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What Is Axie Infinity? - A Complete Guide to Understanding Blockchain-based NFT Game

What Is Axie Infinity? - A Complete Guide to Understanding Blockchain-based NFT Game

Axie Infinity - A Complete Guide To Understanding Blockchain-based NFT Game 2021

The Axie game recently blew up, attracting more than 1 million daily players in August, up from less than 500 in July of 2020. With a market capitalization of more than $2 billion (as of writing) and projected revenues of more than $1 billion this year, it is safe to say that Axie Infinity has achieved staggering success. Want to know details about "What is Axie Infinity? and What makes it so important?"

Let's dive in

What Is Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Axie Infinity is a popular blockchain-powered NFT game that was inspired by the successful Pokemon game series. Axie features an open-ended, significantly flexible gameplay that permits players to collect various digital pets called Axies, which can be raised, battled, and traded via the ever-expanding Axie infinity ecosystem. 

As of August 2021, Axie Infinity is currently the top most popular Ethereum-based gaming DApp by weekly on-chain volume and also the three most popular gaming DApps by player counts — with over 100,000 unique weekly game players. 

The Axie Infinity Gaming platform is designed to offer a fun, accessible, and educational way to get more exposure to the capabilities of blockchain. 

Already been successful in executing this ultimate game vision, as Axie Infinity is now a prominent on-ramp to the blockchain-powered industry in various developing countries.

What Are AXS and SLP?

There are 2 main digital tokens used in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. 

1. Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)
2. Smooth Love Potions (formerly Small Love Potion) (SLP). 

Both AXS- Axie Infinity Shards and SLP-Smooth Love Potions are ERC-20 tokens tradeable on the Ethereum blockchain network. 

Types of Axies

Axie infinities were divided into two categories. Origin Axie and Mystic Axie are the two. They are Origin Axies and Mystic Axies. 

Origin Axies with limited availability.

Mystic Axie is a variant of the original Mystic Axie, which is rare.

Axie Infinity Use Cases

As of August 2021, the Axie Infinity token is mostly used for breeding new Axies. including:

Staking Rewards 

Axie Infinity holders will soon be able to stake their digital tokens to get a proportionate chunk of the Axie Infinity inflation. This use case is scheduled to launch in 2021. 


Axie Infinity is designed and developed to transition to a decentralized oriented governance model, which sees Axie Infinity stakers take over decisions surrounding the platform development. 

Purchase Eligibility

Game Players may require to hold Axie Infinity to participate in future Axie, Land sales. 

How Does Axie Infinity Work?

Axie Infinity is a battle war-based NFT game that allows game players to battle their Axies in real-time. Each Axie Infinity is a unique value and represented by an ERC-721 & NFT. 

Each Axie has 4 different states: 

and Speed. 

Each of these plays a significant role in Axie's war mechanics since they decide how much damage the mentioned Axie can take, who attacks initially, and how much damage it can manage and come out, etc.

Stats of Axies:
Each Axie has four different stats. HP, Morale, Skill, and Speed are all included. What they do is as follows:
HP - HP stands for Axie's Health. The maximum amount of damage your Axie character can endure before passing out.
Morale - Morale increases the risk of a critical strike, as well as the chance of entering the last stand and increasing the number of last stand "ticks."
Skill - Axie's capacity to use multiple cards (combo) at once is defined by the skill. It is automatically determined based on the type of card used for attacks, and these can transmit extra damage to the opponent.
Speed - Turn order is determined by speed. Axie players that are faster attack first, if the speed of two Axie players is the same.
The following is how the turn order is determined:

High speed

Low HP

High Skill

High Morale

Low Fighter ID 
The stats of an Axie are determined by two factors. They are determined as a class and its bodily parts.

Class of Axies:






Body Parts of Axies:







Play-to-Earn: How Does it Work?

Axie Infinity has helped to define a new NFT based game genre, known as the play-to-earn business concept since it allows game users to earn an income in the form AXS (Axie Infinity Shards), SLP (Smooth Love Potions), and items just from playing the NFT game. 

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What Is A Scholarship In Axie Infinity?

  • Thousands of players grinding for AXS and SLP

  • Breeding and battling Axies

  • Buying selling Axies, Land, and a variety of other rare items to generate a feasible income. 

The play-to-earn digital characteristics of Axie Infinity Game have even led to the formation of the Axie scholarship economy, which essentially sees well-heeled game players, called as Managers, lend out a team of 3 Axies to workers, called Scholars.

As a final result, Managers must ensure that their Scholars are not breaking the rules and regulations — or risk getting their Axies either permanently/temporarily blocked from engaging with the Axie game.

Final Thoughts:

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