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Prospectors Game Clone - Plunge into the Gold Mining Economic strategy gaming atmosphere like Prospectors on EOS Blockchain


Prospectors Game Clone - Plunge into the Gold Mining Economic strategy gaming atmosphere like Prospectors on EOS Blockchain

BlockchainAppsDeveloper offers Prospectors Game Clone Script to launch a Massive Multiplayer Real Time Economic Strategy Game like Prospectors on EOS blockchain.

Prospectors Game Clone Script

Prospectors Game Clone Script is a replication of the Prospectors gaming platform with identical features. This Blockchain-based Prospectors Game Clone functions within the completely decentralized Smart Contract that de[ployed on EOS Blockchain. These Smart contracts can be customized according to the users' requirements.

If you are planning to launch a multiplayer gold-mining game platform like Prospectors, our ready-made Prospectors Game clone script with all advanced features and functions like Prospectors, BlockchainAppsDeveloper will provide you with complete assistance.

We, BlockchainAppsDeveloper as a prominent Blockchain Game Development Company offers Prospectors Game Clone that helps you get a completely decentralized Gaming platform built on EOS. It is completely customizable as per the user's requirements with cutting-edge features.

Features of Prospectors Game Clone Script

This Prospectors Game Clone let the users prosper in their business by the business development and building your social network.

Get Crypto Gold Rewards

Play the game, gain crypto GOLD, spend it in-game or invest in the newly thriving business.

Decentralized Game World

The first decentralized Gaming Platform, and a kind of Massive Multiplayer Online Real-time Economic Strategy, powered by EOS.

Free Market Economy

Based on supply and demand, the prices for in-game goods and services can be determined.

Prospectors - Overview

Prospectors is a play-to-earn strategy game that enables players to perform the role of a gold-mining entrepreneur. Prospectors is a blockchain-based multiplayer online economic strategy game on EOS blockchain. All the in-game activities occur within the Smart contract system and the asset owned by the players are secured in the blockchain.

This thrilling strategy of the game gives players endless opportunities to earn crypto gold by using blockchain technology. The Prospector game enables players to convert their in-game gold into real money while playing the game.


The player starts the game with three workers and a map. The player sends their worker off to do tasks. The game has a high learning curve and can be a bit confusing in the beginning. By watching some tutorials on the Prospectors website, gamers can easily learn the Prospector's gaming strategies.

You can opt to play for free and gradually work your way by allowing your workers to do some work like moving material around the map or you can invest money to rent a plot, which will let you progress in the game and enable you to earn crypto faster. Your goal is to gain in-game gold, which can be later exchanged to real crypto. There are multiple ways to stockpile wealth. Mine resources like coal, wood, iron, clay, and stone, and refine them to build mines, factories, and other industrial buildings and tools. Trade with other players or form alliances and work together towards a standard goal.


Plunge into the most thriving plots and have an abundance of opportunities. Players can extract diverse resources such as coal, iron, stone, clay, and gold. The players can mine minerals using bare hands or build large extraction enterprises - mines and quarries. Process the resources, which can be used for buildings and production or can sell them to other players.


Players can lift their business to the next level by building/Constructing mines, factories, and other industrial buildings on their plots. They can create particular equipment or materials for the Prospectors' citizens. Each building advancement will make more room for the extra workers and provides the player with additional benefits.


Players can create different useful assets to sell or utilize in their business. Initiate resource processing to create vehicles, materials, and tools. Players also eventually require tools for everyday usage, materials for building construction and upgrading, and transportation vehicles.


Players can sell everything they mine or produce. In-game prices came as an outcome of free economic relations. To get the most profit, players should keep attention to the most essential goods and get the best profit from every deal. Players can mine or make something with their bare hands even if they don't own any of their possession.


Unite with other players to achieve success. Pave your way to the big business and ask your friends to join your capabilities. In a swap for something else, they could assist you with cutting wood and producing tools or iron plates. Teamwork like this will pave the way to reach your goal much faster and more efficiently.


Find your way to make money by searching for gold, selling goods, transporting stuff, working for other players, or planning your own beneficial business. Everything in the game is fantastic when you are having fun. Do play with the best strategies, to get high profits. No matter wherever you are focusing whether it is searching for gold or enjoying baking clay blocks and just put all your efforts to gain more profits.

Game features

The game is backed by a blockchain, which enables users to monetize their work. To the extent that the gold discovered can be exchanged for the currency of the country where users reside.

Why BlockchainAppsDeveloper For Prospectors Game Clone Script?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is a leading Blockchain Game Development Company provides the most profitable Prospectors Game Clone. Prospectors is a massive and multi-player Real-time Economic strategy game where there is no limit, and the game never resets. The game is competitive but the goal is to make gold and not destroy your rivals. This game is outstanding by backing blockchain technology as your actions in the game are transformed into real-life income. The game is fascinating as real money is involved in the prospectors' game.

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