Metaverse Rental Space Services

Make use of our personalized rental 3D environment for live events and meetings while exploring cutting-edge Metaverse tools at an affordable fee. Professionals, businesses, and social groups can subscribe to our Metaverse spaces on a monthly or annual basis. You can choose from a wide range of leasing plans, ranging from a single small 3D place to numerous connectable rooms.



Metaverse Rental Space Services

Our Metaverse Rental Services

Space For Business Meetings

We provide customers with the ability to rent meeting space and organize conferences and meetings in an affordable, realistic virtual setting. We can add creative options from the Metaverse platforms to these rental meeting venues.

NFT Expo And Product Launches

We provide NFT users and traders rental spaces where they may exhibit their digital artwork on a 3D immersive platform using digital tokens. The art exhibits, live auctions, and product launches that take place in our VR auditorium are supported by these exhibitions and launch spaces.

Product Showroom Spaces

Additionally, we provide inexpensive product showroom rooms with a dimension of 1000 * 1000 and with the ability to accommodate 100 guests in that particular space.

Event-Driven Integration

For your Event-driven happenings, we will deliver appropriate APIs and tools. With our integration services, your platform will always be functionally ready to host specific events like a video stream or a poll.

DApp Integration

We establish the integrated dApps into your Metaverse, which runs on a peer-to-peer blockchain network. dApp integration executes a development interface that reduces your designing times and enables quickly launch projects.

NFT Marketplace Integration

We create unique NFT marketplaces from a clean slate or import your existing marketplaces. The integrated NFT marketplace will expand your trade activities and attain digital ownership.

Why use our services for Metaverse Rental?

Start For Free

We offer free 3D renting space services where users can have their choice of one avatar and host up to 10 visitors concurrently. It is advantageous for those who desire to first enter the Metaverse.

Personalized Renting Options

We offer specialized rental Metaverse spaces for businesses and startups with countless cutting-edge features like accommodating 1000 people at once, teleporting to diverse locations, and choosing from a variety of avatars.

Recurring Subscriptions

Based on the various users and organizations, we have multiple monthly renting metaverse options. Startups, individual metaverse users, experts, and businesses can all select from our many renting plans.

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