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Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges - BlockchainAppsDeveloper


Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges - BlockchainAppsDeveloper

Get more details about types of crypto exchanges and Centralized & Decentralized Crypto Exchanges, Hybrid Exchange, Peer-to-Peer Exchanges, Brokerages, and more!

What are the Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

Administering a cryptocurrency exchange proves to a highly profitable business model in the crypto space. A stable and secure platform with good marketing can garner the widely-increasing community of crypto traders, and as they trade you can reap the profit. However, before venturing into the crypto exchange business, one must choose the desired crypto exchange based on viability and requirements. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms that allow users to buy, sell, and exchange digital assets. There are four main types of exchanges: centralized exchanges (CEX), decentralized exchanges (DEX), peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges, and hybrid crypto exchanges. 

Let’s analyze the various types of crypto exchanges. 

  • Centralized Exchange. 
  • Decentralized Exchange.
  • Peer-to-Peer Exchange. 
  • Hybrid Exchange. 
  • Derivatives Exchange. 
  • Instant Exchange. 
  • Crypto Broker exchange.

Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

What is Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange?

In a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, orders placed by the traders are matched and executed by an order book and an auto-matching engine. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are controlled by central administrators. The funds deposited by the traders can be of either their local fiat currency (or)  cryptocurrency. If fiat currency, funds can be deposited to the corresponding exchange’s wallet by linking the bank account. If crypto, the corresponding cryptocurrency can be transferred from an external wallet to the exchange’s wallet. 

Centralized exchanges (CEX) are the most popular type of crypto exchange. CEXs are operated by a centralized entity and require users to create an account and verify their identity before they can start trading. They facilitate trade between buyers and sellers, and provide access to a wide range of trading pairs and different types of digital assets. CEXs are highly regulated and offer services like customer support, risk management, and order management. 

Advantages of Centralized Exchange: 

Fast execution of orders. 
High scalability. 
Highly liquid markets.  
A high volume of traders prefers centralized exchanges. 

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What is Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange?

In a decentralized exchange, there is no presence of a central administrator. The entire platform is decentralized with blockchain technology. Orders are executed without order books through complete automation by smart contracts. Smart contracts are a pre-coded mutual agreement that executes functions based on the condition set. Decentralized exchanges are known for their encryption protocols.
They maintain users’ privacy to the fullest. Traders get complete ownership over their funds. Decentralized exchanges cannot be hacked due to their security measures with blockchain technology. 

Advantages of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange:

Unhackable system. 
100% anonymity. 
Complete ownership of funds/crypto. 
Automated platform with decentralization. 

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What is Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges are exchanges that facilitate trades between two traders directly. The listings created by platform traders are used to buy, sell (or) negotiate the trade. Peer-to-peer exchanges are considered the most secure form of cryptocurrency exchange because when an order is placed, an escrow mechanism comes into play. It holds the assets involved in the trade until the payment is made by the buyer. However, peer-to-peer exchanges can be either custodial (or) non-custodial. 

Advantages of P2P Crypto Exchange:

The escrow mechanism protects the funds of users. 
Since buyers and traders are linked directly, the training process is faster. 
Buyers and sellers can see the details of each other, leading to more transparency. 

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What is Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange? 

A hybrid cryptocurrency exchange incorporates all the best elements of both centralized and decentralized exchanges. In terms of liquidity and a fast auto-matching engine, a hybrid exchange follows the system of a centralized exchange. When it comes to security and privacy, it follows the system of a decentralized exchange. Thus, hybrid exchanges put up a better performance. 

Advantages of Hybrid Crypto Exchange: 

Users have more control over their funds in a hybrid exchange. 
Funds are not stored in hot wallets. Hence, difficult to hack. 
Highly scalable platform. 
Ultrafast transaction speed. 

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What is Derivatives Exchange?

 In a derivative market, the derivatives are nothing but tradeable contracts (or) securities that track the value of the underlying commodity. This underlying asset is usually Ethereum, bitcoin (or) any other cryptocurrency. Derivatives are traded by traders just by speculating the price movement of the assets, without actually buying the asset. Traders use derivatives to hedge and minimize risks against another position taken in the market. It allows traders to take both long and short positions on the asset. 
Advantages of Derivatives Exchange: 

Derivatives are used to determine the price of the underlying assets. 
Derivatives increase the efficiency of the financial markets. 
Derivatives help traders gain access to unavailable assets. 

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What is Instant Exchange? 

The emerging trend has shifted towards instant exchanges in which traders instantly buy and sell cryptocurrencies in seconds. Changelly is one such platform that allows users to execute trades in minutes. Here, the orders are not matched via an order book (or) a matching engine. The central administrator holds up all the cryptocurrencies and based on the requests made by the traders, the admin immediately releases the assets. 

Advantages of Instant Exchange: 

The best exchange for beginners as it involves no complexity.  
Trades can be executed in seconds. 
No need to wait till the orders get matched as there is no order book. 

What is Broker Cryptocurrency Exchange?

In a cryptocurrency brokerage, the assets are traded via a network of dealers. It is called as over the counter (OTC). The objective of the broker network is to bring in the buyers who are in need of the assets to be sold. In a broker crypto exchange, the verification process is completed under 30 minutes. However, they retain the same withdrawal and deposit options. 

Advantages of Broker Crypto Exchange: 

Attractive prices for transactions. 
Much faster process. 
Clients have the right to lodge complaints against the broker if they are found to have broken the rules. 

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