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Metaverse Token Development

BlockchainAppsDeveloper offers the best Metaverse token development services to create crypto tokens on Metaverse Blockchain Network.

Solana Token

BlockchainAppsDeveloper delivers Solana token development services and also the popular blockchain networks with custom smart contracts.

Polygon Token

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is expertise in Polygon token development services to build crypto tokens on the Polygon blockchain network.

AI Token Development

Build AI Crypto Tokens with custom Smart Contract and auditing on various Blockchain networks with advanced features

Tron Token

We develop Tron Tokens which have been introduced by the TRON platforms like TRC-10, TRC-20, TRC-721, etc.

ERC20 Token

Build ERC20 tokens and raise funds through ICO launch, and provide utility benefits to communities.

Soulbound Token

We develop Soulbound tokens with custom smart contract and its highly compatible with the SBT Tokens.


We develop unique and secure Binance Chain BEP20 tokens that are advanced and top-notch features to the core.

Mintable Token

Exposure your non-mintable token with a non-fixed supply, permitting you to ‘mint’ tokens whenever they want.

DeFi Token

It is services include the development of DeFi Tokens over different frameworks to deliver specific financial platform services.

Non-Fungible Token Development

With our NFT token development, individuals and companies can ensure ownership of their assets that are indivisible, non-counterfeit and recoverable.

Decentralized Non-Fungible Token Development

NFT’s are enabled with a decentralized ecosystem called Decentralized Non-fungible Token (DNFT) to manage the assets at low cost.

Semi Fungible Token Development

With Semi fungible token development anyone enables efficient querying and the batch transfer of multiple token IDs in a single transaction.

Token Generator Platform Development

Token Generator Platform Development is nothing but it's instant token generator platform that allows creating your own token instantly without coding.

White paper

Build a significant foundation for your cryptocurrency token project with our mission-driven white paper creation services.

Smart Contract

Integrate smart contract development into your crypto token project to automate your desired business processes.

Crypto Token Standards We Expertise

We create the coins in this particular algorithms, whether its of Mining or Staking













Features of Our Token Development

BlockchainAppsDeveloper’s real-world experience to deliver comprehensive offerings on token development features to our clients across industry hosts.

Solidity Nature

Atomic Swap

Minimum Cost and Time

Token Listing

Tailored smart contracts

No intermediaries

Increase in liquidity

Risk Free Transactions

Greater market efficiency

Unique Token Creation

Secure wallet

Global capital investment

Automated SEC compliance


P2P Payments and Processing

Digital Asset Tokenization

With BlockchainAppsDeveloper's Digital Asset Tokenization solutions, businesses have discovered a significant channel to put high potential or any illiquid assets to productive use. From traditional assets like bonds, real estate to venture capital charity and commodities, tropical assets like artwork, sports and almost every asset class can be tokenized.


Improved liquidity

Fast and Secure transactions

No territorial barriers

Elimination of middlemen

Fractional Ownership

Broader Investor Base

Our Cutting-Edge Token Development Process

BlockchainAppsDevelopers is the top-notch Token Development Company that offers Token Development Services and Solutions with latest functionalities, cutting-edge technologies and tools on popular blockchain networks. The process of creating tokens involves several steps to ensure they process well for users who want to exchange assets in token form. Here is the breakdown of the process:


We start by brainstorming and identifying what problem it will solve, how it will benefit users, the purpose and utility of the token, thereby acknowledging clients' requirements.

Market Research

After defining the concept, we conduct thorough market research to understand the demand, competition, and potential users. This helps us refine our token's features.

Token Design

We create a detailed plan for the token, including its technical specifications, such as token standards (ERC-20, BEP-20, etc.), supply, and distribution.

Smart Contract Development

Our development team then creates the smart contracts that power the token. This contract holds the rules and logic governing how the token operates.

Security Audit

Before launching, we prioritize security. Our experts conduct a rigorous security audit to identify and fix vulnerabilities, ensuring the token is safe to use.

Token Launch and Marketing

We launch the token, making it available on selected blockchain networks. Simultaneously, we initiate marketing campaigns to create awareness and attract users if required by the client.

Ongoing Maintenance

After the launch we continuously monitor the token's performance, gather user feedback, and make improvements to ensure it remains an asset for our community of users.

Token Development Solutions

We are the Prominent Token Development Company, our end-to-end token development solutions are devised to help businesses and projects thrive in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

Token Design and Development

Token Design and Development

Our team specializes in creating and developing tokens tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require utility tokens, security tokens, or NFTs, we design tokens that align with your project's objectives.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development

We craft smart contracts to power your tokens, ensuring they operate smoothly and securely. Our experts ensure that the contract's logic and security measures are robust.

