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Stepn Alternatives & Competitors - All You Need to Know!


Stepn Alternatives & Competitors - All You Need to Know!

Get the Best Stepn alternatives & competitors in 2022 From BlockchainAppsDeveloper. Get Top leading Sites similar to stepn.

In the NFT game STEPN, you can receive rewards for moving about such as crypto-coins or NFTs. It's possible that the word Movement sounds unfinished. To put it another way, you receive tokens for your actions.

If you're a fitness fanatic seeking ways to earn money while staying active, STEPN and its alternatives meet your needs.

You might find STEPN confusing, or you might just want to explore other alternatives. You can try out the best 7 STEPN alternatives listed in this article. Additionally, we have emphasized the distinctive qualities that set them apart from competitors.

What is StepN?

StepN is a Web3 Lifestyle app that includes social and game-FI components. Currently, the software is accessible on both Android and iOS devices. The software allows users to earn money while they are moving in addition to tracking their exercise. At the time, StepN has over 2 million users. On the in-app market, the player has the option of renting or selling their NFT Sneakers. User earnings are saved in the in-app wallet, which features a built-in swap feature.

Top 11 Alternatives of STEPN:

We have listed you the top STEPN alternatives for you. Find the list below,


SweatCoin is an app that keeps track of all of your actions and tracks them for you. In other words, walking can earn you game cash that you can later exchange for real money. It is a free app that pays you for your daily walks with new-generation money that you can use to buy amazing things, donate to charities, or exchange for cryptocurrencies. The SweatCoin is supported by the SweatEconomy, where each action you take is rewarded. SweatCoin is the most popular app in 20 countries.


Dotmoovs is the first global mobile cryptocurrency marketplace. You can compete against anyone on the globe at Dotmoovs. You should receive $MOOV and special digital assets as compensation for your consistent behavior. The Peer2Peer challenge is supported by Dotmoovs with Multisports assistance, and users can earn through Crypto and NFT. It supports P2P for numerous sports brands. The two main games on Dotmoovs are football and dancing, which you may play to win rewards like NFT and tokens as well as other electronic devices.


Genopets is an excellent way to obtain an NFT game on Solana for the development of your own Genopets. You receive rewards for getting out of bed, going about your day, or finishing your upcoming marathon. You can develop your mind and spirit using virtual tools in addition to physical fitness routines. Your digital spirit animal, or Genopet, is a representation of your personality that changes as a result of your everyday activities. By taking care of a digital familiar, you are being rewarded for exercising your body, mind, and spirit.

Dustland Runner:

The first Proof of Workout audio game, Dustland Runner, rewards you for exercising by giving you virtual items that speed up your journey. You can tell a lot about the game Dustland just by its name. For the distance you have traveled, you will receive rewards.

Fitness initially provided an engrossing narrative mystery, and the player controls the game's progression in Dustland Runner. The DOSE Token has been created to be the engine that propels the OliveX ecosystem and is meant to be exploited as cross-utility within it.


Helps you feel more at ease and confident in social settings. We achieve this by assisting you in identifying tasks that will prepare you for social interactions and gradually boost your confidence.


Stepsize is a codebase problem tracker that prioritizes the editor. Directly from your editor, you can create, list, and fix code issues that are ideal for refactoring and tech debt. So that you don't have to alter your workflow, it integrates with Jira, GitHub, Slack, etc.


Scientific research has demonstrated that harmless teasing among friends inspires people to exercise more. Okay, maybe not, but it is the main concept behind Steps, which incorporates a fitness theme into a catchy, eye-catching design.

Campus Steps:

We are altering how pupils perceive their future. Students are ready for successful college and career outcomes because to Campus Steps' website and mobile solutions, which offer on-demand college counseling, big data insights, and the nation's largest online college admissions network. One of the most significant and life-changing decisions a person will make is which institution to attend. It's just as important a life milestone as getting a job, getting hitched, getting a house, or having a child. However, the tools accessible to students at this time are outdated and broken.


With the help of the software WalkLock, you can promote more phone pauses and less scrolling. Use WalkLock to automatically lock apps until you take a walk to improve your health. If you don't reach your hourly step goal, WalkLock uses Apple's ScreenTime to lock the applications you pick and unlock them as you walk. WalkLock designed to increase productivity through good behaviors, you can disable some apps until you've reached your daily step target, cutting down on distractions and promoting good health.


Overclout is a web3 social platform designed to scale social apps that puts the needs of the community first. It is built on the DeSo L1 blockchain. On DeSo, users may either create a personal profile to make money from writing exclusive content or utilize a single identity to start using Overclout and launch their topic-based community. Similar to Reddit and Facebook combined into one super-app, but powered entirely by web3, with no fees deducted from your revenue and no third party able to steal your identity and all of your data.

Today's Steps:

Today Steps is a simple pedometer that keeps tabs on a user's daily physical activity, including the steps taken, calories burned, number of flights of stairs climbed, and distance traveled - even while the app is not open. On the iPhone's lock screen, users can examine and compare the last three days' worth of progress due to the integrated iOS 8 widget. When the iPhone is turned to landscape orientation, users can enter a daily step, distance, calorie, or floor target for added motivation and compare up to the previous seven days of activity.

The future of StepN:

StepN feels like a unique NFT endeavor, fusing a strange balance of anxiety and optimism into the idea of an app that rewards users for exercising. Given the ongoing drop in the value of both GST and GMT, it might be a huge success in the NFT industry if it can figure out a way to avoid the issues that seem to be affecting it even now.

StepN might be right for you if you're ready to take some calculated risks in the aim of earning cryptocurrency and getting some exercise. Always do your research before investing, choose wisely, and never risk more than you can afford to lose. If all of that appeals to you, good luck with your running and earning.


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We have explored 11 STEPN alternative fitness games where you can run, exercise, and engage in other fitness-related activities to earn coins and tokens.

One thing unites them all: you receive benefits for enhancing your physical, mental, or spiritual well-being. By choosing any STEPN alternatives, you can engage your intellect and earn the cryptocurrency coins and tokens you desire.

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