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What is Blockchain Technology? A Step by Step Guide For Beginners


What is Blockchain Technology? A Step by Step Guide For Beginners

What is blockchain? Blockchain is the latest technology, decentralized immutable ledger for recording transactions, tracking digital assets, and building high-level transparency and trust.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is an advanced technology, decentralized ledger for recording transactions, tracking digital assets, and building trust. 

Simply, Blockchain is a system of recording data or information in a way that creates it impossible to change, hack, or cheat the entire system. Blockchain technology is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on blockchain technology.

Where did it come from?

The popular buzzword blockchain is a simple digital method platform for verifying digital method transactions so that other people cannot delete or alter transactions later but anyone can see those transactions. Actually, the blockchain is composed of a single digital transaction method known as blocks. Each and every block links and records together form an absolute bank history of digital transactions. Once a block is built and linked, that significant block records cannot be edited.

The blockchain technology was built using the popular bitcoin ( cryptocurrency) system that was released by Satoshi Nakamoto". Although, the massive and great idea of cryptocurrency can be traced back to the work of David Chaum. That kind of invention known as DigiCash back in the 1980 years.

Blockchain technology is an anonymous P2P payment method that relies on a safe and secure cryptographic protocols system. Blockchain technology uses a public database to store all the digital record transactions. However, bitcoin is decentralized. This kind of action means that there is no government or bank controlling the blockchain transactions.

Is Blockchain the New Internet?

By permitting digital information to be distributed but this information not copied, blockchain technology developed the backbone of a powerful type of internet. Actually devised for the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (famous cryptocurrency ) blockchain tech community has now found other prospective uses for the massive blockchain technology.

“Like Wikipedia or the internet, blockchain technology is not owned by the government or any other single company. You will not be dependent on Google and Facebook of the global that owns your details or data. What if no one owns that record – this is what blockchain can do.

A blockchain is known as a time-stamped sequence of fixed (immutable) records of data that is maintained by many computers not manage or own by any single company. Each of these particular significant blocks of data is secured & bound to each block using a cryptographic principle system.

So, what is so special about blockchain technology, and why are we worrying that blockchain technology has industry damaging abilities?

The blockchain technology network has no central government or any other government authority. Blockchain technology is the definition of a democratized system. Since blockchain technology is a shared and fixed digital ledger, the information of the data in it is open and available for everyone to see. Hence, each and every digital transaction is built on blockchain technology is transparent and everyone involved is accountable for their actions.

Blockchain Technology - Everything You Need To Know


What is blockchain & How it Works?


Blockchain technology is a simple yet ingenious way of passing digital information from A cell to B cell in a completely automated manner and safe transaction. One party (A to B) to a digital transaction initiates the process by developing a block. This significant block is verified and valid by thousands of millions of computers distributed around the internet. The verified and valid block is added to a particular chain format, which is stored across the net, developing not just a single data, but a unique data or record with a unique history of transactions. corrupting a single record would mean corrupting the complete chain in millions of occurrences. This kind of false is practically impossible. Bitcoin (popular cryptocurrency) uses this great secured blockchain technology model for monetary digital transactions, but this process can be deployed in many other ways.

A blockchain technology platform or application ensures that your record of the information is encrypted, which means that modification in the record is not an easy task. You can also secure a cryptographic signature (sign) of a file on Blockchain technology. This kind of process would provide customers a way to ensure a particular document or file is un-tampered, without needing to save the complete document on the Blockchain. Because of the blockchain decentralized nature, you can always cross-check document or file signatures across all the records on nodes in the blockchain network and it should verify that they haven’t been changed. When you look at a significant document, you can provide a 100% guarantee that it is the same version of the file or document that existed at another transaction time. If someone does change a document or record, then the particular signature is rendered invalid and the next process not initiated. The main advantages of Blockchain technology, it offers reliable, independent, data and also records verification which is unquestionable.

How Does a Blockchain Work?

