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Lionsshare.io MLM Clone Script To Start Smart Contract Based MLM like Lionsshare.io

Lionsshare.io MLM Clone Script To Start Smart Contract Based MLM like Lionsshare.io

Thinking of Launching a Smart Contract MLM like Lionsshare.io? Know, How to build an Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM like Lion's Share with Lion's Share MLM Clone Script.

Lionsshare.io Clone Script

Lion’s Share Clone Script is an Ethereum Smart Contract based MLM website Software that runs on Ethereum Blockchain and it's a completely decentralized smart contract MLM ecosystem like Lionsshare.io.

BlockchainAppsDeveloper provides an advanced Lion’s Share Clone Script to Start MLM like Lionsshare.io in a week!

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What is an Ethereum Smart Contract?

Smart Contracts is a piece of code that is performing on the Ethereum blockchain. This process is called a “contract” because the code that performs on Ethereum Blockchain can restrict valuable assets like ETH or other crypto things.

What is Lion's Share?

Lion’s Share is a Decentralized Ethereum based Smart Contract business model.  It has been positioned directly on the blockchain. It is a global crowdfunding business platform that can be functioned from any location or country in the world.

Lion’s Share offers a peer-to-peer(p2p) matrix compensation business plan that pays 100% commissions instantly and directly to users.

Lionsshare.io was created for the users and people. It does not require any admin or owner. It is totally a self-operating system placed on the blockchain, that can't be altered.

Source: lionsshare.io

How Lionsshare.io works?

Lion’s Share Smart Contract all about is a Multi-Level Marketing Business. Kind of a referral related business model. MLM is mainly about matrix, peer to peer-related stuff where you log in with a fee and get people to Login under you, and when those people log in under you refer another person, you still earn money through this process.

Lion’s Share mainly using Ethereum Blockchain Technology and Created a Business with 100% Transparency by Using Smart Contract Technology.  

The Lion’s Share Smart Contract is public & it can be showed by anyone directly on the Blockchain and most important aspect, it can never be changed.

Source: lionsshare.io

Wallet System in Lionsshare.io

Lion’s Share MLM accepts only 2 types of wallet, namely: Meta Mask & Trust Wallet

Meta Mask Wallet: Meta Mask Wallet is suitable for participants who are using Systems/Computers/Laptops.

Trust Wallet: Trust Wallets are preferred for those who are using Smartphones/Tablets for MLM business.

All commissions are paid in ETH directly and instantly to user wallets.

Mainly the smart contract never receives any kind of payments, users will never have to wait on a particular commission. It will be paid automatically and directly to the user wallets.

Here you can get more money-making opportunity because you can earn more as the user you refer also refer to other users.

Lion's Share only accepts Ethereum.

The Lionsshare.io Matrix system is a follow-me system.

What is Lion’s Share - A Follow-me System?

A follow-me system process means will never lose any user you personally refer to. Most of the programs will permit you to do all the work to get people to log in and it will pass your referrals onto other users or companies.

This process is a totally different case with Lion’s Share business model. If you haven't owned a package, then commissions earned on the package will be automatically passed to the next user in your up-line who is eligible and qualified to earn on that package.

Once the Login process is done, here you will be given your own affiliate link, So you can refer other users to Lion’s Share there is no rules and limitation to the cost of income you earn or the user you refer.

You are only required to purchase a particular package once to earn forever. Each time the process cycle inside the L1 & L2 packages, it will open up a new matrix that allows you to continue to earn more money.

Lion’s Share Packages

Both the L1 & L2 platforms each have 16 kinds of different packages to select from. You can select and enter any number of packages.  There are no requirements to upgrade your package to earn money.

Lion’s Share L1 Package

The L1 Matrix is totally performing in personal referrals. These are new users that connect instantly from your personal link. In this process, you can earn on a package and must own the package first. If you don't have to own the package a new user connects on, the mentioned commission will be passed to the next user in your up-line who owns the particular packages. Once you have done and activated the package position, the user will begin to follow your track again after their next process of the cycle.

The L1 has 3 spots directly below you. They will be filled left to right in the order in which a new member joins your team.

1st Spot - You will receive commission

2nd Spot - You will receive 100% commission

3rd Spot - Will be paid to your sponsor & it will make a new matrix for you to earn

These works continue the same on all 16 packages on the L1 platform!

