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Top 10 NFT Games That Could Make More Attention In 2023


Top 10 NFT Games That Could Make More Attention In 2023

Eagerly waiting to invest in the highly revolutionizing NFT games of 2023? This blog will provide an insight into the types of NFT games, and the top 7 revolutionizing NFT games in 2023.

NFT has revolutionized many fields including the gaming sector. On steeping into 2023, the gaming industry released different genres of games to fulfill the gamers who have been consistently in the quest for new games. BlockchainAppsDeveloper helps you by providing White label and customizable solutions after knowing your prerequisites and target audience.

Types of NFT Games

Play To Earn Games

Play-To-Earn(P2E) games are blockchain-based video games where players are rewarded with in-game assets like NFTs and cryptocurrencies in the form of tokens or collectibles. In P2E, gamers can buy, sell and trade their in-game assets with other gamers. Gamers are given ownership of the character, weapons, land, tools, and equipment they use in the gaming environment.

Move To Earn Games

Move to Earn(M2E) are games where players are rewarded with tokens after achieving various activities like walking, jogging, or playing sports in the real world. It directly connects the real world to the metaverse. M2E app uses Decentralized Finance (DeFi)and other existing technologies to create a new gaming platform. This platform blends Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements and uses  Global Positioning System (GPS), NFTs, and cryptocurrencies to track and reward users.

Sleep To Earn Games

Sleep To Earn (S2E) is an application where users can earn a passive income simply by sleeping. This app is developed to bring about a quality lifestyle and resting routine among people by rewarding them with NFTs and cryptocurrencies.S2E has two game modes like Car mode and Monk mode by which users can earn extra rewards and coins by relaxing and turning off the phone. S2E app is developed by combining Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements.

RPG Games

A Role Playing Game (RPG) is an online game created with a unique storyline and characters. In RPG, gamers carry a role of their choice before starting the gameplay and here characters are mostly based on fantasy or science fiction. Role-playing games can be played on platforms like PC, Mobile, and Console. Role Playing Games are developed by employing various tech stacks like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Animations, 3D graphics, and audio effects to provide a unique platform to gamers.

Top 7 Revolutionizing Games In 2023

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-based NFT monster-battling game built on the Ethereum blockchain where gamers pit groups of cute monsters known as Axies against each other during the battle. Axe Infinity can be played on PC, Android, and iOS where players can win in-game assets and rewards.  

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CryptoKitties is an Ethereum-based blockchain game. It aims to bring about all rare creatures together. Owning Kitties is the main attribute of the gameplay and it provides ERC-721 tokens. Players can play the Cryptokitties game either by breeding or trading. Players can buy, breed, and sell digital kitties.

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Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is an NFT-based trading game where players are given complete ownership of their in-game assets and rewarded with points for every game winning. New players are given a Welcome set of cards to understand the gameplay. Gamers are provided with 140 new cards which are unique in their own way and classified based on rarity, mana cost, god, tribe, and set. In this free-to-play game, players can sell, auction, buy, and use cards based on their choice.

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Decentraland is a VR platform that lets players build a 3D world in the Metaverse. Gamers can purchase lands with NFTs in Decentraland. On purchasing the land, players can develop it into a building for real estate and can allot a place for vegetation, and farming. Game users can create a space for concerts and can host events in the Decentraland metaverse.
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Sandbox is a Play-To-Earn and metaverse-based gaming platform where gamers can sell, create and control their gaming assets using SAND, which is a utility token. Sandbox comes with features similar to Decentraland but still, it is in its beta stage where users are given limited access to the metaverse.  Players are provided with an Alpha pass after winning a lottery.

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Splinterlands is a play-to-earn collectible card game in which players fight against monsters to gain in-game assets. As a decentralized platform, it allows users to buy, sell, and trade game NFTS. Players are provided with unique in-game assets while playing skill-based matches and PvP games. Users are provided with in-game assets like dice, landscapes, potions, and personalized skins which can be auctioned in NFT Marketplace.

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Sorare is a blockchain-based soccer game. This platform creates an opportunity for gamers to develop and play games as if they are playing them on real ground. Users can buy, trade, and sell a virtual team with a digital player card. Players can earn points by competing with other football players in a virtual tournament.

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