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Zebpay Clone Script To Start A Peer To Peer (P2P) Crypto Exchange Website Like Zebpay


Zebpay Clone Script To Start A Peer To Peer (P2P) Crypto Exchange Website Like Zebpay

Build your own Cryptocurrency Exchange like Zebpay exchange with our ready-made ZebPay Exchange Wallet Clone Script.

Zebay Clone Script

Establish your own p2p cryptocurrency exchange website that functions similar to Zebpay. Adopting our Zebpay Clone Script is the most reliable option to start a profitable, secure enhanced, and customizable bitcoin exchange website like Zebpay. Get a high user experience owning our Zebpay Exchange clone script where the 100% reliability & convenient payment method integration is a primary concern.

Zebpay Clone Script is a readymade & 100% white-labeled Crypto Exchange website script, that is used to set up a crypto exchange with replicates all the existing features, trading plugins of the Zebpay exchange website. With this raw ready-made Zebpay clone script you can start a powerful Crypto Exchange Just like Zebpay.

Build your own Cryptocurrency Exchange like Zebpay exchange with our ready-made ZebPay Exchange Wallet Clone Script.

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If you are a new crypto enthusiast or existing businessman, ruling crypto industries have a dream of starting their crypto exchange with unique features.

Zebay is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform having 2+ million active users founded in Singapore since 2014. 

It is the right time to start a crypto exchange like Zebpay to get more profits?. 

Because starting an exchange is one of the effective ways to earn lucrative money in a short time. The website owner can fulfill their needs in collecting such as trading fees, listing fees, withdrawal fees, and more.

What is Zebpay?

Zebpay exchange website allows new users to register and existing users to log in to buy, easily sell digital currencies. This exchange offers its services to both the web and mobile platforms like android, ios. 

The exchange supports six cryptocurrencies such as BTC , ETH , XRP, BCH , EOS , LTC and supported fiat currency AUD,EUR. In span limitation of time effective hard work and secure solutions providing for their user have achieved more than $2 million in volume in fiat transactions. 

Example: In 2017, the trade volume of zebpay platform skyrocketed to $1 billion. And in 2018, the trading volume is doubled to $2 billion through launching mobile trading apps.

How does Zebpay work?

Step 1: Sign up or Sign in with a mobile number

If you are a new user you can fill in the mandatory details later, trader can verify through mobile number sending OTP and email through activation links.

Step 2: KYC and AML verifications

Next verify your identity by uploading a driving license, passport photo, or any other government verification docs. The exchange provides 100 points for identity information.

Step 3: Buy or Sell Cryptocurrency

To start buying or selling on Zebpay, you will need to make a deposit cryptocurrency or fiat currency in a Zebpay wallet. Then, you need to decide to buy or sell the cryptocurrency. Also, you need to enter the number of cryptos that you want to buy or sell.

Highlight’s Features in Zebpay Exchange

1.  Fast Lightning Payments 

Zebpay offers a new protocol in the Blockchain-based technology for the payment process for providing faster transactions by scanning or pasting invoices.

2. Accessible in Mobile cross platforms

Zebpay trading increases through mobile apps in android, ios smartphones. 

3. High Tech Security Controls

High-security measures for the admin to disable outgoing transactions to avoid the scammers.

4. Escrow Protection

It has escrow multi-signature wallet integration to proceed with highly secured trading.

5.Trading Bot

Zebpay integrated Trading Bot for the automatic trading process to reduce timing.

Why should you get the Zebpay Clone Script From Blockchainappdeveloper? 

Blockchainappdeveloper, a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange development company in the crypto industry. We have years of experience developing a team providing cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts with integrated superiors trading features. Our premium Zebpay Clone Script includes the following features.

1. Margin trading
2.Multi-cryptocurrency wallet integration
3.IEO launchpad
4.STO launchpad
5.High Liquidity API
6.Referral program
7.Multi-lingual Support
8.Type of orders
9.Payment gateway integration
10.Trade matching engine
11.Automatic KYC/AML verifications
12.Atomic swaps
13.Multi-layered security protocols

14.Two-Factor Authentication

Benefits of using Zebpay Clone Script

1.It is a ready-made clone script, so the development process took a short time and was easy. Also, it saves you time and money.
2.This script comes with existing features and functions of the Zebpay exchange.
3.It has a user-friendly interface and high-end security systems.
4. It enriches your ROI daily.
5. It reaches the cryptocurrency market quickly.
6. The admin can easily customize the zebpay clone through white label solutions

How Zebpay Clone Benefit’s You?

Initially, Cryptocurrency Exchange is an evergreen money-making business. After, starting an exchange like Zebpay, you can collect the fee from the user such as

  • Transaction fee
  • Deposit fee
  • Withdrawal fee
  • Listing Fees

Reasons to choose Blockchainappdeveloper Company For your Business

We never asked you to share your profit.

Our product will follow agile methodologies.

We provide wide multi services like Defi development, cryptocurrency exchange solutions, mlm development, and blockchain services, Dapp development, etc.

We deliver all types of cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts on time.

We provide additional packages like digital marketing services at affordable prices.

Blockchainappsdeveloper - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script Provider

#Blockchainappsdeveloper is the best P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development Company that offers a readymade and bug-free Zebpay Clone Script by which one can automatically build an exchange website just like Zebpay exchange.

As a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script/software Provider in the cryptocurrency market industry, we also provide some other Exclusive Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Scripts such as

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