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How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Wallet?


How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Wallet?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper - Leading Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company builds advanced and reliable Crypto wallets & Bitcoin Wallets.

How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Wallet?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper - Leading Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Company offers top-notch white-label cryptocurrency wallet development services to develop secure and reliable cryptocurrency wallets for effective management of digital assets.

White-label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development services by highly skilled developers from BlockchainAppsDeveloper - Cryptocurrency Development Company. Hire our cryptocurrency & bitcoin developers to build a multicurrency wallet.

Key Features Of Cryptocurrency Wallet

A Cryptocurrency Wallet needs to have some advanced features to work consistently and provide users with an easy-to-use interface. This is the reason we develop a white-label cryptocurrency wallet with the new upgraded features, advanced security, and user-friendly design to store and exchange cryptocurrencies.

1. Multi Cryptocurrency & Muti-Token Support:

Our Cryptocurrency Wallets supports multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, etc… and facilitates the integration of a list of altcoins and tokens based on your business requirements.

2. Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Our White Label Cryptocurrency wallet will be supported on various platforms as people in the modern world use different devices. Our wallet is compatible with all major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and also supports all desktop platforms.

3. Near Field Communication (NFC) Support:

NFC technology makes the exchange from the wallet easier and faster by a “single-click”’ on the NFC tag of the wallet and it automatically fetches the sender’s and buyer’s wallet address and process the transactions.

4. Easy-To-User Interface:

Our Cryptocurrency Wallets provide users with an impeccable user interface and give user-friendly and mobile-friendly UI/UX design.

5. QR Code Scanner Support:

QR or Quick Response Scanner technology aids the way for faster transactions by scanning the Wallet address and thereby simplifying the exchange of digital currencies in a “single tap”.

6. Auto Denial of Duplicate Payments:

The Wallet is equipped with auto denial of duplicate payments feature to avoid chargebacks in duplicate payments.

7. Wallet BackUp:

Wallet BackUp facility to protect your cryptocurrencies and tokens against software failure and theft.

8. Transactions history & Conversion rates:

Transaction History Option - To view the entire transactions carried out on the wallet.
Conversion Rate Option - To view the updated cryptocurrency values instantly.

9. Push Notifications:

Push notification facility to get alerts on transactions and when the value/price of cryptocurrencies changes.

10. Instant Swapping:

Instant swapping mechanism empowers wallet users to quickly and easily exchange one cryptocurrency for another, without any limit and without the need to use any fiat currencies as an intermediary.

Security Features Of Cryptocurrency Wallet

1. Two-Factor Authentication

We set up a two-factor authentication protocol to give a feel of a greater level of security for the wallet users. This feature is optional for the users to use.

2. Auto Generate Public Key for New Transaction

To secure your cryptocurrencies from fraudulent activities, a new public key is generated automatically for every new transaction. This feature will not let the hackers know about the ownership identity.

3. Auto Session Logout

Another interesting feature of our cryptocurrency wallet is that the session logs out automatically after a certain time. This is a part of security measures, to avoid hacking and fraud activities.

4. Finger Print & Facial Recognition

To enhance the security of your crypto wallets, we have implemented biometric technology like a fingerprint and facial recognition system which enables authentication for users trying to access their wallets.

5. Multi-Signature Support

The multi-Signature facility provides an extra layer of security mechanisms to safeguard your cryptocurrencies in the wallet. By enabling this feature, the wallet users can assign two co-signers to approve the withdrawal request on the wallet. This is optional for users.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

We, BlockchainAppsDevelopers offer top-notch Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services to build highly-secured & reliable crypto wallets.

Web Wallet 

A Web Wallet also called an online wallet or hot wallet which primarily needs web access to function. Users can send, receive or access cryptocurrencies when the web wallet is connected to the internet.

Our blockchain developers are specialized in developing customized web wallets with the latest features.

Features Of Web Wallet:

1. Enables a quick way to complete a transaction.
2. Store multiple cryptocurrencies & tokens.
3. Easy to link to a cryptocurrency exchange.
4. Ideal for minimal cryptocurrency savings.

Mobile Wallet

A Mobile Wallet is an advanced crypto wallet that can be accessed through your mobile phones as a Wallet App. Mobile Wallets can be accessed at any time from anywhere.

We have a separate team of Blockchain Developers in Android and iOS who have many successful tracks in mobile wallet development.

Types of Mobile Wallets:

1. Multi-Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet
2. Single Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet

Features Of Mobile Wallet:

1. Our Mobile wallets support QR code scanning.
2. Allows Biometric authentications.
3. Easy to send & receive crypto assets.
4. (NFC) Near Field Communication technology.

Desktop Wallet:

Desktop Wallets are referred to as the most effective cold storage of digital assets. Desktop Wallets are safer than the web and mobile wallets.


