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Build Your Own Real Estate Simulator With Our Real-World Upland Clone


Build Your Own Real Estate Simulator With Our Real-World Upland Clone

Explore the most giant Virtual Property Strategy Game with the Upland Clone Script from the finest hands of BlockchainAppsDeveloper. Build your Upland Metaverse and have fun with Virtual Real Estate.

Upland Clone Script

Upland clone is a play-to-own virtual property trading game where players can buy, collect, sell, and trade the upland property and build their digital assets. Upland game clone is a metaverse gaming platform that helps you create your own feature-packed Upland clone script like uplandme.

What Is Upland Game?

Upland game is a play-to-own virtual property strategy similar to real estate notion where players can buy, sell and trade virtual properties, and sell in the in-game virtual marketplace whenever they want.  

UPX Token

In the Upland property search game, UPX is an in-game currency - a fungible token on the EOS mainnet. UPX can be bought through third-party providers in the upland store with fiat currency. 

Upland Game Clone Features

The upland clone platform is bagged with some potent features like, 

Virtual Avatar

In the Upland game clone, each player possesses a virtual avatar, a game piece called a "block explorer" that they can design to their preference on Upland. The virtual avatar wanders randomly through the game and buys virtual properties they have visited. 

Purchase Of Virtual Properties  

Upland clone, utilize players' physical location and enables block explorer to purchase the available virtual properties near them. 

Upland Marketplace

A virtual upland marketplace is where players can offer their purchased properties for sale. For all offers in UPX, a utility token is put into the escrow and players can accept or reject the proposals through an in-game tool. Marketplace transactions in fiat are planned as uplands crypto shortly. 

Mystery Packs

Mystery packs are packs of properties that can be purchased in the upland store. The Total property pack is evident for everyone in the game and players can sell them in the upland marketplace if they find it unnecessary for them.

Paper Deeds

Paper Deeds have QR codes that represent a property. Players can acquire it from other players and incorporate their property into their accounts.  

What Makes Upland Clone Script Unique?

  • Appeals to a variety of players 
  • Owning virtual properties that players can't acquire in the real world
  • Trading, negotiating, and dealing with properties
  • Satisfaction in achieving collections
  • Fun-to-play location-backed experiences
  • Appreciation of in-game collectibles

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper for Upland Clone Script?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is a leading Blockchain Game Development Company that provides Upland Clone Script with latest features. BlockchainAppsDeveloper is a pro player in providing customizable Metaverse Game Development, Blockchain, and NFT Game Development solutions. Our crew of efficient developers provides you with the first-rate Upland gaming platform developed employing leading-edge features and functionalities with a user-friendly interface. 

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