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Top 10 DeFi Exchange Platforms in 2021


Top 10 DeFi Exchange Platforms in 2021

Hope you are looking to start a DeFi exchange business, but having some trouble to select profitable business, Right? No need to worry! you're in a right place at the right time.

Hope you are looking to Start a DeFi Exchange Business, but having some trouble to select profitable decentralzied exchange business, Right? No need to worry about that! you're in a right place at the right time.

From the early days of Cryptocurrency, exchanges have played a major role in matching crypto buyers with Crypto sellers. 

Traditionally, centralized exchange players have dominated this crypto field. However, with the rapidly-evolving stack of advanced technologies available, a growing number of tools for decentralized trades have emerged.

In this article, we are going to discuss most profitable and exclusive details about "Top 10 DeFi based Decentralzied Exchanges in 2021" which are expected to rock in the upcoming year.

What is DeFi Decentralized Exchange?

Decentralized exchanges are autonomous decentralized applications (DApps) which permits for direct P2P (peer-to-peer) crypto transactions to exchange without having to give up control over their funds to any intermediary. 

This type of business infrastructure is completely different from centralized exchanges where cutomers hand over their cryptocurrency assets to the exchange, which acts as a intermediary and essentially problems IOUs for customers to exchange with on the platform. Decentralzied Exchanges were initially conceptualized to avoid the requirement for any authority to supervise & approve trades made within a particular exchange. Through the help of smart contracts, Decentralzied Exchanges operate automated order books and trades. This creates them “truly peer-to-peer exchange.”

List of Decentralized Exchanges in 2021

#Uniswap - Decentralized Trading Protocol

Uniswap is a Top leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that runs on the Ethereum blockchain network. Guaranteed liquidity for millions of customers & hundreds of Ethereum applications. Uniswap is a trustless & permissionless interface that permits anyone to develop/swap any 2 Ethereum assets in the crypto market, against an underlying liquidity pool. UniSwap was one of the most stirring Decentralized Finance developments in 2019 and continues to count amongst the best decentralized exchanges (DEXs). 

Number of users: 438K+

TVL: $5.61B

Volume: $825.42 M

Uniswap decentralized trading pool itself establishes prices & exchange rates and facilitates you to exchange rapidly with its protocol through the use of Ethereum based contracts. Hence, you don’t require to find a counterparty. Liquidity providers earn 0.3% of the crypto trading fee every time an ERC20 pair is used. that time no protocol fees accured. Though, a 0.05% fee can be charged in the future.

Uniswap Wallet Support: 

WalletLink (Coinbase Wallet)
Trust Wallet

#2 dYdX - Leverage and Decentralized

dYdX Decentralized Exchange you to rent, entrust and create wagers on the potential prices of crypto money.

dYdX DEX is directed to carve further developed exchange tools on the Ethereum blockchain network.

The dYdX protocol is accessible to each and everyone, to be built upon–with customers’ cryptocurrency assets managed by smart contracts instead of human.

Number of users: 4.99K+

TVL: $291.83M

Volume: $30.42M

dYdX DEX is the most prominent decentralized margin trading forum with a maximum of over 150,000 ETH confined in its smart contracts.

In April 2020, it hit a milestone more than $500 million users was traded on the platform. Each maker gets paid to exchange 0.025% of the fees.

#3 Dodo -  On-Chain Liquidity Provider for Everyone

DODO Decentralzied Exchange - Trade. Invest and Issue your Cryptocurrency Assets With Market Leading Liquidity. DODO exchange is an on-chain liquidity provider which leverages the Proactive Market Maker algorithm (PMM) to offer on-chain & contract based liquidity for everyone. The decentralzied exchange also has a circulating stock of its own crypto coins – 99,406,891 DODO coins, to be precise & also a maximum allowance of 1,000,000,000 DODO coins. 

1. Liquidity Protocol - DODO is a liquidity protocol powered by the PMM (Proactive Market Maker) algorithm & built for capital efficiency
2. Contract-Fillable Liquidity - DODO exchange contract-fillable liquidity is comparable to centralized exchanges.
3. Price Discovery - DODO exchange provides a low barrier-to-entry, pain-free crypto token issuance mechanic for long tail crypto assets

Number of users: 2.35K+

Volume: $76.05 M

Supported Coins:

Dodo supports over 40 pairs
Bunch of stablecoins such as USDT, Kine, Dai, USDC, SushiSwap, ShuttleOne and more coins.

#4 1INCH Exchange - DEX Aggregator

1inch exchange provides the best rates by discovering the most efficient swapping routes across all leading Decentralzied Exchanges. 1inch is heavily relying on its DAO in the case of rewards and fees. 1inch exchange is also an ERC-20 token that governs 1inch’s DEX aggregator & liquidity protocol. Crypto Transactions on 1inch.exchange are up to 42% cheaper price because of using CHI GasToken.

Number of users: 45.7K+

TVL: $75.09M

Volume: $24.12M    

1INCH exchange token holders can decide the price impact fee, the swap fee and the governance reward. 1inch does not charge any fees for swapping tokens.   

#5 SushiSwap

Sushi Swap decentralized exchange produced over $1 billion in liquidity in 4 days and came to be called a “vampire protocol” due to its main intention of sucking Uniswap’s liquidity & migrating it to its ecosystem. 

SushiSwap exchange, since its launch on Aug2,2020, inducted the $SUSHI token as a reward for customers who staked liquidity tokens into a few specific Uniswap liquidity pools. 