Advantages of Desktop Wallet:

1. The safest type of wallet.
2. No need for a third-party server to save private keys.
3. Cold Storage desktop wallets don’t need the internet.
4. Simple and easy to use.

Hardware Wallet 

Hardware Wallet is an advanced type of crypto wallet through which digital assets are stored in a hardware device. Hardware Wallets are more significant for handling private keys and public addresses.

Advantages of Hardware Wallet:

1. Hardware wallets are highly secured.
2. Easiest & safest place to store digital assets for the long-term.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet is a type of single cryptocurrency wallet, in which users can store, send, receive and access bitcoins. This is the most cost-saving type of wallet preferred by bitcoin users alone. 


Bitcoin Wallet Development Company

BlockchainAppsDevelopers - Leading Bitcoin Wallet Development company offers high-end bitcoin wallet development services to build bitcoin wallets to send, receive and store bitcoins securely.

Features of Bitcoin Wallet:

1. Cost-effective compared to a multi-crypto wallet.
2. The easiest way to store, send and receive bitcoins.
3. Track on your bitcoins in the wallet.
4. Detects duplicate payments.
5. Automatic session log-out.

Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development

We are the best Cryptocurrency Wallet App Development Company that builds advanced Cryptocurrency wallets App that will be the perfect solution for cryptocurrency traders. Our in-depth knowledge of Bitcoin Wallet App Development helps us to deliver a highly secured bitcoin wallet app that facilitates the effective management of bitcoins.

Our Crypto Wallet App & Bitcoin Wallet App is known for their security features. 2FA security and biometric authentication makes our crypto wallet app more vital in the Crypto market. 

Advantages of Our Cryptocurrency Wallet App

1. Easy to install and use.
2. Cross-platform capability.
3. Fingerprint, face recognition, 2FA security enabled.
4. View transaction history and track on the balance.
5. QR code support to easily scan wallet address.

Why White Label Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet?

With the rapid evolvement of the cryptocurrency market, the amount of cryptocurrency thefts and hacks also keeps on increasing nowadays! 2019 saw more cryptocurrency hacks than the other year, an worth of about $3 billion has been stolen by hackers.

Source: Image: Chainalysis

The majority of the theft has recorded thus far is happened by hacking the cryptocurrency wallets.

Our White Label Multi-Signature Wallet is going to be the right solution to safeguard the cryptocurrencies from hackers. Our Crypto Wallets are highly recognized for its multi-layer security and advanced features.

If you're looking to create your own Cryptocurrency Wallet for your exchange business, you're in the right place!

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Why Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency Wallets?

Initially, the blockchain used to record cryptocurrency transactions in a transparent and secure system. But now, blockchain offers many solutions for various industries beyond cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency transactions have raised to an excellent extent and therefore the number of cryptocurrency holders has raised during these times.

To have the cryptocurrency safe and secure, blockchain-based crypto wallets are developed. We develop a secure crypto wallet on blockchain technology with the foremost advanced features and functionalities.

The following are the key reasons for developing blockchain-based crypto wallets.

- Secure crypto payments with unique public & private key
- Simplified cryptocurrency exchange for users
- Easy to install and use
- Decentralized and not controlled by any government
- A faster transaction with nil or cheaper transaction fees
- Inflation process doesn't influence because the value remains an equivalent
- User can know the worth of their cryptocurrency
- Multi cryptocurrency transaction
- Seamless trade and exchange of cryptocurrency
- Have a track on the balance

Revenue Model In Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency Wallet is the place where users can store their bitcoins and other altcoins, tokens, etc… So Crypto Wallets are owning a predominant role in the Crypto market.

So, the Cryptocurrency wallet holders/owners earn revenue through user’s transactions which are classified as below:

Let us consider an example, A Crypto wallet owners charge a 0.04% transaction fee for an exchange. Suppose a user transfers 10 BTC worth $100,000, then the wallet owner earns $40 as a transaction fee. It means for every 1000 orders, the wallet owner can earn:

Daily Revenue: $50,000
Monthly Revenue: $15,0000
Yearly Revenue: $18,00,000

The revenue depends on the transaction fee & business model which can vary accordingly.

White-Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Blockchainappsdeveloper, being the foremost reputed White-Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services, we've excelled in white-label cryptocurrency wallet development for businesses of any size, supported their desired requirements.

Blockchain is a prime technology we use to build crypto wallets for cryptocurrency holders to store, send, receive or exchange cryptocurrencies with other traders securely within the exchange platform.

Every wallet that we build is only a white label crypto wallet or a totally new multi-signature crypto wallet.

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper for Cryptocurrency Wallet Development?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper, being the leading blockchain development company, excelled in blockchain wallet development for businesses of any size, based on their requirements. With world-class resources and technology, we have become an expertise cryptocurrency wallet development company and rendered outstanding crypto wallet development services for various clients globally.

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