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Bitcoin Escrow Script To Build Secured & Seamless P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform


Bitcoin Escrow Script To Build Secured & Seamless P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

You can easily start offering crypto escrow service to various countries and crypto related transactions including ICO, STO with the help of Bitcoin Escrow Script.

Bitcoin Escrow Script

Bitcoin Escrow Script is a multi-tested cryptocurrency exchange website script that can be written in any programming language, like JAVA, PHP, MEAN Stack, MERN Stack, Laravel, or any other programming languages. With Bitcoin Escrow Script to one can easily start a bitcoin exchange platform. The bitcoin escrow services offer scam-free transactions, prospective matching, and smooth trading between the buyer and the seller.

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange  Development Company, offers the bitcoin escrow script with the latest features and functionalities. Our Bitcoin Escrow Script is customizable, so you can customize it based on your business needs.

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Cryptocurrency Escrow Script

Cryptocurrency Escrow Script is a ready-made crypto exchange script built by advanced programming languages. Our cryptocurrency escrow script will act as a third-party interface that sends and receives cryptos at the end of two parties.

A cryptocurrency escrow script allows the admin or owner of a crypto exchange to monitor payments from both buyers and sellers during the transaction process.

Elite Features of Our Bitcoin Escrow Script

Here are some of the advanced high tech features of bitcoin escrow script,

  • Supports unlimited tokens

  • Advanced UI

  • Integration of Initial Exchange Offering(IEO)

  • Dispute Management System

  • Multi-Language Support

  • Reputation System

  • Real-time Statistics

  • User-Friendly CMS

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • Rapid Match Engine

  • Multicurrency Paring

  • GPS tracking

Security Features of Bitcoin Escrow Script

  • KYC/ AML/OTC Integrated

  • Multi tested

  • Encrypted chats

  • Multisig enabled wallet

  • Secured shell host(SSH)

  • Two-factor Authentication

  • Secured file transfer protocol(SFTP)

Benefits of Our Bitcoin Escrow Script

1. Within the escrow services, the buyer and seller cannot deviate from the agreement.

2. If the secure encrypted keys of the buyer and seller do not match, the escrow wallets cannot be opened. Escrow assures the security of the user's transactions.

3. If any problem occurs between the buyer and seller in the trading process, the escrow acts as a dispute manager to clear the disputes.

4. As escrow holds the bitcoins, the seller cannot theft or run off with the buyer's payment.

5. As the crypto exchange is irreversible, the Escrow cross-checks the buyer's payment details to avoid any manual error.

Bitcoin Escrow Service

Bitcoin Escrow is an agreement between two parties in which a transaction is kept by a third person until a certain condition is met. Bitcoin Escrow Service safely keeping your bitcoins on the deposited account to protect both the buyer and seller.

By using this escrow services, Escrow protects buyers from fraudulent sellers & you can make your transactions more secure by securing payments to a secure escrow account. It happens when all the terms and conditions are met based on the agreement issued by Escrow services.

Top 5 Bitcoin Escrow Clone Script

And also you can instantly start your bitcoin exchange platform with bitcoin escrow clone scripts,

Bitcoin Escrow Script To Start Escrow Service Like Localbitcoins

Localbitcoins Escrow Script delivers the exchange of bitcoins and this script all the core features of the Localbitcoins platform. It offers advanced trading options and high security for traders. This script delivers the features like,

  • Escrow wallet

  • Ads posting facility

  • Online/Offline trading options

  • Dispute resolution

  • Proximity Matching

  • Multilingual Access

Bitcoin Escrow Script To Start Escrow Service Like Remitano

Remitano escrow clone script is a website script that contains all the existing features of Remitano and works like a remitano exchange platform. This script comes out with the highlighting features of the remitano exchange platform.

Here are the major features of the Remitano clone script,

  • Multiple payment methods

  • Instant buy/sell bitcoins

  • Customizable UI/UX design

  • Advertisement facilities

  • Feedback & Review Mechanism

  • Secured Escrow wallet integration.

Bitcoin Escrow Script To Start Escrow Service Like Paxful

Paxful escrow clone script contains all the current highlights and security modules like Paxful.

  • Completely Decentralized

  • Rewards on referrals

  • Gift card schemes

  • Multi-currency support

  • Affiliate program to earn extra income

  • Reputation system

How Bitcoin Escrow Script Works?

1. Buyer and seller signin to the agreement:

First of all, the users have to registered on the platform, After that, both the buyer and seller must agree to the terms and conditions for the transaction/signin to the agreement. Within the escrow services, the buyer and seller cannot deviate from the agreement.

2. Seller pays to the Escrow:

After the agreement process, the seller sends the bitcoins to the escrow's wallet and the escrow holds the bitcoins. The escrow admin checks the bitcoin quantity.

3. Buyer sends to the Escrow & seller will notified:

The buyer agrees to pay with a secure escrow system with any of the payment methods. The escrow checks the funds and the notifications sent to the seller that the funds are safe in an escrow account.

4. Escrow Verification:

Once the escrow verifies the payment, the seller checks payment and submits the information. After that the seller asks the escrow to release the bitcoins.

5. Dispute Management:

If any disputes occurs between the buyer and seller in the trading process, the escrow acts as a dispute manager to clear the all the issues.

6. Escrow Pays the Seller:

Once the buyer accepts, escrow releases the funds to the seller from the escrow wallet. The transaction gets completed securely and safely.

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper for Bitcoin Escrow Script?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is the most trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company, offers the cryptocurrency escrow script with top features to start your Bitcoin Exchange Platform. This script consists of the following high-tech features,

  • Inbuilt Multisig cryptocurrency wallet

  • API integration

  • Accelerated speed transactions

  • Flexible to Executed with Smart contracts.

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