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How To Build A Crypto Exchange With High Liquidity?


How To Build A Crypto Exchange With High Liquidity?

Increasing high liquidity is essential for all cryptocurrency exchange. Planning to build white label cryptocurrency exchange software with the trading features that you can leverage to get high liquidity for your crypto exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Liquidity is one of the main key factors in a cryptocurrency exchange's long term success. Cryptocurrency exchange's liquidity represents how easily a crypto trader can use the platform to trade one asset for another.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development and the liquidity solution is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software that facilitates to launch your Cryptocurrency exchange business operations fast and quick. It also increases ROI and offers you entire power-packed features for security, profitability & reliability.

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How to get High Liquidity in your Crypto Exchange?

White label Bitcoin Exchange Software can be launched in your Cryptocurrency exchange platform like Bitcoin easily if the exchange has a high liquidity feature in it. Achieving high liquidity is not a miracle, certain steps should be followed properly. Before getting into it, let us have a quick view of liquidity and the importance of it.

What is liquidity?

Liquidity gives you an easy exchange of cash in return for the assets owned. Even liquidity has an added advantage like buying & selling the orders are matched with one another within a short span. If the value of liquidity is higher then the price of the cryptocurrency in an exchange platform is very fair. It might sound good for the crypto traders, isn't it?

That being set, here is the fact I would like to include, many of you would have come across by the most successful Binance/ Coinbase exchange platform, right? The reason behind its success is high liquidity.  

What does Liquidity mean for Crypto Trading?

Within the cryptocurrency market, we can execute of liquidity across 3 levels: 

1. Asset Liquidity is a function of the buyers & sellers for a specific asset, as well as its ease of access on Crypto exchanges; 

2. Exchange Liquidity is a function of the makers & takers on the Crypto exchange platform, as well as the asset pairs listed;

3. Market Liquidity is a function of all those pieces put together to constitute the health of the crypto markets.

Crypto traders in these markets need to have all 3 levels in mind, but particularly Asset Liquidity & Exchange Liquidity, as each trade needs a decision based on, and direct interaction with, both of these.

While most crypto investors are considering fundamentals and technical analysis, there should also be a very careful consideration of buy and sell strategies related to the liquidity of an asset and also where to execute those transactions, particularly for frequent crypto traders.

Why is Liquidity Important?

The pure frequency of discussions concerning Crypto exchange with liquidity indicates its importance to financial markets!


The high liquid a market is, the high stable it is!

When buying or selling Bitcoin, there are always plenty of crypto traders on the other side willing to fill the order with minimal impact on the asset’s price.

A less liquid, more obscure altcoin, however, is almost likely to have its main cost affected by a large trade. To execute a large crypto trade, you will likely have to forward through the order book, ultimately improving the bid-ask spread and increasing or lowering the overall price of the cryptocurrency.

In this case, not only does the crypto trader experience a high decline, but the cryptocurrencies itself is seen to be more volatile over time.

A more liquid cryptocurrency is more stable on a separate trade as well as on the crypto market as a whole over time.

Manipulation resistant

Mosty important is the liquidity environment that can develop manipulation all too easy and quick. An illiquid market can permit a single large actor of actors to manipulate the cost for their benefit, while more liquid cryptocurrencies and exchanges are much more resistant to this kind of manipulation.

Transaction Time

With high liquidity and more crypto traders, orders get filled faster than low liquidity surroundings. While this kind of activity is obviously convenient and better trader experience, it is also advantageous for higher frequency crypto traders.

Mainly in times of high volatility, being able to enter and also exit a position quickly can develop a high-level serious impact on profits.

Technical Analysis

In low liquidity environments, where large crypto trades can significantly impact cost or price, chart formation is more likely to be skewed by outliers than in healthier crypto markets.

What does Liquidity providers do?

Have you heard about the elevation & drastic change in the price of cryptocurrency? Maybe some answer, yes! For beginners, let me tell you, cryptocurrency is volatile, which means you could see a huge elevation in the price value (you can see it in the graph). For stability purposes in terms of improving the trading volume of the crypto platform, liquidity plays a vital role. 

Liquidity stabilizes the price gaps of the crypto assets which will be an absolute boon for the crypto traders.

Why choose The Best Liquidity Provider?

Selecting the best liquidity providers must be carefully done, so follow the given criteria listed below.

Trustworthy - Initially choose the best liquidity provider by taking note of their experience
Reporting - Agreement with the service provider should be obtained & tasks plus updates should be defined earlier.

Launch a Crypto Exchange with High Liquidity 

One of the much-needed attributes in the cryptocurrency exchange platform is Liquidity. Our BlockchainAppsDeveloper team provides you the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services by offering you the exchange platform with High Liquidity Features.

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