Take a spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of systems or computers. Then you can imagine that the blockchain network is designed to regularly update this significant spreadsheet and you have a fundamental understanding of the blockchain. 

The blockchain technology record system is not saved or stored in any single location. It is meaning the particular set of records it keeps are true, transparent public & verifiable manner. No centralized version of this blockchain network information exists for an unknown person or hacker to corrupt. Simultaneously hosted by millions of computers or systems, the blockchain transaction record is accessible to anyone on the internet also.

Top Reason Why Blockchain has Earned So Much Attraction

Blockchain is a decentralized system. Blockchain is not managed by a single entity or government. The record of the information is cryptographically stored inside. The blockchain transaction method is fixed and immutable, So nobody can modify data or record that is inside the blockchain network. The blockchain transaction method is transparent so everyone or one can track and see the particular data if they want to

The 3 Major Advantages of Blockchain Technology:

A. Decentralization

B. Transparency

C. Immutability

Advantage A: Decentralization

Nowadays, everything going to digital. decentralizing data will limit the fault and weakness found in the significant cloud storage system and verify these systems are secure and safe from hackers and attack. Thanks to blockchain decentralization & data security system.

Blockchain Technology - A decentralized world computer that cannot be closed and it will be extremely useful for keeping our data safe and secure. Before Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies came along, we were most used to centralized-based method payments and services. The blockchain technology idea is very simple.

A big example of a centralized based system is the banks' system. They store all your data, records and money, and the only and possible way that you can pay or receive someone is by going through the bank only. Because of the reason is they are centralized, all the record and data is stored in one single spot. This kind of method makes it easy to target those particular spots for potential attackers or hackers. In the worst-case scenario, what if a centralized entity gets corrupted? If that malicious happens then all the records and data that is inside the blockchain network will be compromised.

So, the best and safest decentralized system, the information is not stored by a single entity. In fact, everyone in the blockchain network owns the particular data or information.

In a ( blockchain ) decentralized network, if you wanted to interact with your friend or any other person then you can do transactions immediately and directly without going through a third party. That was the main major benefits behind Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. You are the owner & alone you only in charge of your money. You can send your money to anyone in this blockchain network without any third-party permissions.

Advantage B: Transparency

One of the major advantages of methods or concepts in the blockchain  is “transparency.”  Some people say that blockchain provides you a total privacy zone while some say that blockchain is transparent. Why do you think that happens?

Blockchain global technology enables you to have a P2P transaction via a trusted blockchain network protocol.  So, while the user's real identity is safe and secure, you will still see all the blockchain transactions that were done by their public transaction address. This level of transparency has never existed before in a particular financial system. This process adds that extra and needed, level of reliability & accountability which is majorly required by some of the biggest businesses and companies.

Actually Speaking from the point of view of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, if you know the public address of one of these big organizations, enterprises or companies, you can simply pop it in an explorer and you can see and know at all the digital transactions that they have engaged in. This kind of information forces them to be transparent and honest, something that they have never had to deal with before blockchain transactions also.

We are already damn sure that most of these enterprises and companies won’t transact using cryptocurrency or popular bitcoin, and even if they do this transaction, they won’t do all their business transactions using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Advantage C: Immutability

Immutability - Fixed records, in the context of the blockchain means that once something has been entered into the blockchain network, records and information cannot tamper with anyone.

Blockchain technology's fixed and decentralized ledger is a powerful and excellent framework for the wide range of organizations looking to take fund management to the top business level.

Blockchain Technology: What is a Hash Pointer?

A hash pointer is similar to a pointer, but instead of just including the address of the previous block section. This transaction process also includes the hash of the data inside the previous block section. Just imagine this situation for a second, an attacker or hacker hacks block 3 and tries to modify the information or data. Because of the properties of hash methods, a slight change in information will change the significant hash drastically. This process means that any little changes made in block 3 and that will change the hash pointer which is stored in block 2 section, now that in turn will change the information or data and the hash pointer of block 2 which will result in changes in block 1 section and continue this process forth. This little change or modification will completely change the entire chain, which is impossible. These are the major advantages and exactly how blockchain technology attains immutability.

