Kickstart your own Defi Dex Exchange like Pancakeswap on Binance Smart chain using our customizable Pancakeswap clone script

Pancakeswap Clone Script - Launch Defi Exchange Like Pancakeswap

Pancakeswap clone script is a Defi-based Decentralized Exchange built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that enables you to launch a Decentralized exchange similar to Pancakeswap. Our Pancakeswap clone script backs Automated Market Maker (AMM), Farming, Exchange, Staking, IFO, NFT, Lottery Schemes, and liquidity pools on Binance Smart Chain.

PancakeSwap is one of the most well-liked yield farming ventures on the Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap, however, offers a number of products that users can optimize to leverage their inventories in addition to the typical yield farming strategy. A decentralized exchange (DEX) platform called PancakeSwap makes it possible to trade BEP-20 tokens. It uses an automated market maker (AMM) paradigm to implement liquidity for protocol-based peer-to-peer trades.

Pancakeswap clone script is the technical process of building a fully functional DeFi DEX clone platform that functions exactly like the enduringly popular pancakeswap. By developing a pancakeswap clone, we at Blockchainappsdeveloper put the agile development process into practice. Our professionals are skilled at addressing real time Smart Contract concerns quickly and easily rectifying them. We build your pancakeswap clone in accordance with the specifications and add improvised characteristics to make it as tasty as the pancake.

Pancakeswap Clone Script - Forecast, ROI & Growth

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that runs on the BNB chain and swaps BEP-20 tokens. Instead of the traditional market model, PancakeSwap works on the Automated market maker (AMM) model where there is a buyer and seller. Here, traders will be able to trade digital assets by utilizing permissionless liquidity pools. On this DeFi DEX platform, users can make money by yielding, staking, farming, etc. PancakeSwap clone script is a pre-built and readymade clone solution that can be used effectively to build a full-fledged DeFi exchange platform similar to PancakeSwap.

The live PancakeSwap price today is $ 3.7190777 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $ 27.03M USD. The live market cap of Pancakeswap is $671.03M USD with the current CoinMarketCap ranking of #70. It has a circulating supply of 180.43M USD.


PancakeSwap Clone September 2022


Decentralized Exchange

Native Token

CAKE Token


Liquidity API's Integrated


BEP-20 tokens


25 CAKE (Customizable)

Pancakeswap Clone Script - Services

Staking & Farming

Staking & Farming

The script rewards the users who are holding up currency to earn CAKE tokens, promoting the provision for yield farming. Now, reaping rewards is a no-brainer!



By taking part in the Lottery events with just a minimum of 10 CAKE tokens, users can increase their earnings.

Exemption for trading NF

Exemption for trading NFT

PancakeSwap Clone gives users additional trading opportunities at the same time when NFTs are taking the cryptocurrency world by storm in terms of value.

Initial Farm Offerings (IFOs)

Initial Farm Offerings (IFOs)

With the help of yield farming, users of our white-label DEX Exchange can obtain additional tokens by promoting IFOs. They can privately stake them for rewards.



The token owners can now vote for any necessary modifications or corrections in the decentralized exchange. This improves trade for all parties involved and overhauls the PancakeSwap clone's governance framework.

Pancakeswap Clone Script - Features

There are a variety of PancakeSwap features that may be used to draw users and help your exchange succeed when creating a PancakeSwap clone script on BSC. we have mentioned the most important features down,

Automated Market Making

The AMM Model Protocol Was Created Recently. The Model Helps The Platform Automate Tasks Relating To Trading, Swapping, And Other Cryptocurrencies. This Idea Can Reduce The Need For Third-Party Solutions While Also Increasing The Platform's Overall Efficiency.

PancakeSwap DEX Development

Your Users May Simply Trade Tokens Using Our Pancakeswap Clone Script's Automated Market Making Mechanism. The Fact That Your Users Can Choose From A Variety Of Tokens To Trade Is The Key Selling Point.

