto space which gives the larger pool of capital investment. 

Personal blockchain: The equity tokens are developed on your own blockchain, so you can control it by your own wish. Don't think of the gas prices and changes in the regulations. 

No Intermediaries: There are no intermediaries between the company and the investors. So, no more commissions for the middleman. 

Greater Market Efficiency: Give assurance to investors with its recognizable structure and its affiliated technological advancement to expand the trust. 

Backend Dashboard: The complete backend panel permits you to manage and maintain the institutional and retail investors like buybacks, dividends and announcements. 

The Benefits of Asset Tokenization 

Greater Liquidity: Seller - Liquidity of the digital token adds siginificant value to the certain asset. Investor - More business opportunities for liquidity.

Transparency: Ownership details, transaction details can be embedded in the digital token hence offering transparent information about the crypto token.

Affordability: All transactions making the process more affordable without intermediaries, 

Accessibility: Automated business process since using smart contracts and requires fewer intermediaries. 

How To Tokenize the Company’s Assets?

We know the benefits of tokenization let’s move on to the process of digital tokenizing your assets

Asset Tokenization Process

Selecting Assets: To assess your assets and find out assets fit for digital tokenization. Figure out the selected assets that have a reasonable crypto market value. 

Creating Assets Value: Next step, create a clear plan of digital tokenization execution. It should starton business outline and deliver the value of the digital tokens and mentioned company through the digital tokenizing platform.

Estimation Process – Estimate the number of digital tokens, blockchain networks, the base of investors, assets value etc to develop a blueprint for smooth profitable transactions. 

Technical aspect: The next step is to create a significant blockchain platform that would facilitate tokenization and the trade of digital tokens. 

Legal requirements: Depending on the digital token the legal rules and regulations of attaching a digital token to a real-world asset must be met certain conditions. 

White paper Creation: White paper creation services that can outline and provide potential investors with knowledge of the mentioned assets, the major reason for its whitepaper creation, and the platform. 

Launching a test run with the feedback on hand, accured mistakes can be rectified when rolling out the final product or service.

Finally, you have a clear idea about How to Tokenize Your Company’s Assets Using Equity Token Offering (ETO) and the exchange platform the company is ready to present an Equity Token Offering (ETO) to its potential business investors. 

ETO and tokenizing assets seem to be promising a revolutionary financial-oriented future. Since Equity Token Offering (ETO) promises a highly accessible, transparent, secure, and affordable method of getting more funds companies advantage from shifting to this business model of fundraising. 

Okay, let's see "what is ETO Development?".

What is Asset Tokenization?

Asset tokenization is the type of converting assets such as ownership, bonds, or investment capital into a digital token. This digital token is developed and maintained on a blockchain network. These digital tokens are regarded as a virtual image of a certain tradable commodity.

Above said digital tokens are often maintained and monitored, supplying outlook buyers with high investment security and developing it quicker and easier to raise more funds. In addition to that, the company's shares, assets, and equities of the organization can be converted into digital tokens maintained and monitoring in smart contracts and blockchain networks to raise more funds.

What is Equity Token Offering(ETO)? 

Equity Token Offering (ETO) is a type of fundraising strategy in which you can raise funds through tokenizing the company's assets.  For investors who are looking for safe and technologically advanced solutions to start and expand a business, Then the Equity Token Offering is the absolute choice. Government agencies, Startups, Corporates can use this method to raise funds without interfering with traditional fundraising methods. 

ETO facilitates companies to raise funds by selling shares as digital tokens to investors. This is a new method of raising funds for any organization that issues Equity tokens on blockchain projects. The issuance of the tokens can be done on both public and private placements. Moreover, ETOs are like the shares that are issued by any company or organization. 

How to Launch an Equity Token Offering(ETO)?

Here are the Development process of Equity Token Offering, 

1. Registration to an exchange platform: The first step is to register the Blockchain Company to an exchange platform where the company does not have its platform. The company's registration documents or other documents are required for verification & identification. 

2. Commercial terms: Creating a commercial term comprises particularizing the terms of the offer to potential investors. It requires the company has to state its value and have to specify the cumulative investment amount available. 

Once the commercial terms are fully stated,  the contract is is signed between the company and the token holders. 

3. Pre Equity Token Offering: Pre equity token offering is the process the offering a token to a set of investors, but the token is to provide for the high worthable investors while before offering to the public. 

4. Public Placement
This stage occurs only when the maximum funding amount arrives. Then, the remaining funds are to be issued to the public and all the purchased tokens are released to the investors. 

5. Shareholder’s Community 
Any type of share is sold to the public, then the shareholder's community is created & to keep the investors and shareholders have to know about the company’s status and information which includes vote platforms, reporting tools, and payment methods to token holders. 

What is an Equity Token?

An equity token is a type of security token that represents the equity in a basic asset. Like shares, the applicable terms and conditions are set out in the contract. An equity token has the voting rights to its owner, to dividends, or both. The third-party asset or venture takes its value from the company’s success or failure. 

Types of Equity Tokens:

The equity token can be categorized into two types, 

Dilutable Tokens: These types of tokens are recognized a large number of shares. However, only a portion is offered to investors and other shareholders. The remaining stocks are pending & that will be for the later sales. On that sale, it can be diluted for the existing shareholder's pool. 

Non-dilutable Tokens: These kinds of tokens are equivalent to a percentage of the share of the business & prevent the investors from diluting their equal positions. In this token, the portion of share value decreases when the total number of the shares increases, and also the share value improves when new shares are issued due to the stock round. 

What are the advantages of equity tokens? 

Equity Token Offering(ETO) guarantees a transparent, convenient, safe, and affordable system of fundraising, so the companies will benefit from switching to this fundraising system. Following are some of the benefits of equity token offering, 

  • Automated Dividends 

  • Voting rights

  • Profit share rights

  • Cashflow 

  • Proven token 

  • Holdings in another fund

  • Secure Regulations

  • Retain Value

  • Keep control over your business

  • Ensure transparency

  • Immutable record

Future of Equity Token Offering 

Equity token was launched as version 2.0 of ICO. The equity token has packed with great benefits for the upcoming future. 

Equity tokens are popular than utility tokens. Utility Tokens will lose their popularity to Equity Tokens. 

More organizations prefer offering Equity Tokens through ICOs to raise funds. Equity tokens play a major role in raising the funds and the equity token will be sold in a high liquidity environment. 

These tokens will strong in the environment. Some of the regulators are in support of Equity Token Crowdfunding & they consider the equity token to be secure. 

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper for Equity Token Offering Development Services?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is the top-notch Token Development Company that provides ETO development services with the latest features. We help you to launch your own ETO & fulfill your business needs according to your business requirements. 

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Equity Token Offering (ETO) is a method that helps raise money by digitizing the company’s assets. Let’s move to the process of tokenizing company assets.

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