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Build Your Own Interstellar Civilization with StarAtlas Clone Script


Build Your Own Interstellar Civilization with StarAtlas Clone Script

Start Atlas clone script is a Play to earn space exploration role-playing game in a virtual gaming metaverse on the Solana blockchain. Our StarAtlas clone script is a next-generation gaming metaverse born from the confluence of cutting-edge blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video games, and decentralized finance technologies.

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Then, the metaverse delivers a unique gaming experience by fusing both conventional core game features with blockchain mechanics. A virtual game universe called Star Atlas.

Who, that's interesting, right? This article will cover all the information you need to know about the Star Atlas clone script, including its features and where to get it.

Star Atlas Clone Script:

Star Atlas is a blockchain-based massively multiplayer online game with a space theme is currently being developed. The multiplayer game makes use of advanced technology to provide players with visual experiences that are on par with movies. In order to provide a seamless experience both online and offline, the game attempts to combine blockchain with gaming technologies. The Solana blockchain is used to build the game, making it mainly serverless and safe. You can think of Star Atlas as a non-geographically constrained virtual universe that exists side by side with the real world.

Features of Star Atlas Clone Script:

Discovery and Exploration: 

Star Atlas is a space and spatial game. From the corner of the globe, players can start searching the visible stars for celestial and earthly resources. These undeveloped resources can be improved, exchanged, and sold. In Star Atlas, travel and delivery of products take time, creating markets for logistics, freight, and even infrastructure like bridges.

Building a Strong Virtual Economy:

With the robust virtual economy that Star Atlas intends to provide, players will have to think about costs associated with moving cargo, traveling, controlling fuel, and sustaining fortifications. Their whitepaper states that there are numerous in-game roles where gamers may earn money.

Star Atlas offers major currencies:

$POLIS is a low-velocity store of value with a fixed supply, and $ATLAS is an expandable currency used for trading in-game items. While $ATLAS is obtained through gameplay through exploration and conflict, $POLIS grants players the right to possess and control space cities. Along with representing a financial investment in the game, it also grants players governance powers over things like land tax rates.


The primary gameplay element in Star Atlas is mining. You stake out claims on celestial and terrestrial resources, after which you can start mining them. Whatever assets you create are traded through a decentralized exchange, ensuring that no assets can ever be duplicated or erased, and allowing Star Atlas to finance its development by maybe taking a share from secondary sales.

Star Atlas clone software work flow: 

The Star Atlas world is built on the Solana blockchain to take advantage of its quick speeds, inexpensive transactions, and scalability. The Nanite system from Unreal Engine 5, one of the most sophisticated game creation engines available, was used to create the  Star Atlas.

Star Atlas capitalizes on the craze around play-to-earn gaming and Metaverse technology by providing a peer-to-peer in-game economy in which real estate, assets, and other goods are represented by non-fungible tokens. The Serum decentralized exchange, which is based on the Solana network, serves as the focal point of this in-game economy. Serum enables users to trade their in-game goods directly with one another, avoiding the need for a middleman to hold onto their assets.

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