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Centralized Exchange Platform Development Company

A centralized exchange (CEX) is an escrow based exchange platform, where the cryptocurrency transactions are secured with a middleman between the buyer and seller. It is a platform where the access point and the exit point needs some amount of fee, that directly goes to the centralized exchange owner. In the centralized exchange platform, the cryptocurrency exchange is gone seamlessly and securely. Most of the cryptocurrency investors choose the centralized exchange to trade Bitcoin because it assures safer transaction. If you want to start a profit-oriented company, you can build a centralized exchange platform, where the users get a secure trading platform with a robust trading engine for faster order matching and transaction process.

Blockchainappsdeveloper is a leading Centralized Exchange Platform Development Company, offering highly secure trading platform to the users for cryptocurrency exchange. We develop unique centralized platform with advanced features and functionalities to allow users transfer and exchange cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, in a secure way. You can now make profit by building your own centralized exchange platform and get some amount from the users for every transaction.


Why Centralized Exchange Platform

Blockchain technology is refining the cryptocurrency world in infinite possible ways. Every cryptocurrency is created through blockchain and also exchanged and maintain transactions using blockchain exchange. There are two blockchain exchange platforms, namely centralized exchange platform and decentralized exchange platform. Both are beneficial in its own way. Here are some of the reason for choosing centralized blockchain exchange platform.

1. Faster

Centralized Exchange is very fast because the platform is handled by the exchange-owned server and it takes few seconds for Bitcoin transactions.

2. Trade Various Coins

This centralized platform will allow the user to trade different blockchain coins on various base and not limited to Ethereum coins alone.

3. More Liquidity

As the Centralized Exchange Platform is more secure and convenient, it engages more active users. When the number of user is increased, there is more liquidity.

4. Handle Large Investment

Generally, centralized exchange has the ability to record longer history of cryptocurrency transactions of all the users. It is an major fact for considering Centralized Exchange Platform.

5. Convenient

This platform allows the user to seamlessly trade and exchange any type of cryptocurrency at any base and simple to use.

Features of Our Centralized Exchange Platform

Blockchainappsdeveloper are the leaders in developing white label blockchain exchange platform based on the client’s requirements. Our Centralized Exchange Platform Development Services are customized to our client’s demand. We develop advanced exchange platform with a centralized server to the platform more secure and faster. Our Centralized Exchange Platform has the following features.

  • Robust admin and users dashboard
  • Secure cryptocurrency transaction
  • Premium UI/UX
  • Record complete history of cryptocurrency transactions
  • Seamless communication between buyer and seller
  • Flawless trade of cryptocurrency
  • Two factor authentication
  • Advanced Smart contract
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Instant alert and notification
  • Easy to Use Platform
  • Reliable Centralized Exchange on Blockchain

Our Centralized Exchange Platform Development Process

Identification and Analysis

Identification and Analysis

We first identify your needs and our team will have a small research to know the present status of the business and product in the market.



Once our team is done with a complete research, based on your requirements, our designers will come out with a proper outline of the project.



Our team of developers build advanced centralized exchange platform over blockchain and smart contract, with latest functionalities.



It is very important to test the developed product before deployment. We have skilled testing team, to ensure that our product is free from bug.



Once testing is done by our experts, it is then deployed in the clients network and all set to work and trade.


Why Blockchainappsdeveloper for Centralized Exchange Development ?

We are a well-known centralized exchange platform development company, with vast experience in the field of blockchain. We are the best place to build a Centralized Exchange Platform as we have the following qualities.

  • Top-notch Blockchain Development Company
  • Build Secure Centralized Exchange Platform
  • Pool of professionals
  • Explore our Clients Requirements
  • High class Centralized Exchange Platform Development Solutions
  • Continuous Technical Support
  • Strong Knowledge on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Hope you had a quick note on Centralized Exchange Development. Let us have a brief discussion here.

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