Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company

Crypto Wallet Development - Upgrade Your Business Value

Crypto Wallet Development - Upgrade Your Business Value

During 2021, the global crypto market had 295 Million users and is estimated to reach 1 Billion by December 2022. Financial institutions and crypto firms are making the best of opportunities to enter the flourishing crypto market and elevate their earning potential. BlockchainAppsDeveloper offers extensive crypto wallet development services and simplifies the process of launching crypto wallets for global businesses. We have in-depth experience and knowledge in the wallet market. Our priority is to provide an exciting experience to our users. The number of white-label crypto wallet users is rushing at a fast rate, so we deliver white-label wallet solutions to help businesses launch their cryptocurrency wallets in a short period. In addition to it, we are developing customizable digital wallets based on your unique requirements and purposes

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Web3 Wallet Development

A Web3 wallet offers an array of benefits like buying and selling NFTs, access to DeFi apps, and handling tokens present on Ethereum, Solana, and Algorand networks.

DeFi Wallet Development

We develop DeFi solutions with a keen knowledge of your business and its prerequisites thoroughly. On development, we assure you that you are well-informed about its functionalities to get better control over it.

Tron Wallet Development

We develop personalized wallets for start-ups and well-established enterprises on TRON and help in managing TRX, TRON, and other currencies..

White Label Wallet Development

This helps users to earn, transfer and monitor virtual currencies with White Label Crypto wallet solutions provided by our experts. We design applications by blending scalable and world-class security features into them.

NFT Wallet Development

On developing an NFT token, we assure you that you acquire the benefits from the platform. We improvise a scalable structure by focusing on the nuances of the mechanism and making it appear more functional.

Bitcoin Wallet Development

Bitcoin wallet has set up a new mania in the stemming domain and holds priceless assets. It is integrated with Avant features that enhance its security with a large number of assets which makes wallet usage simpler than ever.

Ethereum Wallet Development

Ethereum is a worthwhile token that needs to be stored securely. We develop scalable Ethereum wallets that are capable of holding ERC20, ERC721, ERC777, and ERC1155 that have accumulated users' attention.

Web Wallet Development

Web Wallets can be monitored anytime via the internet. They store small savings securely and offer multi-cryptocurrency support with exchange trading.

Mobile Wallet Development

Crypto-wallet app solutions provide high-end functionality to the users and provide the opportunity to access digital assets on mobile devices. It is also suitable for remote payments and transactions.

Desktop Wallet Development

On understanding the overall nature of your assets we devise desktop wallet solutions for your business. We assist you in keeping up with the volume of your transactions in a way that you understand the technicalities involved.

Centralized Wallet Development

Safeguard users' private keys and help them access their wallets without any annoyance. Additionally, whitelisting the paper ensures quick and safer transactions.

Multi-Currency Wallet Development

Multi-currency wallet development benefits users to store and transact different types of currencies. Our team delivers both single and multi-currency support.

Features Of Crypto Exchange Wallet Development


Multi-Factor Authentication

Strengthens the security of the wallet with Multi-factor substantiation. We incorporated this security feature considering your wallet requirements


Multi-Crypto Support

Our aces developed crypto wallet app solutions that support foremost cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other Altcoins.


Real-Time Conversion Rates Updates

Our cryptocurrency wallet solutions provide automated updates about exchange rates to users. It helps users make informed decisions by looking at instructive charts and graphs.


Transaction History

Data on peer-to-peer transactions activated by the users are maintained in the wallet.


Wallet Backup

Our crypto wallet development experts develop digital wallets considering unpredictable situations like hacks and phishing attacks. Additionally, users can restore data via a backup feature inbuilt within the application.


Automated Session Logout

The wallet session logs out on its own if it stays idle for a certain period. It averts fraudulent activities on the wallet. The user can access the wallet only after entering the password.

Security Features Of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

12 Word Promot Phrase

12 Word Promot Phrase

Our crypto wallet had a high secured and flawless transaction. It helps to recovery wrongly deleted and update on another device.

Support Multi Signature

Support Multi Signature

The multi signature allow enables the wallets' owner can allocate at most two co-signers to access the withdrawal appeal when the amount is above the limit fix by the owner.

Biometric Security

Biometric Security

Biometric authority, which helps to protect the wallet for their transactions. while after the crypto assets can be transferred, facial or fingerprint recognition is recognized.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

Our wallet had two-factor authentication, an extra level of protection in our crypto wallet for the users' transaction process

Password Protection

Password Protection

Our wallet had a secure 4 digit pin password to access a user's account.

Automatically Logged Out

Automatically Logged Out

The session automatically logs out in case the user is inactive for a certain time. This helps to protect the user's funds and accounts.

White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Create an immortal history in the digitalized industry by acquiring our white-label crypto wallet solutions. We deliver world-class notable services to both startups and prevalent enterprises. Teaming up with BlockchainAppsDeveloper it offers limitless benefits, ease of use, unmatchable technical skills, high-graded security, and remarkable performance

As a pre-eminent White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet development company, we customize web and mobile-based wallet solutions. We provide the best results with years of experience and technical professionals in developing White Label Wallet solutions to broaden your reach in the crypto landscape. We have delivered world-class wallets to global businesses that are achieving exceptionally best in the market

White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency Wallet Software Solutions

Blockchain Crypto Wallet Consulting Services

Engage BlockchainAppsDeveloper Blockchain Experts to let you understand blockchain requirements in your cryptocurrency wallet business

Whitelabel Blockchain Crypto Wallet Services

Budget-friendly cryptocurrency projects can inspect blockchain technology with white-label cryptocurrency wallet development services. Market-ready crypto projects can be deployed within a week with entire software provisions.

Blockchain Crypto Wallet Development Services

With our team of Blockchain experts, you can develop your crypto wallet from scratch. Our professional smart contracts implementations, web and mobile applications, NFT, MVPs, POCS, and Crypto Wallet integration

Hire Blockchain Wallet Developers

Hire professionals from a pre-eminent Cryptocurrency wallet development company for advanced robust and secured cryptocurrency wallet solutions for your upcoming projects. BlockchainAppsDeveloper has ample experience in crypto wallet development and blends advanced security features like two-factor authentication and mobile passwords/fingerprints through which it develops and delivers highly intact crypto wallets. Get hold of our experience and launch your crypto wallet with our professionals

Build Own Cryptocurrency Wallet

Controllable Wallet Development

Controllable Wallet Development

We developed the wallets with highly secure and private keys provided to the users to protect their wallets, which also made them user-friendly. Permit easy recovery of a user by offering your user valuable and needed information.

NFT Wallet Development

NFT Wallet Development

Provide controllable and non-controllable wallets to your users. Permit storage security and a variety of non-fungible tokens can also be transferred. This contributes to its ease of use and high security for industries.

Uncontrollable Wallet Development

Uncontrollable Wallet Development

Complete access to control your users' private keys and cash. It offers them a gateway for using decentralized applications without leaving the wallet. Allow users to trade and share their cryptocurrency claims.

Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Wallet supports the wide range of coins and tokens available to your users. Users can use one place to buy, sell, and store multiple cryptos. It helps to increase the crypto assets' storage and trade.

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper For Cryptocurrency Wallet Development?

Responding instantly irrespective of the queries raised by our clients.

Experienced team with customization so we can fulfill your needs.

Providing 22/7 service as our client's satisfaction is the primary quality to be fulfilled.

Secured and trustworthy although Wallets experience security threats now and then.

Easy to use and due to multi authentication process its fortified from hacks.

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