Blockchain Network & Blockchain Nodes Functionality

Blockchain technology is managed by a peer-to-peer (P2P) network. The blockchain network is a set of nodes and those nodes are interconnected to one another nodes. Blockchain technology uses a special and unique kind of blockchain network called “ P2P network” which network partitions its complete workload between blockchain participants, who are all users equally privileged. This network method is called peers. This network has no one longer a central server, now there are many decentralized & distributed peers.

Why do people use the P2P blockchain network?

The main advantage of the peer-to-peer network is file sharing usage. It is also called torrenting. If someone uses a client-server model for downloading, then that process entirely dependent and extremely slow process on the health of the client-server. it is also said like prone to censorship.

However, in a P2P system, there is no central authority or government involved, and hence if even one of the peers in the network goes out of the race, you still have more peers to download from.

Who Will Use The Blockchain Technology?

Bitcoin ( famous cryptocurrency), being a digital currency accessed online, is naturally more of a fit for being used via small to big websites than via actual online stores. And indeed, there are various options for spending your cryptocurrencies and bitcoin online. Some large companies and large enterprises have gone all-in on blockchain-based solutions, so they are set up for bitcoin and cryptocurrency purchases on their business websites. Other organizations and places have tinkered with the mass innovative idea, dipping their toes in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency waters to see if it can provide them a larger base of consumers or clients.

Even as bitcoin (cryptocurrency)has become more popular and more about long-term business investing, bitcoin has still become far easier than it used to be for bitcoin investors and owners to purchase goods online mediums, with some kind of websites developed specifically to accommodate and develop business with bitcoin. There's one online website that's totally devoted to getting you pizza with cryptocurrency and bitcoin!

Currently, finance provides powerful use cases for blockchain technology. International payment system, for instance. The World Bank financial system estimates that over $430 billion in the United States in money transfers were sent in the 2015 year.  And at the situation, there is a high-level demand for blockchain business-oriented developers.

The blockchain technology possibility cuts out the middle businessman for these types of digital transactions. The personal system became accessible to the general public or everyone with the invention of the GUI (Graphical User Interface), which took the format of a desktop. Similar ti that, the most common (Graphical User Interface) GUI devised for the blockchain network is called blockchain wallet applications, which people use to buy and sell things with popular Bitcoin, and they can store it along with other cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies.

Online Transactions are closely connected to the blockchain network processes of identity verification. Now you can easy to imagine that blockchain wallet applications will transform in the upcoming days and years to include other types of identity verification management.

What business applications will result from blockchain?

The blockchain technology network of internet users the ability to develop value and verify digital information.


What are the Blockchain Smart Contracts?



Distributed ledger blockchain technology enable the coding of simple smart contracts that will develop when specified certain high-level conditions are met. The second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum is an open-source blockchain technology project that was built specifically to initialize and realize this major possibility. Still, in blockchain technology, early stages, Ethereum ( cryptocurrency) has the possibility to leverage the usefulness of blockchains on actually world-changing scale values.

Time-based consuming digital payment method transactions can bottleneck the growth of startups and businesses, especially for all enterprises that transaction method a torrent of communications on a consistent basis blockchain digital network transactions. With blockchain technology smart contract agreements can be automatically verified, validated, signature signed and enforced through a blockchain technology development. This decreases the need for brokers and therefore secure the company money and time.

Today, blockchain development solutions credits provide autonomous blockchain smart contracts connected with its own internal cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies. By consolidating every information and details into a single platform, businesses can integrate more and more services without communicating an excessive amount of exclusive information and details to third parties.

