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How To Start P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Like Remitano?


How To Start P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Website Like Remitano?

Here simple guidance, How to launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform 100% more efficient like Remitano?

About - Remitano

Remitano is a popular Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform where the users can easily buy/sell cryptocurrencies with other users. An e-wallet service to users to store the Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. The transactions between buyers and sellers are more safe and secure.

Highlights in Remitano

1. Remitano exchange supports 30+ Countries like United States, Uk, Malaysia, Australia, etc.,

2. Dispute Management System, If any issues occur, the administrator can resolve the problems in an easy way.

3. Remitano Exchange platform charges only 1% from the seller for the transaction.

4. This exchange makes easier for the users to trade whenever and wherever as it is available on the Website and mobile application.

5. Secured Escrow wallet integration.

Want to Start a Crypto Exchange like Remitano?

If you are eager to start a cryptocurrency exchange website similar to Remitano? Get Remitano clone script and launch a crypto exchange website like Remitano in a week!

What is Remitano Clone Script?

Remitano clone script is a website script that contains all the existing features of Remitano and works like a remitano exchange platform. If you have an idea to start a cryptocurrency exchange website like remitano, you need a Remitano clone script.

Here are the major features of Remitano clone script,

Special Features of Remitano Clone Script

Following are the key features of remitano clone script,

1. KYC Verification

2. Proximity Match

3. Dispute Management

4. Feedback & Review Mechanism

5. Private Messaging

6. Escrow Wallet 

1.KYC Verification

As per the policy, the user can submit any one of the documents for the verification process. The user’s information is available on the user profile and it can be viewed at any time.

2.Proximity Match

Users can select based on any trade requests or any matches of the user. The user can choose any one of the traders they wish to trade with.

3.Dispute Management

If any issues/problems occur between the buyer and the seller, the administrator can resolve the problems in an easy way.

4.Feedback and review mechanism

After completes the successful trade, the feedback of the trader (number of scores and trades) can be measured. This feedback and review mechanism easily picks the trader for trading.

5.Private messaging

Before the trading process, the users can privately message with others about trading.

6.Escrow wallet

The escrow is activated once the buyer and the seller start the trading process. The cryptos are held on the escrow wallet when the seller accepts the trade within the time duration, the escrow releases the cryptos. The process is completed.

How Remitano Clone Script Works?

 1. Initially, user can log in or register into the account, And then for the verification process user have to submit any one of the documents for the verification.

 2. If you want to buy a bitcoin, then create a buying ad or else if you want to sell a bitcoin then create a selling ad. Click the buy/sell option to start the trading process, if you can buy or sell the cryptos you can type the amount wish to trade.

 3. After that, you have to choose the buyer/seller based on trade history/feedback. The chat window enables & sends the request.

 4. If the seller accepts the trade within the time duration & the fiat exchange is done by the buyer.

 5. The seller clicks the "I receive payment" option. Then, the crypto is transferred to the buyer’s wallet from escrow. The transaction is completed. After that, the User gives feedback about the trading process.

Where to get a Remitano Clone Script?

Building a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Remitano on your own is not an easy process and it is time-consuming. Many of the cryptocurrency exchange development companies providing a Ready-made Remitano exchange clone script at an affordable cost. You have to choose the best clone script, provider.

We BlockchainAppsDeveloper, a leading Cryptocurrency exchange development company provides the best clone scripts to start your crypto exchange platform.

Why Remitano Clone Script from BlockchainAppsDeveloper

We are the top-notch cryptocurrency exchange clone script development company that furnishes a White Label Remitano clone script to Start Crypto exchange website like Remitano. Our Remitano Website Clone Script comes with all existing features of Remitano exchange and additional features.

Our software will aid you to start and maintain the cryptocurrency trading platform to run your business successfully. We provide you with 24x7 support to build and enhance your cryptocurrency exchange to improve the performance and the ranking.

Below are the features provided by BlockchainAppsDeveloper,

 1. Two-factor authentication

 2. Multi-Language Support

 3. Multi-currency Support

 4. User-friendly Dashboard

 5. High Security & lot more...

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