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Degods Clone Script - Build NFTs like Degods on Solana Blockchain


Degods Clone Script - Build NFTs like Degods on Solana Blockchain

Degods Clone Script to build NFT Marketplace Like Degods on Solana Blockchain.

DeGods Clone Script:

DeGods Clone Script is a NFT Marketplace script for digital based art collection which permits global wise community creators, artists, experimenters, developers, entrepreneurs, athletes and innovators to zero generate income from their digital art collections.

Features of DeGods Clone Script:

Unique selling point:

DeGods, a deflationary collection centered in Solana, is made up of 10,000 virtual gods that display artistic talent with their imaginative attire and eye-pleasing colors. DeGods are presently exclusively available on Alpha Art and Magic Eden, which have been given permission by the developers to sell NFTs from the collection.

After purchasing a DeGod, a holder can finally sign up for the Discord community which is only open to those who own the collection and authenticate their assets to access DeDAO channels. On the collection's official rarity explorer or on the unofficial explorer, a rating spreadsheet made by a member of the community, you can examine DeGods' rarity.

StarDust and DeadGods:

By purchasing 1000 DUST tokens worth of StarDust, owners can turn their DeGod into a DeadGod. Because DeGods and DeadGods are considered to be one entity, DeadGods won't increase the collection's stock. Holders are also informed that when a customer purchases a DeGod, they also automatically acquire a DeadGod.


DeGods marketplace fees, which total 9.99%, fund DeDAO, the collection's very own decentralized autonomous organization. Of this charge, 6.66% goes to DeDAO and the remaining 3.33% belongs to the DeGods core staff.

DeDAO invests its money in vital development projects like sponsoring liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges, fostering local talent, and buying goods for raffles and auctions.

What are the benefits of DeGods?

Your DeGods can be staked for $DUST. The ecosystem is powered by $DUST, the collection's native coin. With $DUST, you may now participate in raffles, exclusive whitelist spots, upgrades, auctions, and more.

You can turn your DeGods into DeadGods to increase your earning potential of $DUST by staking them. You can receive a daily stream of 15 $DUST from DeadGods. That amounts to a daily passive income of $17.55 at the current price of $DUST!

In addition, DeGods has acquired complete control of Big3's Killer 3s, a basketball team that plays for Big3. Full intellectual property and licensing rights are granted to holders for team names, logos, and products.

Owners of DeGods have access to the community-owned multimedia portal de.XYZ. Owners are the only ones who can publish their own content on the website.

What is the perfect DeGods clone script?

I'm hoping by this point you have enough knowledge of the Degods clone script and some essential ideas to launch your own successful platform with unmatched performance. “Where can I find ready-made and flawlessly built Degods clone scripts to develop a successful NFT platform that plans to build on the Solana blockchain?” you could ask.

Blockchainappsdeveloper is a reputable NFT development company with years of experience in creating top-notch NFT platforms on the Solana blockchain. In order to launch your own feature-rich NFT platform that is based on the Solana blockchain within your budget and in a short amount of time, contact us right away.

What is DeGods?

An NFT brand called DeGods is supported by a deflationary pool of 10,000 DeGods and the DUST Protocol ecosystem on the Solana blockchain. The DeDAO and the DeGods Discord community, which includes some of the best whales, alpha callers, and builders in the Solana ecosystem and beyond, are only accessible to DeGod owners. In reality, only the DeAlpha team has a history of sharing top alpha.

Owners of DeGod will also daily earn $DUST. As it develops the DeGods ecosystem and collaborates with other Solana initiatives, the DeDAO will continue to produce utilities for $DUST. The integration of $DUST into other significant initiatives, such as play-to-earn (P2E) games, betting systems, markets, etc., will happen soon.

Why should I pick BlockchainAppsDeveloper above the competition?

Use our trustworthy and customizable DeGods clone script to integrate all the essential features and functionalities based on your business needs.

Our DeGods clone script is flexible enough to adapt to a range of NFT business ideas and concepts. Therefore, using our script will be the best choice to quickly and within your budget create a stunning NFT platform that will be based on the Solana blockchain.

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Is DeGods a wise investment in 2022?

Although DeGods appears to be a very profitable investment given the buzz and popularity surrounding them, it is still preferable to avoid purchasing one altogether. Instead, it is advised to do some study before purchasing one. The concept clearly has a lot of potential and shows a lot of promise. The DeGods team is continually experimenting and developing to push the limits of Web3 and the NFT industry. Again, given how unpredictable the cryptocurrency market is, it is advised that you conduct your own research before buying any NFT.


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