At the blockchain technology’s current level of blockchain development, smart contracts can be programmed to perform easy and simple functions. For instance, an unimaginative could be paid out when a financial implement meets a certain benchmark level, with the use of blockchain technology and Bitcoin creating the payout to be automated manner. By now we all know that blockchain smart contracts are automated contracts with pre-established terms and regulations. Just click & Get more details about Smart Contract Development

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Blockchain Technology - The Sharing Economy

The P2P economy has grown ascendingly in recent years. Uber and Airbnb companies have the investor based community charmed with verification and valuations comfortably in the multiple billions level. They have also maintained to leave rules and major regulators in an entire kerfuffle. With these companies like Uber & Airbnb flourishing and high-level success rating, the sharing economy is already a proven massive victory. As of now, however, customers who want to precipitation a ride-sharing service have to depend on an intermediary like Uber company. By enabling peer-to-peer (P2P) payment methods, the blockchain technology opens the door to direct interaction between more parties got actually blockchain decentralized sharing economy success based results.

Super example, OpenBazaar uses the technology to develop a peer-to-peer payment method eBay. You can download the application onto your system device and you can transaction dealings with OpenBazzar vendors without paying any transaction fees structure. The “no rules” atmosphere of the network protocol means that personal reputation will be the most important one to business payment interactions than it currently is on eBay.


Blockchain Technology - Crowdfunding


Blockchain technology's most newsworthy contributions to entrepreneurship and startups are its effect and powerful innovation on crowdfunding campaigns. In fact, blockchain entrepreneurs and blockchain startups raised $5.6 billion in funds in the 2017 year, mostly driven by blockchain community and group campaigns. This blockchain technology-based fundraising business model has proven so powerful and successful that blockchain technology solutions attracting plenty of mainstream investments & business developments.

The success of blockchain technology-centric crowdfunding campaigns, the traditional crowdfunding market place is still an extremely inefficient position. Only 2% of campaign funds go to developing countries and 78% campaigns fail to reach their business targets. The lack of accessibility has led some innovative businesses and companies to combine blockchain technology innovation with traditional crowdfunding to offer power back to entrepreneurs and start-ups around the world. 

Crowdfunding method initiatives like Kickstarter & Gofundme are doing the advance work for the appearing peer-to-peer(P2P) economy. The popularity of these business sites advised people who want to have a direct deal in product development. Blockchain technology takes this interest and excitement to the next level, the possibility of creating crowd-based sourced journey capital funds.

Blockchain Technology "How Blockchain can be of great help in Governance"?

The universe of use cases in governance is developing exponentially. Though blockchain technology is becoming a mainstream business in everyday use cases, it has also brought challenges & complex governance legal issues and is pushing the boundaries of existing laws. This makes you clear one major thing- the legal laws will have to adapt to blockchain technology, just like as they adapted to the internet. By creating the massive results fully transparent & publicly accessible, blockchain distributed database technology systems could bring full transparency to election times or poll taking times. Ethereum (second popular cryptocurrency)-based smart contracts help to automate this kind of process.

The application enables organizational decision making to happen on blockchain technology. In practice, blockchain technology can be of great help in governance. It means company governance becomes fully transparent when maintaining digital funds, equity or a set of pieces of information.

Supply chain process through blockchain technology?

Customers increasingly want to know that the ethical claims companies and enterprises make about their products are real. A typical blockchain supply chain management constitutes the take care of the flow of trade file using the Blockchain technology as the basic database layer, which will provide full guarantee the authenticity and allow the straight through blockchain processing in the invoice approval.

The significant traded goods and services are also uniquely submitted and identify to the custody of a blockchain smart contract that process guarantees that payment method will be processed if particular events are satisfied like the shipping industry. Using blockchain technology could, therefore, result in top levels of trust in commercial industry relations, cheaper network transaction prices and fast processing of claim based services.

Blockchain Technology Help in Data Security?

Okay, let's see, How you can secure your data with blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology decentralizing file storage methods on the internet brings clear cut benefits. Distributing data or records throughout the network protects documents from getting attacked or hacked.

