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Tokentax Clone Script to Build Cryptocurrency Tax Software Instantly!


Tokentax Clone Script to Build Cryptocurrency Tax Software Instantly!

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is the prominent cryptocurrency exchange development company specialized in providing the best TokenTax Clone Script with top-notch outcomes at affordable rates for startups and entrepreneurs

TokenTax Clone Script

TokenTax Clone Script is a website script that offers all the features and functionalities embedded with all the solutions and services of the TokenTax platform. TokexTax Clone Script helps you to develop a platform that you can be customized based on the business needs and business requirements. This script computes your cryptocurrency taxation and accounting services in a simplified manner for cryptocurrency and decentralized finances.

TokenTax Clone Script Development Company

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is the prominent cryptocurrency exchange development company specialized in providing the best TokenTax Clone Script with top-notch outcomes at affordable rates for startups and entrepreneurs who want to launch a crypto business by launching a cryptocurrency tax software like TokenTax.

What is TokenTax?

Tokentax is the first cryptocurrency tax software platform in the world. The user can easily calculate your assets taxes without any errors. Tokextax supports every crypto exchange. The major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, BitMEX, etc., With the help of advanced features and tools you can easily calculate your taxes.

Headquarters - New York

Year Founded - 2017

CEO - Zac McClure

Incorporated Country - United States

Cryptocurrency Tax Software

Cryptocurrency tax software is very simple instead of calculating all the taxes you have to pay for all your trades or crypto income, you can enter your data into the crypto tax software and it will generate what you have to pay. Crypto tax software always supports Bitcoin, Ethereum Litecoin, and more. If you make a lot of trades, cryptocurrency tax software will connect to your exchange accounts and import the data for you.

TokenTax Cryptocurrency Tax Software

TokenTax is a cryptocurrency tax software that includes both the crypto tax software program and a tax filing service. Users from any country can calculate their gains, losses, and tax liability by importing their transaction history from any crypto exchange or crypto wallet.

Crypto Exchanges Supported - All

Countries Supported - All Countries

Currencies Supported - All

Payment Methods - Crypto& Debit & Credit Cards

Transaction Count - 500 - 20,000

Customer Service - Phone, Chat, Email

Promotions - Free Account for 500 Transactions.

Features of Tokentax Clone Script

Automatic Crypto Tax Reports:

Tokextax automatically uses your crypto exchange trading history to populate your form 8949. Add it with your tax return or import quickly it into TurboTax.

Margin Trading Taxes

We can link your crypto margin trades to your accounting calculations.

TurboTax Support

For further processing, Import your tax reports into Turbotax seamlessly.

Tax Loss Harvesting

The Tax Loss Harvesting dashboard on the Tokextax tells exactly unrealized gains and losses. You can fix the strategies to decrease your taxable capital gains.

Tax Professional Suite

Regulate the transactions and generate tax forms for multiple clients at a time. The filling professionals can give you the tools to support the clients with digital assets.

International Taxes

TokenTax supports any country & easily calculates your crypto taxes in the U.K., Canada, Australia, Japan, Sweden, South Africa, or any other country. It works on various countries.

What are the Tax reports does TokenTax Support?

Here is the list of international tax reports supported by TokenTax,

->> FIFO support

->> LIFO support

->> IRS Form 8949

->> Audit Trail Report

->> Cryptocurrency Mining & Income Tax Report

->> International Gain / Loss Report

->> TurboTax Cryptocurrency Import.

What are the Crypto Exchanges are Supported?

TokenTax supports every crypto exchange in the world. Here are some of the popular crypto exchanges that are listed as supported on the TokenTax,

->> 1inch

->> Binance

->> Bitfinex

->> Bithumb

->> BitMEX

->> Bitstamp

->> Bittrex

->> Bybit

->> Coinbase

->> Kraken

->> OKEx

->> SushiSwap

->> Uniswap

Advantages of TokenTax Clone Script

Compatibility - It is compatible with every crypto wallet/crypto exchange. Customer support is very easily available for users if any issues while importing transactions.

International Support - TokenTax can convert your tax documents into any currency you want, ensuring that it is easy to file your taxes in every country.

Best User Experience - Once the user has to register for an account, they have to complete their tax profile, After that importing or uploading their crypto transaction data & they will be able to download their completed tax forms. Then the user has to send these forms directly to TurboTax.

IRS Audit Assistance - TokenTax will give you the full support and guidance in the event of an IRS audit.

Crypto Mining Support - Using the TokenTax software, you can calculate how much taxable income you can get through crypto mining.

Margin Trading - By simply including your API key into the TokenTax software, You will be able to import your margin trading history and include it in your crypto tax returns. More advanced premium memberships are compatible with every margin trading exchange.

Customer Support - TokexTax has interactive live chat features that their customers can use to quickly communicate with the support team.

Exchanges & Wallets Supported - TokenTax was the first crypto tax software that can compatible with all the crypto exchanges and crypto-wallets.

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper For TokenTax Clone Script?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is the Leading Blockchain Development Company in the marketplace. They have done many successful crypto-related projects for various industries. They specialized in offering the best Cryptocurrency Tax Software with high-end security features.  BlockchainAppsDeveloper enables these extraordinary features while creating Tokentax cryptocurrency tax software.

Our script comes with all the cryptocurrency taxation and Defi accounting, a simple, automated at the maximum level. TokenTax Clone Script has lot of amazing features and tools to help you calculate your taxes.

Connect with BlockchainAppsDeveloper and create a bug-free and secure cryptocurrency tax software platform for your business.

Disclaimer: We use the term "TokenTax" for readers to quick understanding purpose only. Our services are not meant to influence any entity.

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