Number of users: 41.5K+

TVL: $4.96B

Volume: $214.46M

Cryptocurrency users who placed their liquidity into the Sushi tapped Uniswap liquidity pools, had their liquidity pool tokens held in a smart contract that would easily migrate over to SushiSwap. They had 3 days to decide if they wanted their Uniswap LP tokens to be turned into SushiSwap LP tokens. On September 9, SushiSwap Migrated over $800 million in liquidity funds.

You can obtain sushiswap's utility token – SUSHI at various on-demand cryptocurrency exchanges (CEXs) including  Binance. Poloniex, and OKEx.

#6 Balancer

Balancer is a protocol for programmable liquidity. Balancer exchange develops each and every effort to be as trustless as possible. There are no admin oriented controls, unwanted upgradeability, or shutdowns built into the smart contracts.

Easily swap ERC20 tokens - Exchange tokens without any deposits, bids, asks, and order management system. All on-chain network.

Balancer Simulate Trades, Smart Order Routing, Unstoppable Interface functinaolities. Flexibility built into the base protocol Up to 8 tokens. Any weights. And programmability through smart-contract owned pools. Instead of paying high fees to portfolio managers to rebalance your portfolio, you collect that certain fees from crypto traders, who rebalance your portfolio. You can earn returns by providing liquidity or as a crypto trader swap between any cryptocurrency assets in the global liquidity pool.

Number of users: 54,300+

TVL: $1.88B

Volume: $62.74M

Balancer Decentralzied Exchange works similarly to other top decentralized exchanges like Uniswap & Curve. However, Balancer provides additional exchange features, including the ability to bundle up to eight tokens into liquidity pools. It has a variable decentralized exchange fee depending on the liquidity pool.

Balancer is its automatic market maker (AMM) protocol that decreases the overall cost and slippage between crypto trades of different cryptocurrencies. Balancer DEXs is a decentralized replacement for the traditional market-maker, a 3rd party involvements that provides liquidity to traded crypto assets. 

Supported Coins:

Tokens without pools such as tBTC, ANT, cUSDC, cDAI, imBTC, pBTC, sBTC, sUSD, PNK, AS, T and RPL.

#7 Kyber - Seamless Token Swaps, Anywhere

Kyber Network is a decentralized, blockchain-based liquidity protocol that facilitates the exchange of tokens without an intermediary and offers liquidity for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.  Kyber Swap is Kyber Network’s Decentralzied Exchange DEX project that uses a native token Kyber Network Crystals ($KNC) for governance and a claim on crypto trading fees.

Kyber is the liquidity infrastructure for decentralized finance (DEFI). Kyber network aggregates liquidity from diverse sources into a single liquidity pool, which offers the best rates for takers such as DApps, crypto Wallets, DEXs, and End crypto users. 

Number of users: 5.2K+

TVL: $18.91M

Volume:  $4.12M

Crypto Transactions on Kyber are fully on-chain network and thus completely transparent & also verifiable. KyberDAO is a community platform that permits KNC token holders to participate in governance.

Kyber Network Strategies:

  • Instant Settlement

  • Straightforward Integration

  • Fully On-chain

  • Liquidity Aggregation

  • Customizable Business Model

#8 Curve

Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange (DEX) running on Ethereum Blockchain Network. It's completely designed for swapping between stablecoins. All you need is an Ethereum wallet integeration, some crypto funds, and you can swap various stablecoins with low fees & slippage.

Number of users: 7.37K+

TVL: $3.89B

Volume: $20.51M

Curve.finance is a decentralized liquidity aggregator where anyone can add their cryptocurrency assets to many different liquidity pools & earn certain fees.

#9 Bancor

Bancor is a blockchain based decentralzied protocol that enables participants to exchange crypto assets directly instead of depending on decentralzied exchanges. It is a completely on-chain liquidity protocol and can be implemented on smart contract blockchain networks.

Number of users: 54,300+

TVL: $1.75B

Volume: $26.38M

Bancor Exchange is an open-source standard for liquidity pools to offer automated market-making (AMM) against smart contracts.

With Bancor network, one can:

  • Trade tokens on EOS & Ethereum.
  • Deploy a custom liquidity pool.
  • Deploy a BNT token liquidity pool.
  • Provide liquidity to a deployed pool.
  • Integrate Bancor liquidity & trading into a smart contract.
  • Integrate Bancor into a smart contract/dApp to earn affiliate fees.

Bancor V2 is the latest update to the Bancor protocol. Even though Bancor exchange was one of the first protocols to implement liquidity pools, it didn’t attract sevaral participants because of numerous problems.

#10 0x Protocol - The liquidity endpoint for DeFi

0x API is a professional grade liquidity aggregator enabling the future of Decentralzied Finance (DeFi) applications.

0x protocol works similarly to SWIFT protocol, but for operating decentralized exchanges (DEXs) for exchanging digital tokens and crypto assets that run on the Ethereum blockchain network. Built on the siginificant foundation of Ethereum token standards, its acts as the key infrastructure layer for the burgeoning number of financial applications and instruments that are on-boarding the blockchain technology stack and are getting traded in digital forms. 

Number of users: 54,300+

Daily Volumes:  $36.8+ M

As loads of the global level financial price is getting tokenized with each and every day, the requirement to exchange such digital assets & crypto tokens in a secure & efficient manner is keep growing. With its clearly business oriented focused message formats and smart contracts, 0x protocol attempts to fill up for the requirement.

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