EOS dapp in tokenized social community

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EOS DAPP in Tokenized Social Community

Tokenized Social Community

Share your knowledge and content with others and get rewarded with the TRYBE token. Find news and information about the crypto and blockchain world, startups, new technology, marketing, and a whole range of other topics.

Meet great people who share your passion!

May it's the tourism & travel, hotel industry, Restaurants, Casinos, Cruise/Airlines etc. The large flower of the hospitality industry with these stunning petals is changing into grander and more attractive.

Many Trybe members are EOS crypto enthusiasts and experts, and here you’ll find a huge range of EOS related content from EOS wallets, all the EOS coins and tokens, EOS price analysis, EOS airdrops, EOS news, and EOS ICOs.

Problems to be solved

This platform aims to solve a number of current problems facing content consumers, content producers, and advertisers: 01. Finding reliable information Finding accurate and verified knowledge is not always easy, especially in certain industries such as the blockchain and cryptocurrency space where people are paid to promote unverified projects and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

This lack of reliable information gives these industries a bad reputation and creates financially risk for those involved, particularly newcomers, who might fall victim to scams. Trybe will provide an easy way for users of any experience level to find the best quality and verified content on topics they are interested in learning more about.

monetization of content (articles, music, videos, etc.)

For content producers, it’s hard to monetize their content. There is so much free content on the web that most people are unwilling to pay for content. Most sites that allow users to post content (such as Medium, Soundcloud, Facebook, Youtube, etc.) either don’t monetize the content, or don’t share the revenue with the content producers. Trybe will provide an easy way to both create and monetize content, while at the same time allowing content creators to keep ownership of their content.

getting great roi for advertisers

Online advertising doesn’t work in many cases and many smaller businesses who don’t have access to the right teams, tools or knowledge end up losing money. Modern marketing requires audience segmentation, split testing of ads, conversion tracking, and a drip feed strategy that slowly brings potential leads down a well-designed funnel. Trybe aims to make this advanced content marketing strategy available to all businesses by providing intuitive, well-designed tools and templates to guide them through the process with the goal of achieving a higher ROI from their marketing dollars.

content creation, curation, and tokenized rewards

The main interface of Trybe is a blogging platform and social network. Articles can be instantly posted to one’s own profile. If authors wish their articles to appear on the public site (Trybe.one), they must first be reviewed by a Primary Editor - an experienced member of the community who has demonstrated knowledge of that topic. Once an article has been reviewed and approved, reviews can then be added by any Secondary Editors, who are less experienced than Primary Editors but have still demonstrated knowledge of the topic.

All community members are then invited to help the curation process by upvoting and commenting on reviews. All participants in this system are rewarded in TRYBE tokens based on their level of participation (see below for more information). This system assures high quality content, while providing a fair and balanced perspective from the community.

It makes it easy for the casual browser to find the best articles on any topic that is featured on the site. Initially the platform will focus on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, software development, and other technology and business topics, but over time will expand to cover a wider range of knowledge.

promote and publish quality content:

  • Well Written.
  • Accurate and Balanced.
  • Enlightening (new information or perspective).
  • Be the simplest system possible with the least amount of human editorial involvement.
  • Simple UX so as to not intimidate newcomers.
  • Sleek, streamlined and accessible to all.
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