IPFS - InterPlanetary File System creates it easy to believe how a distributed data web might operate. Similar to that, the way a BitTorrent ( software company) moves files or documents around the internet, IPFS ( InterPlanetary File System) gets rid of the need for centralized client-server model based relationships (google). Nowadays, An internet made up of entirely decentralized business websites or info websites has the possibility to speed up document transfer & streaming times. Such an improvement and innovation are not only convenient but this process necessary upgrade to the websites currently overloaded content delivery method systems.

Blockchain Technology - Prediction markets

Blockchain technology has already developed a ripple effect across startups, industries and business sectors verifying data and transactions. This kind of development is useful in facilitating the crowd sales market, implementing prediction markets, and also helping in generic governance tools. Blockchain is also being used to develop a transparent, permanent and public ledger system for compiling pieces of information on the sales market, storing rights data, tracking data, digital use and payment methods. The crowdsourcing prediction method on event probability is proven to have a high degree of this blockchain technology accuracy.    

How Entrepreneurs are connecting the world with a lot of Things (loT)?

What is the IoT?

Some have dubbed the “internet of Things” “intelligence of Things” “internet of Everything” whatever they call loT, there is no doubt that the significant word loT has been steadily and shaping our future. Blockchain Technology - loT provides a scalable and decentralized environment to a loT of platforms, applications, and devices.

The biggest business players in the manufacturing industry, technologies, and telecommunication industries are all vying for IoT (a lot of Things) dominance. Think big companies IBM, Samsung, and AT&T. A natural extension of existing business infrastructure controlled by occupants and IoT business applications will run the spectrum from anticipating maintenance of mechanical parts to data analytics reports & top scale automated management systems.

Here are a few Blockchain-based Enterprise use cases on how combining loT (lot of Things) with blockchain technology can have a significant impact across multi-industries.

1.Supply Chain & Logistics industry

2.Sharing Economy Industry

3.Smart Homes Industry

4.Pharmacy Industry


6.Automotive Industry

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How did Energy Work on Blockchain Technology?

Renewable energy is the leading and top popular buzzword in today’s power industry. According to a January month, 2019 year report by BNEF - (Bloomberg New Energy Finance), global renewable energy investment amount surpassed US$332.1 billion in the 2018 year, with the gain of solar PV (photovoltaic) installations and developments from 99GW in 2017 year to approximately 109GW in the 2018 year.

How energy works on blockchain technology and Why startups and entrepreneurs pay attention to that technology.

When it comes to energy, blockchain technology-based innovations can be great on tracking consumption, tracking of the transaction, and also we can tracking of data. Blockchain technology is not going to be the best at installing a copper grid model, it may not be the best at making the transformers, hardware, etc. But, why blockchain is significant technology is because the ownership of data is the key.

“The ownership of data is important in the energy space & that is when blockchain becomes crucial.” - Martin Lim.

Ethereum smart contracts automate the monitoring, maintaining, and redistribution of microgrid energy level. This is called an “intelligent grid” and it's an early successful example of IoT business functionality.

Is Blockchain Technology the Answer for Self-Crown Identity?

Blockchain technology distributed ledgers provide enhanced methods for offering who you are, along with the potential to digitize personal files or documents. Having a safe and secure self crown identity will also be important for online business interactions for example in the sharing business economy. Quality reputation is the most important condition and aspect of conducting transactions on online platforms.

Blockchain Technology - Open Source & Integrated Financial Services

AML (Anti-money laundering) & KYC -(know your customer) practices have a strong possibility for being adapted to blockchain technology. nowadays, financial institutions and platforms must perform a labor-based intensive and multi step-based process for each new customer. KYC ( know your customer)prices could be decreased through the cross-based institutions, client verification, increase monitoring, and data analysis effectiveness.

This model is highly beneficial and useful for financial-based service companies in the digital fund mediums such as exchange platforms using their identity validation and verification network portal. Similar to that, a new successful generation of ICOs & STOs are targeting regulatory-based compliant launches.

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