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Create An Innovative Ecosystem to Connect Patients With the Healthcare Sector Through Advanced Blockchain Solutions.




an ecosystem for medical tourism industry that connects the patients to healthcare organizations through blockchain technology

Currently, medical tourism consumers1 request information from various medical institutions and agents to receive better medical services, but most of the medical service information is managed by individual medical institutions. Information exchange outside of the medical institution is only to disclose basic information through various media, and accurate information is not provided to medical consumers who are unlikely to be patients.

In addition, the disclosure of medical service information centered on individual medical institutions is subjective, difficult to compare the quality of medical services, and a large amount of money is paid to agents and coordinators in addition to medical services. Therefore, medical consumers are not able to receive the medical services that they really need, or the quality and satisfaction of the medical services get are low.

problems of medical markets & tourism

Difficulties Faced by Medical Consumer

High Medical Charge Fee and Waiting Time

With the development of new medical technologies and the rising cost of labor and medical treatment materials, there are many places where the medical service fee is rising to higher levels each year. The cost of some of the latest medical technologies is way too expensive for consumers to pay. Additionally, the rate of increase in the income of medical consumers has not been able to keep up with the increase in the medical service fee. Also, the number of doctors compared to the population is insufficient.

The Absence of Credible Medical Personnel and Medical Institutions

When using the medical service, most medical consumers look for medical personnel and medical institutions that have been consistently providing the medical services they need and have high success rates in treatment. However, when it comes to moving to a new country or traveling to another country for medical tourism, it is difficult to find a medium that provides accurate and objective information about the medical service that you need, so most of them either search the Internet or visit the hospital recommended by their acquaintance or agent.

Inconvenience in Reservation

In the overall medical service sector, most medical consumers look for a provider directly and make a reservation after deciding on the price of the service and the date of the treatment. Although the reservation system has begun to digitize, due to the nature of the medical service sector, most of the medical service reservations are made by telephone or by appointment.

Difficulties Faced by Medical Provider

Difficulty in Consultation and Promotion

Currently, most medical providers do not promote themselves effectively. Although they advertise by creating homepages for their medical staff and institutions, it is difficult to find a medical consumer if medical providers do not register their website and do not buy an advertisement from a marketing company such as Goodoc. In addition, there is limited space for advertising and private medical providers who are economically and scarcely abbreviated and cannot overcome the economic power of large hospitals, making it difficult to promote their own hospitals.

Reliability of Medical Staff and Medical Institutions

The credibility of the provider does not build up overnight. A lot of time, effort and money are invested to accumulate the trust. This accumulated credibility is impossible to transfer and can collapse in a moment. Many medical consumers search the profiles of medical staff and medical institutions and choose their preferred medical provider through the Internet, but if the account on the promotional site is hacked or deleted, the credibility that has been built up is lost.

Late Response of Advanced Technology

Currently, state-of-the-art technologies such as AI and Chatbot are being developed that connect medical consumers and medical providers, but medical providers are pursuing classical methods without using these technologies. Ultimately, if new technology is applied, medical institutions can save the consultation and reservation time with the patient, but they are reluctant because they think that this short investment will lead to loss of time, and in turn, loss of profit.

Mission Statement

“To improve the accessibility and quality of medical services and to achieve decentralization of medical tourism services, which are appropriate to the needs and health conditions of medical consumers”

As mentioned above, despite the many possibilities and rapid growth of the market, the digitalization and application development, which can be of strong foundation of the medical field, is behind compared to the other industries and with many problems, the medical tourism market is not being realized to its full potential.

Our Medipedia team is based on expertise and understanding of the medical ecosystem. Based on this, the goal is to decentralize the medical tourism services by joining the medical tourism market and combining the blockchain technology, which is a technology to be applied to all the markets of the world in the future.

This platform is moving away from unilateral medical service information and delivery system centered on medical institutions. Instead, all objects will be able to exchange information at equal positions and build a transparent and secure medical tourism service market with high accessibility that could not be achieved with existing systems.

decentralized medical tourism service information system

Medipedia uses blockchain, the symbol of decentralization, to establish a medical tourism service provision system with established patient rights. By connecting medical consumers to reliable medical providers through its medical tourism services to meet medical consumers' purpose and needs, it is possible to reduce the unnecessary economic loss of medical consumers and improve the quality and satisfaction of medical tourism services.

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