Token Integration

Token Integration

We seamlessly integrate your tokens into various blockchain platforms, making them accessible and tradable for your users across different ecosystems.

Token Security and Auditing

Token Security and Auditing

We offer thorough security audits, including smart contract audits, to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, safeguarding your token from potential threats.

Token Marketing and Promotion

Token Marketing and Promotion

Our marketing experts create customized strategies to enhance the visibility and adoption of your token. We assist in drawing a broad user base and investors to your project.

Token Governance and Compliance

Token Governance and Compliance

We guide you through the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring that your token project complies with local and global crypto regulations. We also provide governance solutions to help manage your token ecosystem effectively.

ICO, IEO, STO, IDO Development Services

ICO Development

We provide the best ICO Development Services in which you can raise capital by building coins/tokens and selling them in exchange for investment.

IEO Development

Launch your IEO Platform with the best Initial Exchange Offering Services that enable you to raise funds without any hassle.

STO Development

We develop & deliver end-to-end STO development services which include Security Token Offering, Security Token development & more.

IDO Development

We offer the best IDO Platform Development Services which you can raise funds in the Dex platform for your crypto business.

Blockchain Platforms We Expertise

Industries We Serve Globally

As a leading Token Development Company, we help industries survive in the ever-evolving digital landscape with our cutting token creation services. The industries we serve are listed below.

Finance and Banking

Creating digital tokens for financial transactions and asset management.

Real Estate

Tokenizing real estate assets to enable fractional ownership and liquidity.


Developing tokens for patient records, supply chain management, and medical research.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Using tokens for tracking and verifying the authenticity of products in the supply chain.


Integrating tokens for in-game items, digital collectibles, and virtual currencies.

Art and Collectibles

Tokenizing art, collectibles, and luxury assets for easier trading and provenance tracking.

Energy and Utilities

Utilizing tokens for trading renewable energy credits and managing utility services.


Developing tokens for certifications, academic records, and online course access.


Tokenizing agricultural products and supply chain data to improve transparency and traceability.

Media and Entertainment

Utilizing tokens for content distribution, royalties, and fan engagement in the entertainment industry.

Technology Stack

Hire Token Developers

Hire Token Developers from BlockchainAppsDeveloper for cutting-edge Token development services. We are the best Token Development Company has team of experienced token developers is well-versed in blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. We specialize in creating custom token solutions, including utility tokens, security tokens, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), using blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot. Our expertise extends to token standards such as ERC-20, ERC-721, and BEP-20. With a proven track record in tokenomics, token issuance, and smart contract development, we ensure your project's success in the blockchain landscape. Leverage our assistance just by hiring us.

Why Choose BlockchainAppsDeveloper For Token Development Services?

We are experts in developing crypto tokens on popular blockchain networks as well as on all token standards. Our skilled developers are expertise in Security Token Offering (STO) Development, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Development, Tokenized Asset Offering Development, Equity Token Offering (ETO) Development, STO Exchange Platform Development, Initial DEX Offering (IDO) Development, Smart Contract Development and many more. BlockchainAppsDeveloper is the World-class Token Development Company with latest Token Development Services and Solutions with state-of-the-art Features, functionalities to the users around the world such as the United States, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, Germany, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Vietnam, and more.

Expert Team of Professionals

Safe and Secure

Multiple Token Standards

Cost Effective

On-Time Delivery

Increased Security

Connect with our experts for detailed technical consultation.

Token Development is the process of particular succeeding steps involved in developing and designing the different Crypto Tokens for buy/sell and digital asset exchange in the form of cryptocurrency tokens

Depending on your Crypto Token Development Requirements, creating a crypto token can cost between $3000 and $5000. If you want to create trending blockchain powered cryptocurrency token and feature-rich benefits, cost will be $5,000 or more.

Create a Crypto Token in below steps,

  1. You need to decide what's your desired cryptocurrency token and purpose of the token creation
  2. Develop a smart contract.
  3. Run QA testing.
  4. Deploy to blockchain network.

Ethereum Token Development is a 100% decentralized, open-source blockchain with high secured smart contract functionality based token development process.

  •   Solidity Nature
  •   Token Listing
  •   Increase in liquidity
  •   Unique Token Creation
  •   Automated SEC compliance
  •   Atomic Swap
  •   Tailored smart contracts
  •   Risk Free Transactions
  •   Secure wallet
  •   Compatibility
  •   Minimum Cost and Time
  •   No intermediaries
  •   Greater market efficiency
  •   Global capital investment
  •   P2P Payments and Processing

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