Swapping Tokens

Two People Trade One Cryptocurrency For Another Using The Crypto Exchange Method. This Process Enhances Transactional Speed. Additionally, Switching Tokens Can Earn Rewards, And Users Can Accumulate Rewards By Consistently Switching Tokens On The Platform.

Lottery Mechanism

Implement A Balanced And Open Lottery Machine To Boost Trade Of Your Native Tokens. Using This Method, The User Can Participate In Drawings And Receive Native Tokens As A Reward. The Tokens Can Be Withdrawn Whenever Necessary And Transferred To Any Cryptocurrency.

Yield Farming

You Can Use The Idea Of Yield Farming When Creating A PancakeSwap Clone On BSC. It Is Possible To Enable Users To Pool Their Tokens And Provide Liquidity To Other Investors. According To Your Needs, There Is An Option To Add Many Yields And Combination Of Liquidity.

PancakeSwap Staking

Your Users Can Easily Stake Their Tokens To Get Rewards If There Is A Clear Lockup Period. Trading Or Constant Yield Monitoring Is Not Required. You Can Simply Stake It And Keep It There Until The Lockup Period Is Through.


Mining Operations Combine Their Computing Resources And Distribute Them To The Cloud. When A Person Joins The Pool, Their Staking Winnings Are Significantly Increased. Miners May Be Rewarded With A Variety Of Bonuses And Tokens For Their Work.

Trading Analytics

As A Businessperson, You Can Produce Hourly Or Weekly Performance Results Of Daily Updated Statistics Of The Current Market Values Of BNB And Binance Tokens.

Transaction Monitoring

With Features For Simpler Transactions, Users Can View Their Transaction History. It Improves The Platform's Real Time Trade Tracking And Transaction Monitoring.

Low Processing Fee

Our PancakeSwap Clone Is Distinctive In That It Has Inexpensive Trading Transaction Fees, Which Draws Several International Traders To Your Exchange.


Complete Dashboard Information Regarding Completed Transactions, Currently Available Funds, The Status Of The Liquidity Pool, Etc.

Integrated Security Protocol

For The Purpose Of Handling Trade And Staking In A Secure Manner, Our Clone Provides A DEX Platform Coupled With High-Level Security Protocol.

Unassailable Security features of our Pancakeswap Clone Script

BlockchainAppsDeveloper develops a pancakeswap clone script with unassailable security features with multi-layer security protocols to build your robust and scalable platform.

Pancakeswap clone script
  • In-built security protocols
  • Advanced decryption
  • Multi-layered security
  • Faster KYC verification
  • End-to-end SSL encryption
  • Immutable smart contracts
  • Protection against DDOS
  • Secure wallet integration
  • Server-side forgery detection
  • Encrypted bridging

Benefits Of Our Pancakeswap Clone Script


Pancakeswap Clone Script - White label

White-label Pancakeswap clone script is a replication of the Pancakeswap that runs over the Binance smart chain and offers customization according to the user's requirements. BlockchainAppsDeveloper provides a ready-to-launch Pancakeswap clone script with advanced features and functionalities at an affordable cost.

Wallets Supported by Pancakeswap Clone Script

Meta Mask

Meta Mask

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet

Token Pocket

Token Pocket

Math Wallet

Math Wallet

Wallet Connect

Wallet Connect

Development Approach Of Our Pancakeswap Clone Script

The following steps are taken by Blockchainappsdeveloper when creating a Pancakeswap clone script,

Requirements Gathering

Requirements Gathering

We will examine your precise needs and expectations before installing the script so that we can include them in the configuration.



The best solution will be planned and offered by our business specialists based on the client's business concept.



Since users will engage with your Pancakeswap clone script via the interface, the success of your cryptocurrency exchange heavily hinges on it.



A feature list and distinctive branding must be added to the script. You can carry out this during the development stage.



Thorough testing guarantees that the script is prepared for public use once it is implemented, and the rigors of crypto transactions.



The full setup will be installed and activated under your domain or on specific play stores, depending on your requirements.

