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You can start a crypto exchange like localbitcoins with the use of premium Localbitcoins Clone Software. Since localbitcoins is the most wanted business and easy to trade cryptocurrency exchange platform, it has inspired a lot of business investors to start a similar crypto exchange along with similar ad-based cryptocurrency exchange and trading.

Blockchainappsdeveloper is the early Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development company, who has initiated to serve localbitcoins clone software for potential customers from all over the globe. 

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In this guide we are going to cover the

Local bitcoin clone website development , 

Advantages of launching an exchange like localbitcoins,

Revenue model & cost of Localbitcoins clone website,


How blockchainappsdeveloper can help you in launching an exchange like localbitcoins

LocalBitcoins crypto trading business platform is the first cryptocurrency exchange that mainly provides both online & offline crypto exchange features with high-level security. The crypto traders who are familiar with the cryptocurrency and trading business market having mostly preferred a crypto exchange like the Local Bitcoin Clone platform.

Get Advanced and Featured Local Bitcoins Clone Website built under expert guidance at affordable cost in Blockchainappsdeveloper.

Localbitcoins Clone Software

Localbitcoins Clone Software is a complete white label cryptocurrency exchange website clone software. The Localbitcoins clone software is made of any website coding languages especially with PHP, 

Laravel, JAVA, Python, Java Script or any other. With this ready to go local bitcoin clone software one can start a powerful cryptocurrency exchange like localbitcoins.

What is the LocalBitcoins Exchange?

LocalBitcoins is a peer to peer bitcoin or Cryptocurrency business marketplace based in Helsinki, Finland. Localbitcoins service facilitates over-the-counter exchanging of local currency for cryptocurrencies like bitcoins.

Users post advertisements on the Localbitcoins business website, where they state exchange cost and overall payment methods for buying bitcoins or selling bitcoins.

The whole transactions on the platform are conducted quickly and securely. On LocalBitcoins exchange, traders trade with more than 60 different payment methods to buy/sell cryptocurrencies. 


How does LocalBitcoins Work?


Workflow of LocalBitcoins:

Firstly, whoever wants to buy bitcoin or sell bitcoin needs to fill in the registration form & after that log in to the account to initiate the bitcoin trading. 

Localbitcoins workflow

After you have logged in to your crypto trading account, you have two options. You either post your new requirement on the trading website or select from the already posted buy/sell orders. If you would select the second option, then the particular notification would be sent to the concerned bitcoin buyer or bitcoin seller. 

Whether you are going for buying bitcoins or selling bitcoins on the crypto exchange platform, you can check for the crypto traders’ history, their high scores, number of trade, exchange volume, and more available features. 

After analyzing the crypto trader, you can even start chatting with the mentioned person as a chatbox window will show which will enable you to clear idea of all your questions and start proceeding to the next level. 

Now at this step, you can type in the final amount at which you have finalized the crypto trade and complete the whole transaction within the stipulated time frame concept. If it is not done in the mentioned time, then the crypto trade stands cancelled. 

Finally, when the payment is settled then cryptocurrenciess are released from the escrow based account and are shifted to the bitcoins buyer’s wallet to complete the whole transaction. 

Benefits of building an exchange like LocalBitcoins 

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the best business model and are emerging as a high-yielding investment opportunity at this stage of the competition. LocalBitcoins is a leading exchange and going with their white label cryptocurrency exchange busienss solution can prove to be the best option to launch a similar exchange quickly and with less crypto trading development cost.

There are many proven advantages of launching with white-label cryptocurrency exchange development as it enables you to create your crypto exchange platform under your brand name in a reduced valuable time and creates you reach out to the larger target crypto lovers and audience in a cost-efficient manner. 


Highlights of LocalBitcoins Exchange

  • The Largest P2P Crypto Trading business platform with over 1000000 registered customers and cypto trade volume of $11,325.37 USD which has a global business marketplace.
  • LocalBitcoins business model supports more than 248 countries to Buy/Sell Bitcoins with their region or local currencies which does not need any verification of KYC.
  • LocalBitcoins.com is fully decentralized, ie., you can make a trade or exchange directly with another trader without the involvement of admin/third-parties.
  • LocalBitcoins permits crypto traders to buy & sell bitcoins through the process of posting an trade advertisement on the platform along with payment methods & trading rates.
  • The significant thing in LocalBitcoins is brand and reputation and also the ultimate success based feedback mechanism for finding and filtering trustworthy crypto traders on the exchange platform.
  • Crypto traders of LocalBitcoins are free to confirm their own cost and exchange limits for their cryptocurrecy trading, ie., no trading limits for buying Bitcoins and selling Bitcoins.
  • Dynamic pricing method with hundreds of sources concept that ensures the cost you made are always up to date.
  • LocalBitcoins highly supports a wide range of the payment methods, in which Money Deposit is the most popular payment method.
  • LocalBitcoins holds API that permits you to build your own excahnge & trading applications to an automated one. 
  • ID Verifications , KYC information verifications , other verifications are not required in LocalBitcoins, but there is an email address verification to signup/Login. Only particular buyers or sellers may request identification before cryptocurrency trading.
  • Actually, Localbitcoins - payment method has an effect on the high speed at which your bitcoins are available. Buyers made with Cash/Money Deposit payment method deploys bitcoins within an hour. Mostly, In-person cash/Money trades are faster to arrange.
  • LocalBitcoins usually charges 1% Fee on all kind of crypto trades. In this stage, fee may vary in accordance with the payment procedure.
  • Customer Support systems are mostly available to help cryptocurrency traders on time of crypto exchanges in the trading platform. The Email support system is also available there, to support crypto traders through E-mails. LocalBitcoins also offers forum discussion platforms where you can ask and clear your queries and their skilled experts will clear you with full support. 
  • The bitcoin exchanging services on LocalBitcoins adopts Escrow based high Protection which really offers the safest busienss platform for both Bitcoin buyers and sellers.
  • Finally, LocalBitcoins is one of the largest P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange which permits for a quick & easy way to buy bitcoins & sell bitcoins.


LocalBitcoins Clone Revenue Model : Admin

  • Trade Commission
  • Withdraw Commission
  • User Rating
  • Ads Calculation In Both Side
  • Temp Status
  • Max and Min Check
  • Chat Set in Node.js

Where to get a Reliable LocalBitcoins Clone Software?

There are generally two ways to get started with a crypto exchange solution – either to develop cryptocurrency exchange website from scratch or select a ready-made or white-label cryptocurrency exchange clone solution. The second one is easy to get started and offers a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange software solution to the customer.

Next, you have to choose a reliable and the best cryptocurrency exchange platform development company like blockchainapps developer, which would provide you world class trading solutions, services and features to get started. 


Our  LocalBitcoins clone software features

  1. Escrow Wallet 
  2. Two-factor authentication 
  3. Multi-currency support 
  4. Robust dispute resolution 
  5. Instant KYC/AML verification 
  6. User-friendly interface 
  7. Premium UI/UX 
  8. Online/Offline trading options 
  9. Ad posting 
  10. Chat Bot integration 
  11. Futures trading 
  12. Multi-currency wallet integration  
  13. Live price tracking of cryptocurrencies


We, Blockchainappsdeveloper - Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Software provider offers the clone softwares of top exchanges to start your cryptocurrency exchange as like LocalBitcoins, Binance, Poloniex, Coinbase, Remitano, Paxful and lot more.

We develop and deliever the exordinary LocalBitcoins clone software with wide payment methods, existing and additional exchange and trading features, multi-currency & multi-lingual support and lot more to stand best in the cryptocurrency busienss market.

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