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Equity Token Offering Development Company

Equity Token Offering Development Services

ETO or equity token offering is another version of ICO, which is rapidly developing to be the most favoured strategy to raise fund for business through equity tokens. ETO development is perfect solution for any sort of organization, who wish to raise capital from international investors, while giving the investors a secure and technological advanced solutions protected by law. We, Blockchainappsdeveloper, renowned ETO Development Company, will help businesses to fulfill their unique business requirements through customizable ETO Development Dervices. We hold proven industry experience in numerous sectors pertaining to Equity Token Offerings and assist you to launch your own ETO according to business requirements.

Types Of Equity Tokens

Dilutable Tokens

In dilutable tokens, you can authorize a lot of stock, but issue only a part of it to the investors and other shareholders. The rest unissued stocks will be used for the later sales and when it is sold, it dilutes all the existing shareholders. The number of token represents the shares in the organization which is etched on a smart contract. This token tends to reduce share held by the investor, however, the share holds more value.

Non-Dilutable Tokens

A Non-dilutable token will be equal to the percentage share of the business and prevent investors from dilution of equity position. In this type of token, the percentage of the share value will decrease when the total number of the shares increase. Anti-dilution premium will act as an insurance to make the investors remain in the company without diluting their rights and assets.

Why Prefer Equity Tokens ?

Equity Tokens are considered to be the safest form of investment for the investors as well as the organization. ETO is now being adopted by most of the organization as it helps businesses to easily raise huge capital for their venture from international investors. Here are some of the benefits of equity tokens.

  • Most Proven Token
  • Token value equals to share of company
  • Keep Control over your business
  • Allow investors to trade safely
  • Retain Value as long as you you make money
  • Align Investors Interests with your ETO Development
  • Secure with Regulations
  • Voting Rights to Investors as Shareholder
  • Ensure the transparency.
  • Cash Flow induced on smart contract
  • Immutable record
  • Transfer Dividends to Investor’s wallet securely.

Features Of Equity Tokens

Programmable Equity

These Equity tokens will help you to have a complete control of the illiquid assets in the form of equity issuance, through programmable code.

Enhanced Market

This token will assure the investors with a perfect structure and technological advancement, that results in multiplying trust of the investors.

Custom Blockchain

Generally, equity tokens are created on a new blockchain network, customized specially for equity tokens. Therefore, you get a complete access and control over token.

Backend Dashboard

Along with ETO development services, you also get appealing admin panel to manage activities of investors dividends, buybacks and notifications.

Global Capital Investment

As the tokens are registered on native governments regulatory compliance, it provides trust and reliability to the investors for a larger capital investment.

Secure Wallet

A multi-signature, multi-device secure wallet is created on the blockchain, to make the network, trading and funds more safe and secure.

ETO Development Process

Registration to an Exchange Platform

The first step will be registering the blockchain to an exchange platform, if your company does not have its own exchange platform. You have to put forth your company’s registration documents and other documents for verification.

Commercial Terms

Commercial terms is the created, which involves the terms offered to the potential investors. Your venture’s has to state its value and present the total investment amount available.

Public Listing on Website

Once the commercial terms are clearly stated, a contract will be signed between you and the token holder. This enables you to create the public listing details on the website, to allow investors follow up.

Pre Equity Token Offering

In this stage, the token is offered to high-worth investors, before offering it to the public, to gain more investment as these top investors might buy all the tokens offered to them and enhance capital for your business.

Public Placement

This is the stage where the remaining fund is issued to the public and maximum funding amount is reached. It is the end of financing stage where investment agreement is signed with token holders and present all the purchased token to the investors.

Shareholder’s Community

When any form of share is sold to the public, Shareholder’s community is created. You should make sure that shareholders have the access to your company’s activities including voting platforms, reporting tools and payment modes to the token holders.

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