PancakeSwap Clone - To Create Dex Exchange Like PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap Clone is a Binance Smart Contract Chain-based ready-to-launch DeFi Decentralized Exchange Script that helps anyone to start their own DEX Platform like PancakeSwap.

We BlockchainAppsDeveloper design, develop, and deploy PancakeSwap Clone Script which comes up with DeFi functionalities like swapping, liquidity pools, yield farming, lottery scheme, and more attractive exchange features. Our Smart Contract programmers are skilled in developing and highly testing smart contracts. We also do auditing properly to avoid smart contract vulnerabilities and for the proper functioning of the decentralized crypto exchange platform.

PancakeSwap Clone Software

PankcakeSwap Clone Software is a Binance Smart Contract Chain Based Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Exchange Software that executes similar to PancakeSwap. Our Pancake Swap Clone Software supports Automated Market Making (AMM), yield Farming services, Staking, Swapping, Liquidity provision, and Lottery ticket schemes, and more attractive features on Binance Smart Chain.





Voting Options


PC Swap Clone Script To Build Dex On BNB Smart Chain Like PancakeSwap

Get the latest PancakeSwap Clone Script from BlockchainAppsDeveloper, with advanced features like CAKE market cap, trading pairs, charts, and data. Launch your own Pc Swap Clone Script, the leading DEX built on BNB Smart Chain (BSC), with the best farms in DeFi and a lottery for CAKE.


Stand-out attributes in our Pancakeswap clone script

Decentralized finance has become the crypto sphere's hype-worthy trend. Many cryptopreneurs are marching towards this highly remunerative business model. BlockchainAppsDeveloper, a renowned Defi Development Company provides a Pancakeswap clone script that runs over the Binance smart chain with all features and functionalities similar to the decentralized swapping platform, Pancakeswap. Our unique features of Pancakeswap are as follows,

Immutable Smart Contract

Dynamic Staking


Advanced Lottery System

Multiple Payment Gateways

Governance Token




Bug Bounty Program

Automatic Token Swap

Liquidity Pools

Lending & Borrowing Systems

Referral Systems

Security APIs

Integrate & Support Crypto Wallets

100% Decentralized Exchange

IFO - Initial Farm Offerings

How Does The Pancakeswap Clone Work?

A user must first connect to one of the wallets listed below, such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or a Binance Chain Wallet, to get started.

They must then open their wallet in order to deposit their cryptos, which are kept in extremely secure liquidity pools.

Users can immediately pay for or sell orders using an alternative account in liquidity pools with the help of the Automated Market Maker (AMM).

The PancakeSwap clone's CAKE token can be staked by the user to start receiving extra rewards.

Our ready-to-deploy DeFi Exchange Clone Scripts

Defi exchanges are evolving tremendously with their captivating attributes. Prefer the best Defi exchange platform provider like BlockchainAppsDeveloper for your successful Defi exchange business venture. Our popular Defi Exchange clone scripts are listed below.


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Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper For Developing Defi Dex Platforms?

As a leading blockchain development company, BlockchainAppsDeveloper excels in providing a unique PancakeSwap clone script to launch a successful DeFi exchange similar to PancakeSwap. Some stunning benefits that you can get by approaching us for our PancakeSwap clone script are as follows.

On-Time Delivery Of Projects

Highly Customizable And Cost-Effective Solutions

Enriched User Experience

Personalized API Integration

Inclusion Of Trendiest Technologies

Secure, Responsive, And Bug Free Solutions

Post Delivery Support

Why Choose BlockchainAppsDeveloper for Developing DeFi Dex platforms like Pancakeswap clone script?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is a pioneer in Defi platform development and blockchain technology. As a pre-eminent Defi Development Company, we are equipped with the technical prowess to provide clients with the first-rate Pancakeswap clone script with features and functionalities similar to Pancakeswap. Hire our team of ace Defi developers to achieve your business goals in the Open Financial Revolution.

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