Source: lionsshare.io

Lion's Share L2 Package

The L2 platform will have you at the top of the given matrix, then 2 spots under you on the first-line and then 4 spots on the second-line. These kinds of positions can be allotted by yourself or team members. L2 package is a totally team-based and dynamic follow-me matrix that permits you to truly work as a team.

The First 2 sales in your matrix go to your up-line and 3, 4, and 5 sales are paid directly and instantly to you!  6th sale goes to your up-line and reopens your matrix, non-stop to earn!

The L2 has 2 spots directly below you on the 1st line & 4 spots on the 2nd line. These spots can be allotted by you referring users, above you and below you in the mentioned matrix.

1st Spot -  you will be passed up-line

2nd Spot - you will be passed up-line.

3rd Spot - You will receive 100% commission

4th Spot - You will receive 100% commission

5th Spot - You will receive 100% commission

6th Spot - Will be paid to your sponsor or finance and will create a new matrix for you to earn.

Lion's Share Commission Payouts:

All commissions are paid directly and instantly to our members.

The company is never responsible for creating a commission payment sector.

Users will never have to wait a day or even a minute!

Payments are made directly and instantly to the user Ethereum wallet!

Since payments are made P2P (peer to peer), Lion’s Share does not store any of the user's personal information or user wallet addresses and details.

Features of Lion’s Share MLM Clone Script

  • Decentralized Smart Contract MLM ecosystem.
  • Smart Contracts built on secure and powerful Ethereum Blockchain.
  • 100% White label business solution
  • The Matrix system is highly customizable.
  • Cross business platform compatibility.
  • You can integrate Cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Handle above 10 million customers at a time.
  • Un-hackable and secured MLM Platform.
  • Multiple Payment Gateway options.
  • Excellent UI/UX design.
  • No Owner or Admin is Involved.
  • Binary Level Earning Business Model
  • Impossible to Scam and Hack
  • Risk-FREE Business Model
  • One Time Startup Cost.
  • 100% open-source smart contract system.

How to Start a Smart Contract MLM like Lionsshare.io?

To Start a Smart Contract MLM like Lion's Share, one should need skilled and expert consultations & necessary Smart Contract MLM development support.

The most cost-effective way to start a Smart Contract based MLM like Lion's Share is Lion's Share MLM Clone Script.

Lion's Share MLM Clone Script

Lion's Share MLM Clone Script is a Smart Contract based MLM script built on Ethereum Blockchain works like Lion's Share Smart Contract and looks similar to Lion's Share MLM platform which is customizable based on user needs and requirements.

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You can Get a Live Demo for Smart Contract MLM Clone Scripts now!

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper for Lionsshare.io Clone Development?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is one of the Leading Smart Contract Based MLM Development Company provides a white-label Lion’s Share MLM Clone Script to start Smart Contract based MLM like Lion’s Share in a week!

We also build MLM business Platforms with Smart Contract solutions from scratch. Here, you can either purchase MLM Clone Scripts or Build Smart Contract based MLM platforms from scratch.


FAQ - Lions Share Software


1. What is Lions Share?
Lions Share - Lions Share provides you P2P matrix business plan which offers 100% commissions instantly to the users. It is also a decentralized Ethereum based Smart Contract business model powered with Blockchain. 

2. How To Start Smart Contract MLM Like Lions Share?
Fastly build your Smart Contract MLM platform like Lions Share, by getting a ready-made Lions Share Clone Script. Our BlockchainAppsDeveloper team gives you a well developed customized Lions Share Clone Script based on the requirements of the clients. Smart Contracts are also powered with your MLM website to make it even more secure.

3. Where can I get a Lions Share Clone Software?
We, BlockchainAppsDeveloper deploys the latest Smart Contract versions for your MLM platform that runs securely on the decentralized era.

4. How soon can I launch my white label MLM platform like Lions Share?
You can quickly launch your White label Smart Contract MLM platform within 48 hrs!

5. Who Manages the Smart Contract MLM Platform like Lions Share?
Nobody needs to manage it as the trades are automatically carried out by the Smart Contracts.

6. Why should I choose a white label solution to launch a Smart Contract based MLM platform like Lions Share?
100% White label solutions bring customizations to your Lions Share Clone Script easily. Even, more innovational ideas are implemented in your MLM Clone Script as of it offers White label solutions.

7. Why should I choose BlockchainAppsDeveloper for smart contract-based MLM software like Lions Share Clone development?
Experts in our team provide Smart Contracts with advanced security options so that it completely makes your Lions Share Clone Software free from bugs. We give you the projects on time with a high-quality features. 


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