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What Is IPFS Blockchain?


What Is IPFS Blockchain?

In the beyond of crypto explosion, you may confused, How to develop IPFS blockchain technology for your business without dealing any trouble?

Greeting to you !

This article is going to explore you an exclusive topic, which is gonna rule the online world very soon. Yes, We are going to discuss about an innovative concept “ IPFS Blockchain”.  

• What Is actually ipfs ?

• What is going to be happen through IPFS?

• How it will revamp the entire online industry.

• What are the USE cases Of IPfs

• How Blockchain can be implemented with IPFS

• What is the impact of IPFS Blockchain

Let’s go ..

What is IPFS?

This entire concept is like a spider web, so if you dive in too deep means you will be stucked in to too much of technical things. So let us convey the juice of IPFS In simple.

The term IPFS refers Interplanetary File System.

You may get some idea with the keyword, “interplanetary” . That is sharing of information’s between different mediums.

IPFS – is just a network protocol like HTTP. It helps you to transfer data across the web servers as just like HTTP.  But the difference here is, it transfer the data’s through peer-to-peer decentralized network.  

That’s it, we will discuss more about the concept in detail below.

What is going to happen through IPFS?

The sole purpose of IPFS is to replace HTTP.  Why ?

Everyone who uses internet are may aware of the 4 letters HTTP. That is whenever we explore a web page,  the entire URL will be displayed by starting with http. Right?

In TCP/IP network the first layer is application layer. Where the application layer will handle the protocols like HTTP/FTP/SMTP/SNMP/POP3. From a long while ago HTTP has consider to be a most efficient way of transferring data’s to network..

In simple HTTP is a request-response protocol.  If you are using internet means you will be consider as a client, and if you are requesting to see a web page then this activity will be sent as request to the server which serves the data.  The server sends data in response to the request.

Http is a location based protocol, so whenever a request sent from client, it will be transferred in to an IP address on google server. And the server will start responding to the request.

Drawbacks Of HTTP

• Occurrence of slow response

When a group of people requesting to access a specific web page, then a bulk number of request will be sent to the server at one time. This cause the server to dump and to respond slow.

• Occurrence of not getting response

If there is any problem in network service line, or if  the content deleted from that location, then there will be a possibility of not getting the data, and will result in broken links.

This entire concept is wrapped with “centralization concept”


How IPFS can replace HTTP and how does it works?


HTTP, Points to a location where as the IPFS points to content/data/information on that location.  

A http request will be sent like this : http://12.43.323.24/location/file.txt

Where as a IPFS request will be sent like this : ipfs/Ewers43TvaT4345/location/file.txt


http passes the address of the file, and where as the ipfs passes the cryptographic hashcode to address the content. This hash code represents the root object and the other objects found in the path.

http sends request to the server, but whereas the ipfs access the data from the nearest node which has the same content as you want, Thus ipfs prevents sending multiple number of request to the server.


HTTP request- Asking what is present at a certain location

IPFS request – Asking where the certain file/content Is located.


In IPFS, when a group of people requesting to access a page, then each user will be get access from the near by node/user instead of requesting server.


This concept is executed using the concept of decentralization and physical proximity.

How data transmit happens in IPFS?

IPFS uses DHT file system in order to store the data which of the hash codes. If you have the hash code, then you can ask the p to p network who has the content which is located at the hash. Then you can download the file directly from the node who has the content you want.

For better understanding In real life example are “ File transferring mobile apps”.  Near by devices will be connected with each other, and files will be shared. This promity concept is alone used in IPFS too,.

IPFS Vs Blockchain

IPFS are born with the gene of Blockchain. Yes, Juan Benet the inventor of this project created it by taking the advantage of bitcoin Blockchain protocol. Whereas the protocol stores, and shares unchangeable information content, and removes the duplicate content.

Blockchain uses decentralization concept and also consider to be the distributed ledger technology, where as the ipfs also utilize the same look alike concept “Distributed Hash Table” on Peer to peer decentralized network.  

This similarity inherits the two different innovations to work together.

So this is a very clear statement that, when we implement Blockchain with IPFS, then the transferring of data among nodes will be super fast, secured, and unalterable.

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