EOS dapp in micro blogging

Develop Avant-Garde DApp on EOS Platform For an Open and Transparent Application, That Also Allow Users to monetize their Content.



EOS DAPP in Micro Blogging

micro blogging, re-imagined

This is a new-age, blockchain-based, decentralized micro blogging platform. It’s open, transparent, and allows users to monetize their content. Murmur is an independently operated platform, which means it is less corruptible and resistant to regulation.

You need to have an EOS Account to access this mobile application If you do not have an EOS account, you can request one using Murmur for Mobile. Download the app from App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions prompted upon installing. Be sure to make a note of your private key and keep it safe.

connect the world in interesting ways

This is more than just a platform. It’s a gateway to a broad ecosystem where you connect with each other openly, monetize content you create, and engage with new-age decentralized applications in gaming, betting, media and streaming, and much more. On this app, it is the ecosystem participants who moderate each other, never the platform.

control your data and social experiences

Because you publish directly on the blockchain, your content and related-actions are always publicly verifiable. You retain custody of the content you create and the platform can never delete what you publish. Also, on Murmur, content curation lies in the hands of the user, not some algorithm. It is you who decide what you see in your feed.

be a part of the blockchain-enabled future

Using the mobile app it requires you to have an EOS blockchain account. To activate your account, you must stake EOS tokens. Every action associated with this account, including those that you take on the app, is captured permanently and directly on the EOS blockchain and remains publicly verifiable. This ensures platform transparency like no other.

earn, share, and transact real-world rewards

This mobile app supports an attention-rewarding economy. Users raise Decibels for every action - murmur, snoop, yell and comment - and stand to earn a proportional number of MUR tokens for it. These tokens have monetary value and can be used in-app, traded on an exchange, transferred to someone and staked within the platform.

Micro Blogging Platform

Microblogging platform based on EOS blockchain are medium of publishing any kind of information or views by bloggers on social media platforms like Twitter. This method of sharing information to promote your blog is termed as microblogging. Twitter is a significant example of a Best microblogging sites which contains external links to a specific group. Microblogging also emphasizes on inter-connecting users in social media thus helping in exchanging messages and posts and provides an option for instant messaging.

Unlike blogging which requires lot of time for exploring and venturing into the topic before posting it officially, microblogging consumes less time as the name itself specifies ie micro posts. There is a common rule that posts in twitter should comprise of not more than 140 characters. Since only short posts are allowed bloggers can keep updating new posts on hourly basis too. This instant method of posting is not feasible in traditional blogging method as the blogger will have to invest more time on researching.

Microblogging features on exploring new trends on social media and provides freedom for users to voice their views and suggestions on specific trends.

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