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Pivx Algorithm Development Company

pivx algorithm development services

Pivx (Private Instant Verified Transaction) is an open source, decentralized cryptocurrency which mainly focuses on privacy, security, anonymity and instant transactions. It is a cryptocurrency created from DASH and it was originally called as Darknet (DNET). Pivx is a community-centric cryptocurrency with an improved Proof of Stake mechanism. With all the features of DASH, including masternodes and instant and private transactions, Pivx benefits the real world with more security and truly fungible. Pivx adds value to the business by performing the activities with budget funding within the network by individual payment. It allows to fund private transactions, which is segregated by using PIVX as zPIV and SwiftX, which represents an instant transactions.

unique features of pivx

Truly Fungible

Since Pivx has its own features, it is well known for securing the coin tracking and as it is absence in tracking, it cannot be added to blacklist. Being the first proof of stake cryptocurrency with Zerocoin protocol level anonymity, it is made fungible. The Pivx transaction history is taken off before spending in it.

Private Transactions

Pivx has unique feature and characteristics focusing on security and identity. The Pivx transactions are made private and the data are highly secured. The identity of the users are not exposed to anyone in the network, hence high privacy is maintained.

Self Funding

Pivx is an open source, self funded and self governed cryptocurrency, which means it has its own funding proposal system within fixed budget and allocate the funds to improve and maintain the system efficiently. It has no controversies such as instant mine and guides the development.

Instant Transactions

PIVX uses SwifTX technology, which allow to handle point of scale conditions and to achieve instant transaction confirmations in less than a second and eliminate double spending challenges. This is an interesting feature which isn’t used in most cryptocurrencies yet.


Decentralization of process is the major key feature of Pivx. Due to this amazing feature, high security and scalability in maintaining the authority are assured. It has a global distribution which is free from point of failure.

Earning Opportunity

PIVX presents an earning opportunity to its users, by permitting the users to stake their holdings in a masternode or a staking wallet. At present, there is no other popular cryptocurrencies to provide incentives to its users for both staking and running a masternode, other than Pivx.

benefits of investing in pivx

The main goal of Pivx is high security and privacy, which is achieved through advanced technology. Here are some of the benefits for the users who invest on Pivx cryptocurrency.

  • Investing in Pivx will enhance the privacy with zPOS mechanism.
  • The main advantage that sets Pivx unique from other cryptocurrency is privacy, freedom, technology and governance.
  • Advanced decentralization will certainly increase the number of investors by giving a promising hope that identity is well-secured.
  • Unlike other cryptocurrencies, PIVX rewards the transaction fees for staking on the network.
  • Pivx offers high transaction speed and scalability while consuming less transaction costs.

future of pivx coin

Pivx is the most preferred coin by most of the entrepreneurs, who are passionate about investing in cryptocurrency. The major reason for being preference of a large crowd is that it is a profitable investment to acquire a great future. The value of Pivx has a good growth in the present world and it is expected to increase in the near future days. As a result, if you buy Pivx now for a minimum amount, obviously you will get more than three times of your investment in the future. Hence most of the crypto lovers invest on Pivx. Moreover, the main reason for raise in contribution of Pivx is that, it provides 100 % obscurity, so that everyone can make private transactions more efficiently and rapidly, creating backlog of several other cryptocurrencies.

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