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Security tokens are blockchain-powered crypto tokens that make your business flexible and reliable with its prime features. These tokens assures the investors with something tangible or ownership rights such as assets, business share, equity, dividend, voting right and buy back rights. As the tokens are subjected to legal regulation, it gives more credibility and security to raise fund for your business from internationally accredited investors.

Being the leading STO Development Company, Blockchainappsdeveloper ensures that our STO development services are relevant to your business. Having known that security token offerings is the intelligent way to raise funds from various investors around the world, we assure with high-class STO services that enables the business to reach the audience anywhere in the world. Our expertise build a strong network with state-of-art technologies, strategy and flawless execution to attract investors. Our STO Development Services includes legal consulting, whitepaper drafting, creating websites and smart contracts.

Types of STO

1. Equity Tokens

Equity tokens are a type of security tokens which gives equal rights to the company and the token holder. With this, businesses can easily process the distribution of dividends.

2. Debt Tokens

Debt tokens are the type of tokens which represents outstanding debts and liabilities. This gives payback assurance to the token holder.

3. Utility Tokens

Utility tokens provide users to get access to specific product/services. A company can raise funds for the development of the blockchain projects using utility tokens.

4. Asset-backed Tokens

An asset-backed token is a token that will be backed by tangible assets such as assets, profits, derivatives and revenue of the business.

Types of STO
Why to Launch STO Now ?

Why to Launch STO Now ?

STO (Security Token Offerings) is where a token will generate value from an external, tradable asset while abiding to federal securities and regulations. Since STO is more flexible and reliable than traditional venture investment, it is one of the most effective method for start-ups and entrepreneurs to raise fund for their venture. Here are some of the major advantages that your business gains from STO.

  • Attracts Global Investors to raise funds
  • Raise capital for your business easily
  • Customized Blockchain ensure transparency
  • Increase in liquidity
  • SEC Compliant
  • Automated investor right and dividends
  • Legally abide tokens
  • Reduction in cost
  • Highly secured wallet
  • Elimination of Intermediaries
  • Integrated smart contracts
  • Greater market efficiency

STO Development Services

1. Security Token Offering Development

We are specialized in developing security tokens with avant-garde technology and ensure that they are capable of generating capital for your venture. We take care of all the essential aspects such as SEC regulations and smart contract development for smooth and secure STO process.

2. Security Token Exchange Platform

We provide secure and advanced exchange platform with latest features for the token holders to simplify the exchange of asset backed investments. This will allow the holders to seamlessly exchange and transfer from anywhere at anytime without facing any issue during the transaction.

3. STO Consulting Services

Launching a successful STO involves a lot of legalization process. It has to be registered as per the rules and regulations of the respective federal government. Our STO team of experts includes consultants, who will lead you to launch your own STO by following the law of your government and also register under SEC rules for US based issuers.

4. STO Marketing

Marketing is the major part in STO and we hold vast experience in STO marketing. We drive campaign for your tokens and make it easy for you to reach the investors across the globe. Our unique marketing strategy makes sure that your business gets huge investment/capital for your business.

5. Tokenized Asset Offering Development

We are skilled at creating security tokens backed by tangible assets, such as land, building and much more, to ensure that the investors get definite returns. Through our reliable and scalable TAO development services, we ensure that the tokenization of assets is done in a hassle-free way

6. Blockchain-Based Product Development

Having handful experience in blockchain development, we are eminent in creating tokens and other auxiliary products based on the blockchain technology, to secure every data on a decentralized distributed ledger. This brings in transparency and more trust among investors of your venture.

STO Development Services

STO Development Process

Tokenization of Equity, Reserve Asset, or Debt

Tokenization of Equity, Reserve Asset, or Debt

Based on the STO you choose to launch, out STO development experts will analyze your business and tokenize the best property or debt, that suits your fundraising needs.

Owner’s Manual Creation

Owner’s Manual Creation

We create an owner’s guide, that explains your business model, challenges solved by your business, financial plan, team and roapmap of succeeding years, to your investors.

Token Development on a Ethereum Platform or Existing Blockchain

Token Development on a Ethereum Platform or Existing Blockchain

A technological choice where you need to decide if, you leverage in your existing blockchain or develop a new one for your project, to build, issue and manage the tokens.

Issuance of Dividend through a Smart Contract

Issuance of Dividend through a Smart Contract

As every investor is considered as the stakeholders by getting the token, a legal contract is made to pay the dividends and the same is submitted to government body as well.

Investor Appropriation based on the compliances of Target Countries

Investor Appropriation based on the compliances of Target Countries

Our team will take care of the compliance procedures like KYC, AML and ensure that your tokens are registered as per the rules and norms of the respected federal government.

Investor Dashboard Creation

Investor Dashboard Creation

We develop custom dashboard for the investors to manage fund. This includes KYC/AML, Investors verification, voting, share in dividend and other rights provided to the investors.

Owners dashboard Development

Owners dashboard Development

An unique dashboard is built for the issuer / STO owners, that includes consolidated reports of issuer as well as investors processes and value of your tokens in movements.

Marketing and Fundraising

Marketing and Fundraising

As STO is completed, we follow a strong marketing strategy so that you stand out in the crowd and help you to raise capital from accredited investors for your venture.

Why Blockchainappsdevelopers ?

Why Blockchainappsdevelopers ?

  • Industry Proven Experience
  • Leading blockchain development company
  • Develop STO Platform in a bug-free environment
  • Provide latest STO development features
  • High-class STO development services
  • Customizable STO platform development
  • Strong knowledge on Federal laws and SEC regulation
  • Best technical support
  • Transparent working process
  • Innovative STO marketing

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