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Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract is the self executing digital contract, eliminate the need for a middleman. It is a blockchain-based protocol, which is built to facilitate complete automation and transparency in the process. Like the traditional contract, this digital smart contract includes a set of rules and requirements on all the parties of the blockchain network. When the rules and requirements are met, the smart contracts executes itself. As Smart Contracts play a major role to secure blockchain businesses, Smart Contract Audit was made an essential part to ensure that the smart contract functions as expected. The main function of smart contract audit is to find security vulnerabilities and make sure that it is safe from hackers, before it is being deployed to the main network. Blockchainappsdeveloper provide Blockchain Smart Contract Auditing Services to ensure that the smart contracts on the blockchain are not susceptible to any attacks and hacks.

Smart Contract Audit

We Analyse the Smart Contract Functionality and Identify Security Vulnerabilities, to Fix Them Accordingly

Why Smart Contract Security Audit ?

Why Smart Contract Security Audit ?

The digital smart contracts are widely used at various industries. When the rules induced in the smart contract are agreed by the users, the smart contract executes in the specified way. If the smart contract is not executing in the specified way, that leads to loss of money, data and security. Over/Underflows, Reentrancy, and Front Running are the most widespread smart contract vulnerabilities and to avoid such loss and security vulnerabilities, Smart Contract Audit is a must. Here are some of the benefits of Smart Contract Auditing Services.

  • Smart Contract Audit Will Optimize the Code
  • Ensure that the Contracts function as specified
  • Build Trust and Confidence of Investors/Traders
  • Save Time for Exchange Review
  • More Secure
  • Enhance Investors and Trader Loyalty
  • Regulatory Requirements in STO

Smart Contract Audit Services

Our end-to-end smart contract auditing solutions to secure the digital contract from security vulnerabilities, before deploying to the main blockchain network.

1. ICO Smart Contract Audit

When it comes to ICO, Smart Contract Audit is an important step. We assist you with Smart contract auditing services for ICO projects, to ensure that the contract is not susceptible to security breaches.

2. STO Smart Contract Audit

In STO, the regulations of different jurisdictions are embedded in the smart contract. We do Smart Contract Auditing to ensure that the rules and regulations are induced perfect and error free.

3. Smart Contract Security Audit

We are specialized in offering smart contract security audit solutions to make the smart contract 100 % secure, free from bug and safe on the decentralized applications.

4. Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract Audit

Ethereum is the well-known platform to program any type of digital contract with customizable features. We are expertise in doing complete Ethereum Smart Contract Audit to find the vulnerabilities and fix them accordingly.

Smart Contract Audit Services

Smart Contract Audit Approaches

Manual Code Analysis

Manual Code Analysis

In this approach, our team will examine the code with utmost care to find the areas with high, medium and low risk and potential security vulnerabilities. Also, we will analyse the role of smart contract in your business and identify the flaws that could affect its functionality.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing

We have an well trained specialist, who are experts in testing smart contract without using automation tool, and find the edge cases in the code. Our major focus will be on identifying the security issues, as it the biggest threat for a successful smart contract.

Static Analysis

Static Analysis

We use the static analysis approach to identify the vulnerabilities and classify it into high, medium and low. Generally, they are related to transaction-ordering dependence & front running, under/overflow bugs, replay attack and other bugs in token.

Automate Code Analysis

Automate Code Analysis

In this Automatic analysis approach,automatic tool will do the assessments with regards to intricate areas of blockchain and smart contract. This approach helps us to identify the vulnerabilities quick and easy.

Smart Contract Auditing Process

Smart Contract Auditing Process

1. Get the Code

We will first know about your Smart Contract functionality. Also, we get the smart contract code from you and know what it is intended to do.

2. Plan a Quote

We then plan smart contract audit and share the quote with you. Once you approve to it, we will move to the next step.

3. Identify Vulnerabilities

In this step, using advanced tools, out team will audit the smart contract to finf the security vulnerabilities.

4. Prepare Report

We will then provide you with detailed audit report. The report includes solutions and improvements to issues found in smart contract during audit.

5. Fix the Security Vulnerabilities

We will then fix everything that needs to be fixed and ensure that the smart contract is more secure and bugs free.

6. Re-Audit

Before deploying it to the client’s main network, we do a second audit to make sure that all are perfectly set and ready to publish.

7. Deploy to the Network

Once we ensure its perfect, the smart contract will be deployed to the client’s blockchain network.

Why Blockchainappsdeveloper for Smart Contract Audit ?

Blockchainappsdeveloper has a team of professional smart contract auditors to provide comprehensive smart contract audit. We are the best platform for a Smart Contract Audit, as we inherit the following perks.

  • Strong Knowledge in Identifying Vulnerabilities
  • Detailed Report of Audit
  • Well Defined Process
  • Guaranteed Transparency Throughout the Process
  • Clear Audit Metrics
  • Experienced team of Smart Contract Auditors
  • Quick and Cost Effective
  • Audited 100+ smart contracts
Why Blockchainappsdeveloper for Smart Contract Audit ?

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