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Tokenized Asset Offering

Tokenized Asset Offering (TAO) is the new evolution of the blockchain and crypto world. Tokenization of asset is where assets are tokenized as securities that abide to the federal rules and regulations, including the US security law. Various large businesses have started to tokenize the assets and offer Tokenization as a Services (TaaS). From ICO, many users and businesses have started to move to TAO, as it is more safe, secure and trusted by most of the investors. Expanding cryptos into tokenization of asset allows traditional real estates, art galleries, illiquid assets and stablecoins to move into the blockchain platform to make it immutable and transparent.

Blockchainappsdeveloper is a leading Tokenized Asset Offering (TAO) Development Company, offering premium level TAO development services to create tokens and market it among the potential investors and assist you in generating greater capital for your venture. Our experts have hands on experience in STO Development and we hold the best experts who are up to date about the legal compliance to make the token more safe and secure.

Why Asset Tokenization

Why Asset Tokenization

The investment world has lost the trust of the potential investors as there was no security to the fund. Tokenized Asset Offering has created a way for the individuals and financial markets to adopt the blockchain platform through automated KYC/AML, investors verification and transparent voting system. Apart from this, asset tokenization brings a lot of benefit and that is why most of the firm convert to asset tokenization. The following are the benefits of TAO.

  • Better compliance ensures security
  • Enlarge your investors base
  • Liquidity of assets which cannot be readily converted into cash
  • Inclusion of Potential investors and fund managers
  • Raise greater fund for your venture easily
  • Transparent, efficient and scalable method
  • Bring down illiquidity discounts or liquidity premiums
  • Save extra costs and time

Types of Asset Tokenization

Real Estate Tokenization

Real-Estate Tokenization

Real Estate can be made digitally and globally accessible through legally abide token structure. Through real estate tokenization, the asset will be tokenized and you can generate investment in the most secure way.

Art Tokenization

Art Tokenization

The paintings are a for of asset that can be backed with tokens. Art tokenization can bring a drastic change to the dynamic art investment and individuals can use the blockchain platform to get share on various arts.

Stable Coins

Stable Coins

Stablecoin is an digital asset that is designed to bring in price stability in the crypto market. But beyond trade and exchange, Stablecoin also permits an individual to exchange as a token, to get the much needed liquidity.

VC Fund Tokenization

VC Fund Tokenization

Generally, tokenization will ensure that investors can monitor their investment funds without middleman. VC Fund tokens, which are developed based on the financial regulations, will allow the investors to buy and sell tokens in OTC or trading platform.

Illiquid Asset Tokenization

Illiquid Asset Tokenization

There are certain assets like current, fixed or intangible assets, which is difficult to be converted to cash. These assets can be tokenized with loss in the value of asset while increasing the trade volume and result in benefit of both the parties involved in trade.

Mining Repository Tokenization

Mining Repository Tokenization

Mining repository is an illiquid asset, which cannot be converted into cash instantly. Cryptocurrencies backed by gold and silver are known as the future of trading as the illiquid asset becomes liquid through trading.

Our Tokenized Assets Offerings Development Services

TAO is similar to ICO, with a greater security features. It is developed on the blockchain platform and the tokens abide to the federal laws or respective government. Hence, the tokenized asset becomes secure and gain investors attention. As a leading Tokenized Asset Offering Development Company, we provide end-to-end TAO Development Services to lead in the competitive market. The following are our specialized TAO Development Services

  • Tokenization of Asset
  • Blockchain-based Project Development
  • Asset Tokenization Platform
  • Investors Management Dashboard
  • KYC/AML Automation
  • Investors Verification
  • Prospectus for Investors
  • TAO Marketing Services
Our Tokenized Assets Offerings Development Services
Steps Involved in Tokenized Asset Offerings

Steps Involved in Tokenized Asset Offerings

We, at Blockchainappsdeveloper have complete technological support to tokenize your assets and bring advantage to you and your business. Here are the steps we follow for Tokenized Asset Offerings.

  • Identify the Asset to be tokenized
  • Auditing the Asset
  • Special Purpose Vehicle or Entity(SPV/SPE) Formation
  • Token Creation Using Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract
  • Set a Value or Price for the Token
  • Investors and Issuer Dashboard Creation
  • Presenting tokens for Sale

Why Blockchainappsdeveloper For Tokenized Asset Offerings ?

  • Reputed Blockchain Development Company
  • Proven Industry Expertise
  • Advanced TAO Development Services
  • Insight Knowledge on Legal Rules and Regulations of Different Government
  • Custom Token Development Services
  • Technical Support Throughout the TAO Development
  • Innovative Team of Experts
Why Blockchainappsdeveloper For Tokenized Asset Offerings ?

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