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Security Token Exchange Development Company

Security Token Exchange Development Services

STO or Security Token Offerings is a secure method to raise fund for a venture or a product. Most of the organizations, despite the size and nature of the business, make huge capital from internationally accredited investors, through STO. To exchange the security tokens seamlessly without any challenges, the token holders must be provided with robust STO Exchange Platform. It is important to build advanced Security Token Exchange Platform to give the best exchange mechanism to the token holders.

Being the best STO Development Company, Blockchainappsdeveloper specialize in rendering advanced STO Exchange Platform Development Services to help business to launch their own tokens successfully and provide exclusive Security Token Exchange Platform for the token holders to manage and trade STO in a decentralized environment. We utilize the best technology to create powerful Exchange Platform with high-grade security features. Our experts will take care of the federal rules and regulations of native government as well as the compliance laid by SEC.

Advantage Traits Of Our STO Exchange Platform

Extremely Secure

As security is the major factor for an exchange platform, we have integrated with DDoS protection, X-XSS-Protection, HTTP Public Key Pinning and Content Security Policy (CSP) Protection, to platform is secure.

Optimal Customization

We take utmost care of every aspects, to create customizable security exchange platform, that meet the requirements of the users. Our team ensures that it is user friendly for users to attain productive results.

99.9% Uptime

Our STO exchange platform will remain online always as it runs on the basic three key aspects DNS Failover, Geo IP Routing and Distributed Server Architecture. This ensures that the process remains fast and effective.

Features Of Our STO Exchange Platform

Manage Funds

Security token Transactions are managed in a secure and automated way, with our integrated wallet platform. Fiat currencies are effectively used at every stage, without having any impact on the interface with banks. The mail feature that attracts users is high level of efficiency and transparency.

Secure Exchange Platform

With the BAF Security Exchange Platform, our STO Exchange service enables the user can create their own security token exchange and get connected to the main network easily. This ensures that liquidity of exchange is maintained and aims at reducing the gap between the user and the business owner.

Multiple Language

Our exchange platform supports multiple languages including international languages such as Russian, German, Arabic, French, Mandarin, etc, to make the services available for a large crowd. The languages will be seamlessly integrated in the STO exchange mechanism for smoother functionality.

Connection to External Exchange

Our API is linked with the external security ATS exchanges, resulting in increase in liquidity, which is based on the security tokens accumulated in the external account. The user can create an account to balance security tokens deposited at external accounts with liquidity that is adjusted to amount deposited.

Order Matching

We develop STO exchange platform made with BAF matching engine, which will automatically pair orders among the buyers and sellers instantly without any fault. It also makes sure of the limited orders as well as the best market price quoted by the seller.

Payment Gateway Integration

The exchange platform allows the users to buy and sell using fiat currencies through any mode of payment like credit cards, debit cards and so on. Hence, the STO exchange platform is integrated into secure payment gateway for hassle-free transactions.

Escrow System

The coin is exchanged using a trusted third party or smart contract. With escrow system in the exchange platform, a record of all the exchange happened between buyers and sellers can eliminate the disputes.

All Currency Transactions

With our BAF security token exchange platform, any currency can be integrated with the system. It is also possible for the users to involve cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin or other fial currency into the exchange.

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