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What is Paxful Clone script?

Paxful platform is a well known dynamic peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform that aids connectivity between the buyers and the sellers. Paxful has more than 300 payment methods were users can buy bitcoins using any fiat currency from a wanted seller. In recent times, Paxful clone scripts has gained more attention among the users because of its reliability and convenience. Paxful exchange platform brings users the ability to buy Bitcoins with almost any conceivable payment method. The user experience is extremely intuitive.

How Paxful works?

  • In this escrow based peer to peer trading platform, the users both the buyers & sellers will have their own registration to login to the site & then to trade. The user fills the necessary details to register on the platform by submitting KYC documents.
  • To get started using Paxful exchange, users can go ahead to the site and simply choose an amount of Bitcoin they wish to purchase and the local currency. The amount in Bitcoin will get displayed. After creating an account users can search for available Bitcoin sellers.
  • Here, users can view all the open orders, a number of sellers will be available and the most suitable vendor can be found by looking at accepted payment methods, minimum and maximum order amounts along with the price. Users can also check a seller’s feedback rating and account history to determine their suitability.
  • When a suitable vendor has been found, users can begin a trade by clicking on the “Buy” button. After that, they have to choose the amount they like to buy and make the purchase. Escrow service will open-up and chat option that allows the users to communicate directly with the seller and discuss about the trade.
  • Once the trade has been concluded and payment has been finalized, user can click “Mark as Paid” and wait for the transfer of Bitcoin to the Paxful wallet.

To accomplish security for the fiat currency & the cryptocurrencies involved & also to give the users a reliability in the trade, The exchange involves the escrow option between the buyer & the seller. The admin’s wallet will be the place where the escrowed cryptos stays till the transaction is complete.

When both the buyer and the seller have verified that the transaction has been confirmed and met with all the terms, the money will be released to the buyers wallet and the deal will be concluded. If at any point, disagreement happens between the two parties, the process will move along to dispute. Paxful moderators will then investigate all the info, considering all the available details and finally make a decision to whom the bitcoins should be awarded.

Dispute resolution

Whenever any improper action is made, the buyer or seller is allowed to raise Dispute against one another. Admin inspects the issue & the dispute is resolved by the admin.

How Paxful works?
Why users prefer Paxful platform?

Why users prefer Paxful platform?

  • Paxful platform allows users to trade in Bitcoin, by connecting buyers and sellers on their platform. They are not an exchange who store crypto-assets but rather simply provide an exchange platform.
  • The interface is user-friendly and welcoming for beginners who trade Cryptocurrencies. Anyone who wants to buy cryptocurrencies using digital payments, can easily make the purchase. Users need not spend time going around the website and learning about its functionality.
  • The most profit making part of Paxful is that it provides more than 300 payment options for the users. From cash payments to digital payments, users can choose any means to pay for their Bitcoins.
  • Orders are processed quickly on Paxful platform. Their payment process is perfect and if the users wants to make a cash deposit to the account, users can do at ease. Later the user can upload the receipt, after which he will receive the Bitcoins in his wallet.
  • Users have the option to activate 2FA (Two factor authentication) on their devices to add an extra layer of security. Also, it can be verified with mobile numbers and email ID (if needed).

How can you launch?

You can start your own standard exchange platform like Paxful with a Paxful exchange clone script with high end secured solution with proper testing. The clone script allows you to launch your platform dynamically and it helps in saving your cost spent, time, deployment, Marketing and Analytics. Blockchainapps Developer is one of the major Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency exchange development company which provides featured ready made exchange platform script. It provides exceptional features for the development of your Paxful clone platform with our ready made script.

How can you launch?
Why should you get our Paxful clone script?

Why should you get our Paxful clone script?

You can start your own exchange site with Paxful clone script with fully secured tested software. We are topmost bitcoin and cryptocurrency software development company to get your exchange development software. We make your reliable website with technologically advanced features. 

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