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AnCrypto: A DeFi Mobile Wallet Built to Upgrade Your Blockchain Network


AnCrypto: A DeFi Mobile Wallet Built to Upgrade Your Blockchain Network

Develop the DeFi-based Mobile Wallet named AnCrypto Wallet Clone Script to extend your Decentralized Exchange Market. Hire our DeFi experts and developers to build your own AnCrypto Wallet.

The need for developing a DeFi mobile wallet is increasing as decentralized finance gains widespread popularity. You may maintain control over your cryptocurrency assets and keep the private key with a DeFi crypto wallet or non-custodial wallet. You may be your own bank with a DeFi cryptocurrency wallet.

For iOS and Android users, a DeFi mobile wallet named AnCrypto offers you the ideal solution. It enables users to hold all ERC-20 tokens as well as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. An ecosystem of crypto solutions is represented by AnCrypto, which aims to support the management and storage of digital assets by both people and organizations.

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AnCrypto clone script:

AnCrypto is one of the first multi-chain decentralized crypto wallets in the world and does not keep a copy of its user's private keys. To transmit, receive, and store bitcoins, use Ancrypto’s Hierarchical Deterministic mobile wallet. Although it has little influence over user behavior, it still provides a lightning-fast transaction experience. The wallet was carefully created with the goal of ensuring a long-term reform of conventional finance and elevating the consumer with greater opportunities.

The Ancrypto clone script will be the ideal option to choose if you're planning to launch your own DeFi Mobile Wallet. As a white-label software solution for Crypto Wallets, we provide a wallet clone script at a competitive price. It doesn't require any technical knowledge and is quite simple to use.

White-label Crypto Wallet Development:

Utilize our top-notch White label Crypto wallet development solutions to launch your solution that makes a presence in the fiercely competitive business. We offer it for all sizes of businesses, whether it is a startup or an enterprise. Benefits our customers get with Blockchainappsdeveloper include unmatched performance, ease of use and impenetrable security, and unmatched technical skill sets. We at Blockchainappsdeveloper promise to meet your needs with our white-label or custom wallet solutions.

Why should you build an Ancrypto-like cryptocurrency wallet?

Crypto Exchange in Seconds:

A faster and safer method of transferring crypto tokens by switching between any two cryptocurrencies without leaving the AnCrypto wallet.

Swap between chains using Bridge:

It facilitates the transfer of blockchain-hosted digital assets to Dapps on other blockchains. Additionally, it runs Dapps with rapid payment alternatives and minimal transaction costs across several platforms.

Browser DApp:

Without leaving your wallet, browse, manually choose, and use your preferred decentralized applications. Additionally, it offers a simple API for DApp developers to build multi-chain applications with safe connectivity.

Store and Invest NFTs in One Dashboard:

Anyone and everywhere in the globe may store, buy, and sell crypto valuables with AnCrypto. For NFT, there is no need to install an additional wallet.

Referral and rewards:

Become one of the platform's founding members by enrolling in the referral incentive program. When you successfully refer others to the AnCrypto platform and receive referral bonuses, you can earn AWT reward tokens.

Features of AnCrypto clone script:

Multiple-currency wallet:

You can download AnCrypto, a DeFi wallet, on your smartphone, whether it runs on both iOS or Android. Your cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens, can be stored there securely. It is not necessary to keep separate wallets for each type of money or token.


You have access to a built-in decentralized exchange for ERC-20 tokens with our multipurpose DeFi crypto wallet. Tokens can be exchanged immediately and affordably.

Multiple Currency Support:

You only need the Ancrypto mobile wallet to store all of your ERC-20 tokens. Your requirement to manage your tokens across many wallets is met by the wallet. The software also supports a variety of additional token types.

Yield Farming Opportunities:

Typically, yield farming is done with ERC-20 tokens. With the AnCrypto wallet software, users of both Ethereum and Crypto may deposit and increase their assets due to the cross-chain bridges we've implemented.

NFT Managers:

The Ancrypto DeFi wallet's NFT manager enables you to purchase, store, and exchange non-fungible tokens. It makes it simple to see and transfer your non-fungible tokens, including digital artwork and crypto-collectibles.

Blockchainappsdeveloper’s Methodical crypto wallet development process:


To develop the greatest possible solution, our expert team collaborates to comprehend your business’s needs and requirements.

Blueprint Development:

We draft a thorough plan for your project. After that, it is provided to you for more feedback and revisions before the wallet's design and development begin.

Wallet design and Development:

The developers begin creating code that is most suited for the project after the design team creates a distinctive interface.


Following the creation of the wallet, a multi-phase testing process is carried out. After testing is complete, it is delivered to you for evaluation by your team prior to release.


We deploy the wallet if you are completely satisfied with the product. We also give a demo of how the wallet functions.

Support after deployment:

When you want a partner you can count on and pick us. We are always available a call away if you have any queries, even after the wallet has been deployed.

What is the best option for developing a white-label cryptocurrency wallet like Ancrypto?

Utilizing our white-label DeFi wallet creation services is your finest option if you intend to create a DeFi wallet similar to AnCrypto.

Recommending Blockchainappsdeveloper, one of the top White label crypto wallet development companies. It offers an AnCrypto DeFi wallet as a white-label option that start-ups, businesses, and individuals can use to rapidly introduce a comparable wallet under their brand name.

The reason that convinces you to pick Blockchainappsdeveloper:

  • Group of professionals with knowledge and expertise.
  • Agile development process.
  • Timely delivery.
  • Safe and secure codebase.
  • Enhanced communication. 
  • Signing a confidentiality agreement.
  • Deployment support. 

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