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GhostMarket Clone Script To Launch Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Like Ghostmarket.io


GhostMarket Clone Script To Launch Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Like Ghostmarket.io

Ghost market clone script is an NFT Marketplace clone script to launch Binance Smart Chain powered cross-chain NFT marketplace like Ghostmarket.io.

Ghost market clone script

Ghost market clone script is an NFT Marketplace clone script to launch Binance Smart Chain powered cross-chain NFT marketplace like Ghostmarket.io. Our Ghostmarket clone script to set up your Binance compatible wallet, and enable features and functionalities similar to GhostMarket.io.

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Features of Ghost Market Clone Script

  • Safe NFT trading platform

  • Cross Chian operability

  • Smart contract implementation

  • Enable events like Mining, sales, burning, etc.

  • High-level transparent transactions

  • NEO and Phantasma supported wallet integration

  • Fees structure and referral programs implementations

  • Secured payment methods integration

Benefits of  GhostMarket Clone Script

  • It is a smoothly operating cross-chain NFT trading or marketplace platform where digital collectibles can be bought and sold by cryptocurrency investors fast and securely. 

  • The GhostMarket clone script is a completely white label script solution and can be ready to deploy in the crypto market. 

  • Crypto Users and Traders can also discover new crypto collectibles sold by creators on the NFT Marketplace easily. 

  • The GhostMarket clone NFT marketplace holds all the details includes the information about artists, lowest and highest prices, list of NFTs, recently added bids, ongoing bids, and the sale details of those digital collections. 

  • Real-time data is always available about NFT Sales, NFT minting, and bids. 

  • Integrated with secure digital wallets like Ecto, Poltergeist on the Phantasma blockchain network and O3, NeoLine, and Teemo on the NEO blockchain network.

Highlights of GhostMarket NFT Marketplace Clone Script

Advanced Search And Filter Option: The prospective crypto investors can search and filter for their desired crypto-collectibles by categorizing them based on the minting date, date of listing, bidding price, and name of the creator or artist.

Easy Digital Collectibles Management:  The various crypto collectibles can be efficiently maintained by the crypto traders on the Phantasma blockchain. They can mention details like the name of the digital collection, the name of the crypto collectible, the name of the crypto owner, the crypto wallet address, and the total supply information. The Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) can either be transferable or burnable.

Exclusive Access To Hot Bids: A higher ROI is ensured for the crypto users as they buy the on-demanded digital collectibles easily from the GhostMarket clone script. 

Safe Trading Only With Verified Artists: 100 of thoroughly verified artists are listed on the GhostMarket clone includes details of their mention name, a description of their certain work, the NFTs available for sale, bidding pricing, bidding information, and their social media account links.

Quick Purchase Of Low-Priced NFTs

It is mainly a benefit feature for those crypto investors who cannot afford to spend money on buying Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). A selected group or community of minted crypto collectibles can be bought at a very low price.

Ghost Market Clone Supported Wallets:

Ghostmarket Clone supports the following Binance Smart Chain wallets: 

  • MetaMask

  • Binance Wallet

  • Wallet Connect

  • Trust Wallet

  • Math Wallet

  • TokenPocket

  • SafePal Wallet

How Does GhostMarket NFT Platform Clone Script Works?

The crypto traders need to sign up on the GhostMarket clone by submitting the required user details like name, email address, and cryptocurrency holdings. 

They can either select the Phantasma blockchain or NEO blockchain network as per their desired requirements. 

The cryptocurrency traders have to deposit some value of digital currency on the supported digital wallets like Poltergeist and Ecto joined with the Phantasma blockchain and O3, Teemo, and Neoline wallets with NEO blockchain. 

The business investors can show the information of the sales of cryptocurrency collectibles and purchase the desired Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) by creating a bid before the ending date and time. 

High-level transparency is ensured as the detail about the creators or artists is available along with their certain photos and videos of the crypto collectibles.

They can create the required payment via a compatible digital wallet and receive their desired NFT. 

The users can show the trades history and whole transactions anytime on the GhostMarket NFT marketplace platform by clicking the “My Activity” menu option in their accounts on the platform. 

people who do not wish to crypto trade can just show the list of NFTs for sale, new cryptocurrency collectibles being minted, and information of prices and collectible sales. 

Content creators can sell NFTs quickly and easily by adding an image/video of their royalty rights, crypto collectible, total supply details, crypto bidding price, height and width of the digital collectibles, and the crypto bidding date and time.

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Disclaimer: We use the term "GhostMarket" for readers to quick understanding purpose only. Our services are not meant to influence any entity.

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