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Real Estate Tokenization Development Company

real estate token development services

Real Estate is the industry which includes properties like land, buildings, fixtures and roads. Tokens backed by real world assets can be used to raise capital for the real estate industry. At Blockchainappsdeveloper, we assist the industry with a complete Tokenization support to make huge capital using property backed tokens. The tokens created by us are in accordance with the federal laws with the rules and regulations incorporated in the smart contract.

We provide end-to-end asset tokenization services including due diligence, auditing and legal services to bring down the illiquidity discounts. We utilize the most advanced technologies to build the full-featured real estate tokenization platform, while reducing the additional costs and time consumed to raise fund for the project. Along with tokenization, we also offer Real-Estate Crowdfunding Tokenization Platform to tokenize properties that helps in achieving liquidation and raising funds for the upcoming projects.

types of real estate tokenization

There are various types of Real Estate with different purposes and utility. The major categories of the real estate are as follows.

Commercial Real Estate Tokenization

In this type of tokenization, ownership of the property which is used for business purpose, is tokenized with the compliance of rules and regulations of respective government.

Residential Real Estate Tokenization

The investors will be allowed to own a small part of the residential properties, which includes home, apartments, town house, etc. across the world, while earning dividends and gain capital.

Single Real-Estate Tokenization

This form allows you to raise funds for your projects by tokenizing a single real estate, thereby reducing the liquidity premiums to a much greater extent.

Trophy Real-Estate Tokenization

Trophy assets are properties that are in high demand by the investors. Tokenize the real estate and liquidate your trophy assets to raise the expected funds for your projects in a secured ledger.

why real estate backed token development ?

Legally compliant token structure that can be built on several blockchain is the biggest asset that helps you to raise funds for your venture within the legal framework. Though Real estate tokenization brings numerous benefits to your business, the following are some of the major advantageous of the Property backed tokenization for real estate industry.

  • Raise Capital from a pool of accredited investors around the globe
  • Building tokens within legal framework and transparent accounting helps in fractionalizing ownership and reducing entry barriers
  • Save cost up to 90% of on operating and transaction fees
  • Easy listing and automated public offering process improves asset liquidity

real estate tokenization approach

Real estate tokenization has the potential to change the way how people invest on properties globally. We have the best team of experts, who are capable of simplifying the legal and other intricate processes easily. We hold the team of blockchain consultants, legal advisors, financial experts and much more professionals to build tokens compliant with the legal and financial aspects. Our Real estate tokenization includes the following aspests.

  • Decentralized Ledger
  • Smart Contracts
  • Type of Interest
  • Type and Location of Asset
  • Legal Entity
  • Securities Regulations
  • Ratio of Tokenization
  • Mortgages on the Asset
  • Investor Traceability
  • Automated KYC/AML
  • Accredited Investor Verification
  • International Fundraising
  • Legal & Regulatory Frameworks

real estate tokenization platform

land or building either commercial or residential) and the issuance company becomes the “Tokenization as a Service provides” and the tokens can be built either on Ethereum or Hyperledger. An Real Estate Tokenization Platform includes the following features

Automated Compliance

Globalized KYC/AML

Decentralized Ledger Asset Token Development

Automated Legal Law and Regulations

Non-Fungible Tokens

Reporting to Authorities Automatically

why choose us for token creation for real estate ?

Expertise in Blockchain and Smart Contract Development

Simplified Legal Process

Understand the requirements of the Clients and the market

Advanced real estate tokenization platform

Raise Fund For Your Project in Short Duration

End to End Real estate Tokenization Solution

Enthusiastic Tokenization Consultants

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