EOS dapp in blockchain gaming

We Assist You to Create a Futuristic Gambling Platform With Ground-Breaking Features on The EOS Network.



EOS DAPP in Blockchain Gaming

the mission is to bring a next-gen gambling platform to the eos community

When we say “next-gen”, we mean incredible game design, fairness, and outstanding user experience with these games. But the main advantage will be the multiplayer mode. Imagine a poker tournament for 1000 players with a huge pot based on EOS fairness. Only one blockchain can pass as that incredible case. That's why we love EOS. Gamblr focuses only innovative approaches to build cutting-edge DAPPs and expose EOS power!.

We believe that platform value is made by users, so 70% of profits from all Gamblr games will be distributed between our token holders. By supporting our platform, you will get infinite dividends.

online gambling games

Include activities like blackjack, poker, casino games, sports betting, bingo and lotteries. Among these, casino games and sports betting occupy the largest share of the market. Casino games are like roulette, dice, or slot machine ect. Some indicates that the volume of online gambling will reach 59.79 billion dollars in 2022. The online gambling industry is booming. It is an industry that is in rapid expansion, with annual growth rates of over +10%. The total revenue development of the online gambling market is also positive. On average, revenues grew by +24% in Q4/2017 compared to the previous year.

The speed of EOS.IO allows us to build truly exceptional gameplay by using blockchain technology and smart contract driven game logic. EOS is a lot faster than closer competitor Ethereum, so gamblr frontend and additional backend processing will be able to handle these numbers of transactions and we are on the way to support it.

EOS gaming performance

Multiplayer as the key to unlimited growth

With EOS performance we can bring real multiplayer to gambling apps. Multiplayer games will help to to form solid community with great return rate. Regular tournaments and contests based on EOS fairness and performance will strengthen the community and provide more organic users even why didn't use EOS before.

Safe to fund and play

As per many hacks in EOS platform we defined layers of accounts to make sure all funds aren’t at risk. Private sale contract is separate right now from the game. Game pot is available in main contract, dividends is available in another smart contract, users funds are returned back to user instantly.

Betting Rewards

Players who bet with EOS on gamblr.one will receive platform token GAMBLR. GAMBLR is the platform's dividend certificate. See Chapter 4 “Platform Token” for more details.

Player Leaderboard

With various of ranking mechanisms, we can reward users who are in high participation. Players can not only gain different kinds of rewards, but also interact with other players by checking the leaderboard.

Play together - invite friends

Don't miss out the chance! Refer a friend to earn 0.5% of each loss! 3.7 Vote for development plan We will keep developing new awesome games. All GAMBLR token holders will have the right to vote for our development plan.

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